Women's Health and History

December 2016 - January 2017

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Publication #: 10096832
Factors Important to Consider When Working with Female Survivors of Sex Trafficking
McCarthy, Paget Bridget, PsyD
Union Institute and University, 2017, 93 pages
Publication #: 10106112
Social support as a moderator between stress and chronic pain in older adults with fibromyalgia
Kircher, Julie, M.A.
California State University, Fullerton, 2016, 58 pages
Publication #: 10118533
The effects of acculturation on mammography use of Haitian immigrant women
Hilaire, Dany Michaella, PhD
University of Massachusetts Boston, 2016, 179 pages
Publication #: 10127018
Examining infant health outcomes impacted by South Carolina's regionalized system of perinatal care
Smith, Michael Grady, Dr.P.H.
University of South Carolina, 2016, 111 pages
Publication #: 10290133
Borrowed Children, Entrusted Girls: Legal Encounters with Girlhood in French West Africa, c. 1900 - 1941
Reuther, Jessica Catherine, PhD
Emory University, 2016, 267 pages
Publication #: 3000902
Community and care: The Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ and their hospitals, 18681930
Specht, Anita L., PhD
University of Notre Dame, 2001, 245 pages
Publication #: 3664283
The impact of cultural and historical factors on seeking mental health services in Polish-American women
Muszczynski, Aneta Maria, PsyD
Adler School of Professional Psychology, 2015, 146 pages
Publication #: 3664417
"Ask us what's best for us:" What Counseling Psychologists can learn from Women Experiencing Homelessness
Wetegrove-Romine, Amanda, PsyD
Our Lady of the Lake University, 2015, 128 pages
Publication #: 3664449
Women's work for women: Chinese Christian women and Western missionaries in Canton, South China, 18471938
Wong, Wai-Yin Christina, PhD
Graduate Theological Union, 2015, 394 pages
Publication #: 3664482
Latina mothers' HIV comfort, sexual communication comfort, safe-sex efficacy beliefs and safe-sex intentions
Murua, Melanie D., Psych.D.
University of La Verne, 2015, 135 pages
Publication #: 3706087
An Examination of Social Support, Contentment with Life, and Time Spent in an Assisted Living Setting
Esliker, Rebecca, PhD
University/institution: Walden , 2015, 100 pages
Publication #: 3722798
Between Synagogue and Society: Jewish Women in Nineteenth-Century France
Guenoun, Katherine Eade, PhD
University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2015, 222 pages
Publication #: 3722947
Three essays on the social, economic, and demographic causes and consequences of low fertility
Anderson, Thomas Markley, PhD
University of Pennsylvania, 2015, 147 pages
Publication #: 3722963
Exploratory study of breast cancer survivors' lived experience: activity engagement during and after breast cancer treatment
Fleischer, Anne, PhD
Nova Southeastern University, 2015, 193 pages
Publication #: 3723022
Plato's Republic V: The problem of women and philosophy
Townsend, Mary Morrison, PhD
Tulane University, 2015, 332 pages
Publication #: 3723027
Navigating the Israeli childlessness stigma in online communities
Yeshua-Katz, Daphna, PhD
Indiana University, 2015, 223 pages
Publication #: 3723043
Founding Marriage: The Shaping of the American Idea of Marriage in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
Dabling, Brandon, PhD
Claremont Graduate University, 2015, 280 pages
Publication #: 3723398
The experiences of women who as teens aged out of foster care and became mothers: A transcendental phenomenological study
Bennett, Charity E., PhD
Capella University, 2015, 211 pages
Publication #: 3723530
The differential contribution of behavior and biology to breslow thickness and melanoma survival in males compared to females
Lilyquist, Jenna Marie, PhD
University of New Mexico, 2015, 141 pages
Publication #: 3723571
Princess on the marigns: Toward a new portrait of Madame lisabeth de France
Wendeln, Maria Spenser, PhD
Wayne State University, 2015, 312 pages
Publication #: 3723572
"Life is a luminous halo": Gender and androgynous time in Virginia Woolf
Whitmore, Ashley, PhD
Wayne State University, 2015, 168 pages
Publication #: 3723597
Mothers, sons, and lovers: "Queer Quebec" in the works of Michel Tremblay and Xavier Dolan
Bourdeau, Loic, PhD
University of California, Davis, 2015, 158 pages
Publication #: 3723721
The relationship between body image, attachment, and race
Sellers, Amy L., PhD
Tennessee State University, 2015, 86 pages
Publication #: 3723879
Joint attention development in infants and mothers
Loy, Margaret L., PhD
Northern Illinois University, 2015, 109 pages
Publication #: 3723945
Maternity Leave Utilization and Its Relationship to Postpartum Maternal and Child Health Outcomes
Andres, Ellie, Dr.P.H.
