Women's Health and History

April 2016 - May 2016

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Publication #: 0830520
Gender bias in the diagnosis of eating disorders and treatment recommendations using the DSM-5
Juneau, Jessica M., PsyD
Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology, Inc., 2014, N/A pages
Publication #: 3366527
Effective measurement of problematic drinking for college students: Reducing differential item functioning across gender and race
Northrup, Thomas Francis, PhD
Effective measurement of problematic drinking for college students: Reducing differential item funct, 2010, 251 pages
Publication #: 3398214
Parent-adolescent sexual communication and adolescent cognitive processes on sexual risk among European American female adolescents
Stanoff, Nicole Melinda, PhD
University of California, Riverside, 2010, 126 pages
Publication #: 3412200
The effect of victim status and system threat on rape myth acceptance
Chapleau, Kristine M., PhD
Marquette University, 2010, 89 pages
Publication #: 3412260
Outcomes of a multilevel walking intervention for older adults living in retirement communities
Rosenberg, Dori E., PhD
University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University, 2010, 133 pages
Publication #: 3418224
Relationship of engagement and outcome in a cognitive -behavioral initiative for depression prevention with adolescent girls
de la Haye, Louise, PhD
Fielding Graduate University, 2010, 103 pages
Publication #: 3447974
Mindfulness and Self-Compassion in the Transition to Motherhood: A Prospective Study of Postnatal Mood and Attachment
Sawyer, Cohen, Jeanette, PhD
Columbia University, 2010, 101 pages
Publication #: 3453507
Development and Evaluation of an Intervention to Increase Sun Protection in Young Women
Moser, Stephanie E., PhD
Arizona State University, 2011, 298 pages
Publication #: 3469954
Gestational diabetes, depression, and the impact on maternal child health outcomes
Byrn, Mary Alice, PhD
Loyola University Chicago, 2011, 212 pages
Publication #: 3483481
Monitoring gait patterns and functional activities in community dwelling elderly at risk for falls
Sapir, Inbal, Dr.sc.
Boston University, 2011, 86 pages
Publication #: 3494255
Attitudes, subjective norms, and intentions regarding infant feeding methods among Black college students
Jefferson, Urmeka T., PhD
Saint Louis University, 2012, 69 pages
Publication #: 3504734
Birth Weight, Weight Change During Life Course, and Adult Blood Pressure / Hypertension in Hong Kong Female Nurses
Xie, Yaojie, PhD
Chinese University of Hong Kong , 2011, 215 pages
Publication #: 3514437
The Power of Words: Female Speech as a Narrative Force in Irish Tales across Centuries
Lehmann-Shriver, Edyta Anna, PhD
Harvard University, 2012, 208 pages
Publication #: 3518864
Prevention of birth defects in a national study
Khodr, Zeina, PhD
University of Texas School of Public Health, 2012, 122 pages
Publication #: 3522544
Empirical studies in the economics of health insurance, health, and fertility
Geruso, Michael L., PhD
Princeton University, 2012, 156 pages
Publication #: 3527090
Youth Sexual Risk-Taking in Latin America: Implications for Public Health and Policy in Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala
Dunning, Denise Raquel, PhD
University of California, Berkeley, 2012, 136 pages
Publication #: 3576268
An analysis of the impact of surgical volume and diffusion on bariatric surgery outcomes
Johns, Roger A., PhD
Johns Hopkins University, 2013, 241 pages
Publication #: 3582147
A Transdiagnostic Prevention Program Targeting Rumination and the Dysregulation of Emotion in Adolescent Girls
Belinkie, Yael Levin, PhD
Yale University, 2014, 318 pages
Publication #: 3582198
An Interpretive Description of Women's Experiences with Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Turkman, Yasemin Evelyn, PhD
Yale University, 2014, 105 pages
Publication #: 3582268
Fit to Feed: Labor, ecology, and the remaking of the National School Lunch Program
Gaddis, Jennifer E., PhD
Yale University, 2014, 299 pages
Publication #: 3582357
