Religion and Medicine

August 2017 - September 2017

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Publication #: 10117784
Autism and the church: A case study of the experiences of four children with autism in the Evangelical Church
Uranga-Hernandez, Yvana, PhD
Biola University, 2016, 288 pages
Publication #: 10132847
Old Testament laws concerning particular female personhood and their implications for the dignity of women
McCoy, Katie Jean, PhD
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2016, 253 pages
Publication #: 10141901
The Path to Wholeness: The Therapeutic Potential of Bodily Writing in Late Medieval Dream Visions
Robison, Katherine Ann, PhD
University of Minnesota, 2016, 324 pages
Publication #: 3217931
The generative paradigm in Old Babylonian divination
Winitzer, Abraham, PhD
Harvard University, 2006, 689 pages