George Washington University, 2015, 112 pages
Publication #: 3724050
Humoral immune responses in HIV mother-to-child transmission and disease
Milligan, Caitlin, PhD
University of Washington, 2015, 127 pages
Publication #: 3724060
Enhancing Health Information-Gathering Experiences in Online Health Communities
Park, Albert, PhD
University of Washington, 2015, 125 pages
Publication #: 3724089
The influence of masculinity and gender equality on violence against women in young male university students in Turkey
Tekkas, Kader, PhD
University of Washington, 2015, 124 pages
Publication #: 3724095
Disabling Pregnancy: Revealing how prenatal testing messages shape reproductive choices
Truitt, Anjali, PhD
University of Washington, 2015, 270 pages
Publication #: 3724124
Effects of prolonged exposure to ambient particulate and gaseous pollutants on cardiovascular and reproductive health
Feng, Jing, PhD
University of Nevada, Reno, 2015, 99 pages
Publication #: 3724190
Refuge in Performance: Restaging LGBTI Refugees in South Africa
Brown, Andrew James, PhD
Northwestern University, 2015, 335 pages
Publication #: 3724191
The Neural Circuitry of Attention in Women with Major Depressive Disorder
Buchanan, Angel Mehta, PhD
Northwestern University, 2015, 43 pages
Publication #: 3724211
Self-objectification: Understanding the mediational pathway in predicting women's alcohol use
Clem, Jamie M., PhD
Florida State University, 2015, 133 pages
Publication #: 3724288
The mechanism of ageism: The relationship between perceived ageism and depressive symptoms in later life
Kim, Hyejin, PhD
Florida State University, 2015, 113 pages
Publication #: 3724373
Ernestine Rose and the Harlem Public Library: Theory testing using historical sources
Skinner, Julia, PhD
Florida State University, 2015, 215 pages
Publication #: 3724431
Promotoras en Accon: The Discursive and Pedagogical Practices of Latina Immigrants Doing Queer Advocacy Work
Marquez, Rigoberto, Jr., PhD
University of California, Los Angeles, 2015, 243 pages
Publication #: 3724521
The government courtesan: Status, gender, and performance in late Choson Korea
Park, Hyun Suk, PhD
University of Chicago, 2015, 269 pages
Publication #: 3724583
Barriers to use of healthcare during pregnancy in Nigeria
Gunn, Jayleen K. L., PhD
University of Arizona, 2015, 207 pages
Publication #: 3724600
Gender and Trauma from World War I to the War in Iraq: Narrative in the Aftermath of Loss
Kijowski, Jenny, PhD
City University of New York, 2015, 197 pages
Publication #: 3724642
Microaggressive stress, optimism and health among African American women
Anderson, Venice Lambert, PsyD
Spalding University, 2015, 95 pages
Publication #: 3724665
Completion of Preventive Health Care Actions by Older Women with HIV/AIDS
Correll, Patricia, PhD
Walden University, 2015, 308 pages
Publication #: 3724786
The Behavioral Impact of Knowledge on Breast Cancer Risk Reduction
Hung, Mia, PhD
Walden University, 2015, 99 pages
Publication #: 3724924
Exploring the Potential Relationship between Historical Trauma and Intimate Partner Violence among Indigenous Women
Holder, Melissa R., PhD
University of Kansas, 2015, 297 pages
Publication #: 3724957
Pediatric HIV: Immunologic and Virologic Response to Antiretroviral Therapy
Asbjornsdottir, Kristjana Hronn, PhD
University of Washington, 2015, 70 pages
Publication #: 3725008
Adherence to Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy among Women Diagnosed with Early Breast Cancer
Farias, Albert, PhD
University of Washington, 2015, 121 pages
Publication #: 3725019