Cultural differences in PTSD symptomology among female survivors of child sexual abuse
Hsia, Cherina De Silva, PsyD
University of La Verne, 2015, 135 pages
Publication #: 3582399
Identifying motivators among individuals selecting gerontology as a career specialization
Smith, Harold W., PhD
New Mexico State University, 2014, 197 pages
Publication #: 3582414
Skin cancer risk perception and sunscreen use in adolescent female soccer athletes
Butera, Cheryl L., PhD
University of San Diego, 2015, 110 pages
Publication #: 3582486
Medical decision-making capacity in geriatric patients: An investigation of psychologists' practice experience
Ferster, Daniel C., PsyD
Wright Institute, 2014, 188 pages
Publication #: 3582489
Intimate partner violence perpetrated by police officers: A study of the prevalence rate
Camarillo-Daley, Luz, PsyD
Wright Institute, 2014, 184 pages
Publication #: 3582492
Isak Dinesen: A psychobiographical study of a woman's lifespan from a Jungian perspective
Befera, Lynn Ann, PsyD
Wright Institute, 2014, 377 pages
Publication #: 3623737
Effects of alcohol intoxication and neurocognitive processing on intimate partner aggressio
Maldonado, Rosalita C., PhD
University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 2014, 186 pages
Publication #: 3639862
The Impact of Dance/Movement Therapy on the Self-Esteem of Women in Addictions Treatment
Raskey, Wendy, PhD
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2014, 171 pages
Publication #: 3641899
Influence of Early Substance Use and Stress on Alcohol and Marijuana Use During Pregnancy
O'Brien, Margaret L., PhD
Brandeis University, The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, 2014, 350 pages
Publication #: 3648309
An evaluation of fall prevention interventions among older adults in a long term care facility
Bennett, Courtney Anita, D.N.P.
University of Southern Mississippi, 2015, 108 pages
Publication #: 3648457
The state of aftercare: A critical look at the response to victims of human sex trafficking in the United States
Long, Richelle Ashley McGhee, PhD
University of Memphis, 2014, 126 pages
Publication #: 3648481
Configurations of sexual risk: A person-centered approach
Peasant, Courtney Janae, PhD
University of Memphis, 2014, 145 pages
Publication #: 3648660
Failure to Reproduce: Assisted Reproductive Technology Policy in Canada
Snow, Dave, PhD
University of Calgary , 2014, 311 pages
Publication #: 3665261
Male Incarceration, the Health Care Service Environment and Sexual Health
Dauria, Emily F., PhD
Emory University, 2014, 174 pages
Publication #: 3666444
The Social Production of Reproductive Health Disparities
Frazier, Tyralynn, PhD
Emory University, 2014, 252 pages
Publication #: 3667651
She's not one of us: Group membership moderates the effect of fertility cues on attractiveness ratings
Tiidwell, Natasha Davis, PhD
Texas A & M University, 2014, 114 pages
Publication #: 3668503
Embodied knowledge: Midwives and the medicalization of childbirth in early modern Italy
Kosmin, Jennifer F., PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2014, 352 pages
Publication #: 3668626
Women with Correctable Fetal Anomaly Participating in Perinatal Team Counseling: An Exploratory Study
Reyes, Maria R., PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago, 2014, 104 pages
Publication #: 3669153
Sexual Identity Development, Stigma, and Health in Sexual Minority Women and Men
Dirkes, Jessica C., PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago, 2014, 181 pages
Publication #: 3669154
Autonomic Nervous System Activity and Menopausal Symptoms
Drogos, Lauren L., PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago, 2014, 113 pages
Publication #: 3669169
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown: Hysteria in Caribbean and Latino-Caribbean Literature
Gonzalez-Cameron, Diana, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago, 2014, 207 pages
Publication #: 3671325
Fertility intentions and attitudes towards children among unmarried men and women: Do sexual orientation and union status matter?
du Toit, Nola C., PhD
Bowling Green State University, 2013, 204 pages
Publication #: 3672079
Adherence and safety of the HPV vaccine in Bamako, Mali
Schluterman, Nicholas, PhD
University of Maryland, Baltimore, 2014, 191 pages
Publication #: 3672215
Normative beliefs, financial strains, and IPV in young adulthood
Copp, Jennifer E., PhD
Bowling Green State University, 2014, 195 pages
Publication #: 3672358
Sexual Concerns of Gynecological Cancer Survivors: Development of the Sexual Concerns Questionnaire-Gynecological Cancer
Abbott-Anderson, Kristen, PhD
University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2015, 196 pages
Publication #: 3672619
African american women, psychological well-being, religiosity, and stress
Glass, Yvvonne N., PhD
Kent State University, 2014, 105 pages
Publication #: 3672636
The urge to purge: An Ecological Momentary Assessment of purging disorder and Bulimia Nervosa
Smith, Kathryn E., PhD
Kent State University, 2014, 93 pages
Publication #: 3672682
Building Theory Across Struggles: Queer Feminist Thought from Lebanon
Kaedbey, Dima e., PhD
Ohio State University, 2014, 246 pages
Publication #: 3672713
The Influence of Drinking Location, Party Composition and Protective Factors on Young Women's Drinking Habits
Walaszek, Laura Ann, PhD
Ohio State University, 2010, 110 pages
Publication #: 3672999
Gestational Weight Gain, Pregnancy Outcomes, and Use of Perinatal Health Services
Zhan, Lujing, PhD
University of South Carolina, 2014, 188 pages
Publication #: 3673062
Comparison of neuromuscular control strategies between collegiate female dancers and athletes
Pye, Michele Lynett, PhD
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2014, 219 pages
Publication #: 3673763
Understanding the relationship between stress and health risk for women administrators in higher education
Kersh, Renique, PhD
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2014, 141 pages
Publication #: 3673900
Pilot study of safe sisters: A sexual assault prevention program for sorority women
Cambron, Alicia P., PhD
University of Mississippi, 2014, 121 pages
Publication #: 3673955
Barriers and Facilitators to Infant Feeding among Low-Income African American Women
Barbosa, Cecilia Eykyn, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University, 2014, 219 pages
Publication #: 3673962
Queer Alchemies: Radical Futurity in the Shell of the Now
Canfield, Elizabeth Rice, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University, 2014, 116 pages
Publication #: 3680015
The effect of sleep medication use and poor sleep quality on risk of falls in community-dwelling older adults
Min, Yaena, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University, 2014, 168 pages
Publication #: 3680073
Complicated courtesans: Lucian's Dialogues of the Courtesans
Shreve-Price, Sharada Sue, PhD
University of Iowa, 2014, 213 pages
Publication #: 3680101
A qualitative analysis of parental experiences in family-based treatment for anorexia nervosa
Wiese, Joanna Elise, PhD
University of Iowa, 2014, 259 pages
Publication #: 3680176
Human Papillomavirus Infections among Mid-Adult Women
Fu, Tsung-chieh, PhD
University of Washington, 2014, 103 pages
Publication #: 3680190
The Endogenous Hormonal Milieu Associated with Thrombosis in Postmenopausal Women
Harrington, Laura B., PhD
University of Washington, 2014, 114 pages
Publication #: 3680266
Intergenerational Dialogue About Sexual Health and HIV Prevention Among African American Women in Rural Mississippi
Robinson, Gayle, PhD
University of Washington, 2014, 120 pages
Publication #: 3680415
Benevolent Sexism, Perceived Fairness, Decision-Making, and Marital Satisfaction: Covert Power Influences
Brown, Monique, PsyD
Antioch University Seattle, 2013, 143 pages
Publication #: 3680418
Children's Constructed Meanings of Sisterhood When an Older Sibling Has Autism
Carroll, Jamie L., PsyD
Antioch University New England, 2013, 109 pages
Publication #: 3680495
The sisters' experience of having a sibling with an autism spectrum disorder
McVicker, Melissa L., PhD
Antioch University New England, 2013, 125 pages
Publication #: 3680603
Satisfaction and Use: Comparing First-time Victims and Victims of Multiple Sexual Assaults
Lindahl, Julie, PhD
Walden University, 2015, 119 pages
Publication #: 3680904
The experiences of gay and lesbian college athletes
Barbour, Channell, PhD
Indiana State University, 2014, 216 pages
Publication #: 3680996
Sex Tourism in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands: An Exploratory Study
Estes, Elizabeth, PhD
Nova Southeastern University, 2014, 204 pages
Publication #: 3681045
Arab immigrant Muslim mothers' perceptions of children's Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Al-Azzam, Manar Mahmoud, PhD
University of Iowa, 2011, 240 pages
Publication #: 3681219
Decision Making Among Older Adults with a Limited Prognosis
Romo, Rafael Diaz, PhD
University of California, San Francisco, 2014, 163 pages
Publication #: 3681380
Coping Styles of Individuals who Experience Military Sexual Trauma
Pettinari, Daniella Maria, PsyD
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2015, 117 pages
Publication #: 3681489
Influence of sociocultural factors on the attitudes toward intimate partner violence among college students in Costa Rica
Munoz-Rojas, Derby, PhD
University of Miami, 2014, 217 pages
Publication #: 3681490
Beliefs and management of insomnia among senior citizens: A descriptive qualitative study
Nguyen, Le Chi Thi, D.N.P.