Reducing Sexual Assault and Re-Assault on College Campuses
Gilmore, Amanda K., PhD
University of Washington, 2015, 89 pages
Publication #: 3725078
Singing the Unsayable: Female Performers and Global Health in the Gambia
McConnell, Bonnie B., PhD
University of Washington, 2015, 299 pages
Publication #: 3725155
Relationship Dynamics as Inconsistent Mediators of Traumatic Stress and Condomless Sex Among Jail-detained Women
Yard, Samantha S., PhD
University of Washington, 2015, 95 pages
Publication #: 3725170
Critic, Reader, Fan: Modernism and Textual Poaching in H.D., Mina Loy and Gertrude Stein
Zygutis, Linda, PhD
University of Washington, 2015, 192 pages
Publication #: 3725223
Righteous Consumption: Consumer Activism in the United States and England, 1880-1920
Skotnicki, Tad Peter, PhD
University of California, San Diego, 2015, 300 pages
Publication #: 3725241
The Heart of Whiteness: Interracial Marriage and White Masculinity in American Fiction, 1830-1905
Barbeau, Lauren M.W., PhD
Washington University in St. Louis, 2015, 200 pages
Publication #: 3725289
Assisted reproductive technology, bioethics and literature: Progenitors and others' relatedness to embryos, androids, and children
Tocco-Greenaway, Donna J., PhD
Salve Regina University, 2015, 176 pages
Publication #: 3725385
A Loving Mother, a Devoted Wife
Colatosti, Jennifer Melissa, PhD
University of Kansas, 2015, 403 pages
Publication #: 3725403
The relationship between religiousness and intimate partner violence risk and protective factors
Warren, Peter, PhD
University of South Carolina, 2015, 68 pages
Publication #: 3725465
"I only want two": Aesthetics, race, and sterilization in Brazil
Edu, Ugo Felicia, PhD
University of California, San Francisco, 2015, 132 pages
Publication #: 3725496
The contribution of ototoxic medications to hearing loss among older adults
Joo, Yoonmee, PhD
University of California, San Francisco, 2015, 105 pages
Publication #: 3725778
Labor, delivery, and neonatal outcomes associated with placental abruption
Downes, Katheryne Leah, PhD
University of Maryland, College Park, 2015, 104 pages
Publication #: 3725788
Evolution of occupational choices in young adults from 1960 to 2010
Hing, Vanessa Lauren, PhD
University of Maryland, College Park, 2015, 147 pages
Publication #: 3725839
Between resistance and silence: The making of the child murderess in German literature and culture of the 18th and 19th centuries
Sammler, Ina, PhD
University of Maryland, College Park, 2015, 373 pages
Publication #: 3725882
Economics of society: Essays on health, marriage and child adoption
Murugesan, Anand, PhD
University of Maryland, College Park, 2015, 158 pages
Publication #: 3725958
(De)forming woman: Images of feminine political subjectivity in Latin American literature, from disappearance to femicide
Martinez-Raguso, Michael, PhD
State University of New York at Buffalo, 2015, 254 pages
Publication #: 3725962
Examining pathways between maternal childhood circumstances and self-reported pregnancy related stress among primiparous women
Mendel, Whitney E., PhD
State University of New York at Buffalo, 2015, 126 pages
Publication #: 3726070
From angels to agents: Women, travel, and nation-building in nineteenth-century argentine literature
Grassmann, Elizabeth, PhD
University of Alabama, 2015, 179 pages
Publication #: 3726071
Loss, Hope, and Redemption: The Consequences of Methamphetamine use in a Sample of Incarcerated Women
Gunderman, Mikh V., PhD
University of Missouri - Saint Louis, 2015, 235 pages
Publication #: 3726103