Western University of Health Sciences, 2015, 125 pages
Publication #: 3681537
The sexual politics of humanitarian regulation
Doonan, Christina Louise, PhD
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick, 2014, 245 pages
Publication #: 3681546
"It's just me on my own.": Conditions affecting social support among women who use drugs
Fuld, Jennifer Pesha, PhD
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick, 2014, 206 pages
Publication #: 3681651
Training-the-trainer for long-term sustainability: Implementation of cognitive behavioral guided self-help for recurrent binge eating in a university counseling center
West, Julia Anne, PhD
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick, 2014, 147 pages
Publication #: 3681781
The influence of safe sex messages in entertainment on norm accessibility and related normative predictors of behavior
Toole, Jennifer, PhD
Florida State University, 2014, 248 pages
Publication #: 3681824
Intimate Partner Violence in Lesbians Relationships: Identifying Contributing Factors, Clinical Implications, and Treatments
Diaz, Alejandra, PsyD
Alliant International University, 2011, 105 pages
Publication #: 3681917
Learning Disability Status and Gender as Predictors of Self-Efficacy
Aikhomu, Irene E., Ed.D.
Walden University, 2015, 157 pages
Publication #: 3682004
The (Manufactured) Human in U.S. Science Fiction, 1938-1950
Kavetsky, Jennifer Ann-Connors, PhD
University of California, Riverside, 2014, 248 pages
Publication #: 3682076
Role Discrepancy, Maternal Hardiness and Depression in Mothers of Toddlers: A Qualitative Exploration
DelGrande, Angela L., PhD
University of New Mexico, 2014, 202 pages
Publication #: 3682100
Sex, violence and the female sex offender
Romero-DeBell, Christine J., PhD
University of New Mexico, 2014, 100 pages
Publication #: 3682296
The lived experiences of African American spouses who have lived with veterans with PTSD: A phenomenological study
Bowling, Anthony J., PhD
Capella University, 2014, 84 pages
Publication #: 3682376
Psychometric validation of the family nurse caring belief scale in a neonatal nursing population
Magri, Eileen P., PhD
Molloy College, 2014, 97 pages
Publication #: 3682437
Art of state / state of art: The European tours of Martha Graham and her dance company, 1950-1967
Lenart, Ileana Camelia, PhD
State University of New York at Albany, 2014, 411 pages
Publication #: 3682491
Bereavement experiences of lesbian widows
Singer, Hannah R., PsyD
Alliant International University, 2015, 133 pages
Publication #: 3682601
Zoned desires: Prostitution, family politics, and sexual ideology in 20TH century Iran
Hosseini, Fatemeh, PhD
University of Maryland, College Park, 2014, 340 pages
Publication #: 3682706
The Predictors of Physician-Patient Discussions of Sexual Health with Older Adults
Werner, Dana Marie, PhD
Walden University, 2015, 91 pages
Publication #: 3682719
The Effects of Social Comparison Through Social Media for Young Women and Adolescent Females with Eating Disordered Symptomatology
Chau, Quynh, PsyD
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2015, 113 pages
Publication #: 3682764
Intimate matters: Negotiating sex, gender and the home in colonial Algeria, 1830-1914
Perrier, Aurelie E., PhD
Georgetown University, 2014, 451 pages
Publication #: 3682794
A voice for the voiceless: A narrative study on the life of Senator Georgia Davis Powers
Hampton, Georgia Lee, Ed.D.