Hostile media perception and partisan processing of media messages: Self-categorization and involvement in political
McLemore, Dylan Michael, PhD
University of Alabama, 2015, 222 pages
Publication #: 3726185
Effect of Tactile Feedback on Reducing Body Sway in Elderly
Alshammari, Faris Shuleih, PhD
Loma Linda University, 2015, 77 pages
Publication #: 3726193
Effects of Nurse Caring Behaviors on Mothers' Anxiety and Attachment in Pregnancy Following Perinatal Loss
Volsch, Joyce G. Oliverio, PhD
Loma Linda University, 2015, 207 pages
Publication #: 3726264
The Role of Trauma and Mental Health Problems in the Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence in Post-Genocide Rwanda
Tlapek, Sarah Myers, PhD
Washington University in St. Lou, 2015, 278 pages
Publication #: 3726315
The Lived Experiences of Single Lesbian Mothers
Hansen, Melisa, PsyD
Alliant International University, 2015, 190 pages
Publication #: 3726327
Psychological and social variables impacting young adults caring for severely mentally ill mothers
Deloney, Courtney Gale, PhD
Western Michigan University, 2015, 170 pages
Publication #: 3726407
Theresa Marie Schiavo and the biopolitical fragmentation of life
Gibb, Tyler Scott, PhD
Saint Louis University, 2015, 291 pages
Publication #: 3726417
Race, sex, and Hollywood: The illicit representation of the black man-white woman pair in American cinema
Haggard, Nicole Amber, PhD
Saint Louis University, 2015, 224 pages
Publication #: 3726460
The role of estrogen in emotional and cognitive processes integral to Major Depressive Disorder
Albert, Kimberly, PhD
University of Vermont and State Agricultural College, 2015, 232 pages
Publication #: 3726476
Motivation to change: A qualitative study on women recovering from opiate dependency
Carlson, Sarah, PhD
Capella University, 2015, 111 pages
Publication #: 3726791
Mexican-American women and abortion: Experiences and reflections
Welter, Lauren Beth, PhD
University of Iowa, 2015, 265 pages
Publication #: 3726830
Policy making at the margins: the modern politics of abortion
Frietzer, Rebecca Jane, PhD
University of Iowa, 2015, 196 pages
Publication #: 3726944
An historical study of the contributions of Jane Frazee to music education in the United States
Kupinski, Erica, PhD
University of Mississippi, 2015, 228 pages
Publication #: 3727060
Behaviors and views of three Arab American women subgroups regarding breast cancer screening: A comparative study
Alatrash, Manal H., PhD
Azusa Pacific University, 2015, 161 pages
Publication #: 3727062
Bullying and disordered eating in high school girls: A multisystemic clinical program manual
Luckham, Brittany Elise, PsyD
Azusa Pacific University, 2015, 200 pages
Publication #: 3727068
A heuristic study of women coping with peripartum cardiomyopathy
Puma, Shawna, PsyD
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2015, 111 pages
Publication #: 3727094
Experiences and perceptions of Iraqi Muslim refugee women and health care providers in the health care encounter
Penney, Debra Susan, PhD
University of Utah, 2015, 294 pages
Publication #: 3727122
Pregnant Obese Women and Factors That Impact Their Social and Physiological Well-Being
rye, Stephanie, PhD
Walden University, 2015, 166 pages
Publication #: 3727326
Engagement in activities and cognitive functioning among older adults in the health and retirement study
May, Pamela E., PhD
Wayne State University, 2015, 159 pages
Publication #: 3727382
Bridging the Cultural Gap in South Africa through Music Therapy: Sharon Katz's Peace Train through Members' Eyes
Wooten, Juanita, Ed.D.
Wilmington University , 2015, 157 pages
Publication #: 3727397
Latina New York: Feminist poetics and the Empire City
Alvarado, Li Yun, PhD
Fordham University, 2015, 260 pages
Publication #: 3727411
Booked: Sexuality and taste in American crime fiction
Northrop, Martin J., PhD
Fordham University, 2015, 147 pages
Publication #: 3727766
A Qualitative Study of the Development and Maintenance of Pathological Gambling in Females: And Making the Choice to Recover
O'Brian, Kelly L., PhD
A Qualitative Study of the Development and Maintenance of Pathological Gambling in Females: And Maki, 2015, 98 pages
Publication #: 3727772
Negotiating Educational Identities: Life Histories of Karen Women in Minnesota
Yang, Maiyia, PhD
University of Minnesota, 2015, 240 pages
Publication #: 3727797
Shadow Feminism: Disavowed Feminized Labor in Postwar American Art
Joseph, Wertheim, PhD
University of Minnesota, 2015, 378 pages
Publication #: 3727833
Post-Gay Television: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Marriage, and Bullying On and Off Screen
Elias, Liora P., PhD
University of Minnesota, 2015, 179 pages
Publication #: 3728156
Demobilization and its discontents: Soldiers, wives, and the contested demobilization at World War II's close
Timonin, Michael, PhD
State University of New York at Binghamton, 2015, 248 pages
Publication #: 3728213
Interactive Framing Dynamics and Ideological Boundaries in the American Abortion Debate
Heise, Kia, PhD
University of Minnesota, 2015, 258 pages
Publication #: 3728265
No Place like Home? Disability and Living Arrangements in Later Life
Henning-Smith, Carrie Elizabeth, PhD
University of Minnesota, 2015, 258 pages
Publication #: 3728348
The psychological distress experienced in women seeking educational upward mobility: The role of backlash, self-esteem, and race
Buttacavoli-Smith, Nicole, PhD
University of Memphis, 2015, 100 pages
Publication #: 3728396
Twice born gods: The reinvented libertine in the nineteenth century
Dyer, Tina Marie, PhD
University of Utah, 2015, 203 pages
Publication #: 3728546
Relationships between a Prenatal Nutrition Education Intervention and Maternal Nutrition in Ethiopia
Selvakumar, Divya Lakshmi, PhD
Walden University, 2015, 169 pages
Publication #: 3728665
Modern Jobs for Modern Women Female Military Service in Britain, 1945-1962
Fountain, Julie A., PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago, 2015, 262 pages
Publication #: 3728671
Courtly failures: Masculine Excess & Cultural Hegemony Re-Articulation in Maria de Zayas
Granja, Xabier, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago, Health Sciences Center, 2015, 225 pages
Publication #: 3728688
Relationships among Prenatal Risk Factors, Early Life Events, and Asthma in At-Risk Children
Lapin, Brittany R., PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago, 2015, 113 pages
Publication #: 3728891
HIV Disclosure Experiences among Women with HIV/AIDS in Jakarta, Indonesia
Sukmaningrum, Evi, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago, Health Sciences Center, 2015, 207 pages
Publication #: 3729339
Clinical Nursing and Midwifery Research in Southern and Eastern African Countries
Sun, Carolyn, PhD
Columbia University, 2015, 106 pages
Publication #: 3729359
Maternal Depression: The Impact of Perceived Social Support and Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Provider 50 Services
Gregorowicz, Tammy Lynn, PhD
Walden University, 2015, 119 pages
Publication #: 3729457
The Battle for Birth Control: Exploring the Rhetoric of the Birth Control Movement 1914-2014
Furgerson, Jessica L., PhD
Ohio University, 2015, 301 pages
Publication #: 3730076
The impact of relationship and intrapersonal factors on condom use among college students
Fehr, Sara K., PhD
University of Cincinnati, 2015, 63 pages
Publication #: 3730213
Construct validity of fear of recurrence among breast cancer survivors
LoSavio, Stefanie T., PhD
University of Delaware, 2015, 180 pages
Publication #: 3730321
Objectification theory and eating pathology in Latina college students: Testing a culture-specific model
Claudat, Kimberly Bryce, PhD
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2015, 113 pages
Publication #: 3730452
Parental leave policies and their consequences for inequality
Patnaik, Ankita, PhD
Cornell University, 2015, 142 pages
Publication #: 3730489
Determinants of gestational diabetes mellitus: Prepregnancy weight status and dietary patterns during pregnancy
Shin, Dayeon, PhD
Michigan State University, 2015, 150 pages
Publication #: 3730539
Social patterns and pathways of HIV care among HIV-positive transgender women
Hines, Dana D., PhD
Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis, 2015, 221 pages
Publication #: 3731003
Invisible minority: Experience of Middle Eastern American women in using health care services
Kalbasi, Shaida, PhD
Texas A & M University, 2015, 247 pages
Publication #: 3731042
Confronting the unknown: Tejanas in the transformation of Spanish and Mexican Texas, 1735-1836
Rincones, Cassandra, PhD
Texas A & M University, 2015, 208 pages
Publication #: 3731221
Mary, Quite Contrary: The Novels of Mary Davys, 1700-1727
Weizenbeck, Nichol, PhD
University of Denver, 2015, 290 pages
Publication #: 3731274
Building bridges: Church women united and social reform work across the mid-twentieth century
Johnson, Melinda Marie, PhD
University of Kentucky, 2015, 228 pages
Publication #: 3731457
Fashioning Mobility: Navigating Space in Victorian Fiction
Jones, Mary Clai, PhD
University of Kentucky, 2015, 176 pages
Publication #: 3731545
Beatrice the consummate Lady Wisdom
Kim, Jieon, PhD
University of Notre Dame, 2015, 354 pages
Publication #: 3731553
"Why have you been silent for so long?": Women and letter writing in the early middle ages, 700-900
LaVoy, Hailey J., PhD
University of Notre Dame, 2015, 337 pages
Publication #: 3731785
Choreographing Black Femininity: The Cultural Politics of Re-Staging Black Womanhood in America
Bristol, Carol Lyn, PhD
University of California, Riverside, 2015, 196 pages
Publication #: 3731875
Understanding the nature and impact of early pregnancy loss through women's stories
Hawkins, Jennifer Lynne Morey, PhD
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2015, 178 pages
Publication #: 3731891
Pregnant and parenting teens: Making a transition while pursuing academic goals
Thompson-Webb, Robin Shryl, Ed.D.
California State University, East Bay, 2015, 105 pages
Publication #: 3731978
HIV status disclosure among women living with HIV in Ghana: Experiences, influences, and consequences
Poku, Rebecca, Dr.P.H.
University of Texas School of Public Health, 2015, 135 pages
Publication #: 3732000
The Female Hand: The Making of Western Medicine for Women in China, 1880s1920s
Lin, Shing-ting, PhD
Columbia University, 2015, 230 pages
Publication #: 3732015
Effects of racial microaggressions on anxiety and depression in Black and African American women
Fay, Christina, PsyD
Spalding University, 2015, 118 pages
Publication #: 3732252
Reproductive Health and Behavior: The Role of Abuse and Couple Pregnancy Intent
Cha, Susan, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University, 2015, 94 pages
Publication #: 3732347
Vpliv vrednotnih orientacij na telesno samopodobo in lepotne telesne prakse mladih ensk v Sloveniji, na Hrvakem in v Srbiji
Cevnik, Lucija, PhD
Univerza v Mariboru (Slovenia), 2015, 175 pages
Publication #: 3732435
Predictors of Internalizing Symptoms among a Sample of Female Ex-inmates with History of Trauma and Substance Use
Tugnoli, Christiana, PsyD
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2016, 101 pages
Publication #: 3732561
The relationship of perceived susceptibility, medical mistrust, and perceived racism to HIV screening among adult Black women
Woolforde, Launette, Ed.D.
Teachers College, Columbia University, 2015, 300 pages
Publication #: 3732604
Welfare queens to childcare queens: The political economy of state subsidized childcare in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2009-2012)
Jones, Anika Yetunde, PhD
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2015, 213 pages
Publication #: 3732615
Hospital practices related to breastfeeding in Mississippi a socio-ecological approach
Alakaam, Amir A. Hadi , PhD
University of Southern Mississippi, 2015, 170 pages
Publication #: 3732701
Exploration of nurse-midwifery care for childbirth
Altman, Molly Rose, PhD
Washington State University, 2015, 113 pages
Publication #: 3732846
Mental health treatment seeking disparities among African American women
Raines, Christa Powell, PhD
Capella University, 2015, 174 pages
Publication #: 3732880
Building within our borders: Black women reformers in the south from 1890 to 1920
Blair, Tonya De Nee, PhD
University of Southern Mississippi, 2015, 254 pages
Publication #: 3732971
Implementing an Evidence-Based Educational Module on Nurses' Role on Management of Postpartum Hemorrhage
Motanya, Stella, D.N.P.
Walden University, 2015, 75 pages
Publication #: 3733129
Provider-Initiated Condom Education, HIV, and STDs among Older African American Women
Hall, Natasha N., D.P.H.
Walden University, 2015, 116 pages
Publication #: 3733139
A modernist among the Victorians: The case of Emily Bront
Manzoor, Sohana, PhD
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2015, 180 pages
Publication #: 3733240
Reluctant Adventurers: The Risky Business of Female Travel in Stories by Anglophone Women, 1767-1830
Antonucci, Melissa Leigh, PhD
University of Tulsa, 2015, 293 pages
Publication #: 3733324
The Perils of Home: Race, Gender, and Labor on the Pacific Frontier
Kim, Jason Ulim, PhD
University of California, Berkeley, 2015, 118 pages
Publication #: 3733426
A Bridge Too Soon the Life and Works of 'Afīfa Karam: The First Arab American Woman Novelist
Saylor, Elizabeth Claire, PhD
University of California, Berkeley, 2015, 177 pages
Publication #: 3733450
Social Ecological Influences of WIC Programming Behavior Change of Former WIC Participants
Terrell, Joyce Lynn, D.P.H.
Walden University, 2015, 172 pages
Publication #: 3733544
Soviet state feminism in Muslim Central Asia: urban and rural women in Tajikistan, 1924-1982
Yusufjonova-Abman, Zamira, PhD
University of California, Santa Barbara, 2015, 245 pages
Publication #: 3733638
A qualitative inquiry on the experience of mothers of older children diagnosed with severe autism
Esler, Jeana D., PhD
Capella University, 2015, 129 pages
Publication #: 3733647
Preaching as a healing act: A model for priests, ministers, and chaplains at nursing homes and assisted-living facilities
Obidiegwu, Celestine Okey, D.Minn.
Aquinas Institute of Theology, 2015, 165 pages
Publication #: 3733815
Young widows' grief: A study of personal and contextual factors associated with conjugal loss
Dunn, C. Ryan, PhD
Utah State University, 2015, 229 pages
Publication #: 3733832
The transformation of Ashtanga yoga: The mythopoetic journey from body to psyche among female survivors of relational trauma
LaChiusa, Ida Chi, PhD
Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2015, 139 pages
Publication #: 3733861
Uterine Fibroid Symptom Severity and Impact on Health-Related Quality of Life among African American Women
Ford, Ilisher, PhD
Walden University, 2015, 221 pages
Publication #: 3734173
The experience of women of faith when considering whether to seek psychotherapy: A phenomenological study
Lee, Ruby F., PsyD
Capella University, 2015, 120 pages
Publication #: 3734406
Acculturation Stress and the Coping Strategies of Nigerian Immigrant Women in the United States
Adewunmi, Oluwatoyin, PhD
Walden University, 2015, 110 pages
Publication #: 3734406
Acculturation Stress and the Coping Strategies of Nigerian Immigrant Women in the United States
Adewunmi, Oluwatoyin, PhD
Walden University, 2015, 110 pages
Publication #: 3734462
Feminist Views of the Fallen Woman: From Hrotsvit of Gandersheim to Rebecca Prichard
McCue, Lauren Gray, PhD
University of California, Irvine, 2015, 217 pages
Publication #: 3734527
Psychosocial Factors that Impact Sexual Behaviors in Heterosexual African American Undergraduate College Women
Marks, Laura Michelle Reid, PhD
Purdue University, 2015, 169 pages
Publication #: 3734763
Reel or Reality? The Portrayal of Prostitution in Major Motion Pictures
Blasdell, Raleigh, PhD
University of South Florida, 2015, 264 pages
Publication #: 3734850
The Lived Experience of Aging Black Women with Diabetes Nurse-Person Relationships
Brown, Deidra G., PhD
City University of New York, 2016, 152 pages
Publication #: 3735249
Osteoporosis and sarcopenia in older adults
Chalhoub, Didier, PhD
University of Pittsburgh, 2015, 102 pages