Spalding University, 013, 242 pages
Publication #: 3682821
Intimate partner violence in same-sex versus heterosexual couples and by female versus male aggressors
Brown, Georgette Lisadawne, PhD
Capella University, 2015, 98 pages
Publication #: 3682829
Creating a Cumulative Trauma Detection Scale to Assess Trauma History for Victims of Human Trafficking
Hildt, Brady Jay, PsyD
Alliant International University, 2014, 104 pages
Publication #: 3682839
Learning through Living Together: The Educational Philosophy of Jane Addams
Nieuwejaar, Kiersten, PhD
Columbia University, 2015, 286 pages
Publication #: 3682841
Queen Christina of Sweden's Musaeum Collecting and Display in the Palazzo Riario
Sjovoll, Therese, PhD
Columbia University, 2015, 381 pages
Publication #: 3682844
Reform in China's Population Program: A View from the Grassroots
Szatkowski, Diana, PhD
Columbia University, 2015, 194 pages
Publication #: 3682853
Collective Shame in Response to War Rape in the Walungu Region of the Democratic Republic of Congo
Grguric, Cynthia, PsyD
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2015, 169 pages
Publication #: 3682944
From Tower to Bower: Constructions of Gender, Class, and Architecture in Middle English Literature
Meyer, Shannon Rae, PhD
University of California, Santa Barbara, 2014, 236 pages
Publication #: 3682992
Queer Cultures at New England Women's Colleges: Sexual Fields, Erotic Capital, and Gender and Sexual Fluidity
Weber, Shannon Nicolle, PhD
University of California, Santa Barbara, 2014, 311 pages
Publication #: 3683062
A sister's voice: Imagery and the lived experiences of African-American women with HSV-2
N'Diaye, Sabrina, PhD
Saybrook University, 2014, 166 pages
Publication #: 3683067
Examining the pain care quality (PainCQ-33) survey as a measure of pain management care perception among older nursing home residents with chronic pain
O'Connor, Timothy Dennis, PhD
State University of New York at Buffalo, 2015, 164 pages
Publication #: 3683152
The impact of legislation change on midwives' reported practice barriers in New York State
Feltham, Karen Johnson, PhD
State University of New York at Binghamton, 2014, 92 pages
Publication #: 3683165
Dark matter: Susan Howe, Muriel Rukeyser, and the scholar's art
Heim, Stefania, PhD
City University of New York, 2015, 265 pages
Publication #: 3683168
No rush to motherhood: The lived experience of African American never pregnant sexually active female teens
Jenkins, Monique, PhD
City University of New York, 2015, 137 pages
Publication #: 3683206
The afterlives of empire: Gender, race, and citizenship in decolonized France
Wadowiec, Jaime, PhD
State University of New York at Binghamton, 2014, 369 pages
Publication #: 3683284
Native American chic: The marketing of Native Americans in New York between the world wars
Navratil, Emily Schuchardt, PhD
City University of New York, 2015, 303 pages
Publication #: 3683287
Loosening the critical corset: New approaches to the short fiction of Kate Chopin and Ruth Stuart
O'Donoghue, Kate, PhD
City University of New York, 015, 181 pages
Publication #: 3683339
Evidence-based interventions to reduce psychosocial and access barriers to breast cancer screening among African American women
Bellah, Alycia A., PhD
Fielding Graduate University, 2015, 144 pages
Publication #: 3683377
Attribution style and gender role attitudes as predictors of infertility distress in women coping with infertility diagnoses
Hedaya, Noa K,, PhD
Alliant International University, 2015, 102 pages
Publication #: 3683506
Parenting Women in Gender-Responsive Substance Use Disorder Treatment: A Phenomenological Inquiry
Kelly Cardona, Rebecca, PhD
Barry University, 2014, 146 pages
Publication #: 3683626
I Remember Mama Said: An Exploration of Lesbian/Queer Mothers of Color's Sexual Pedagogy
Katz, Madeleine F., PsyD
Alliant International University, 2014, 227 pages
Publication #: 3683645
Barriers and incentives to breast cancer screening among African American and caucasian women in the Mississippi Delta
Collins, Shani K., PhD
University of Alabama, 2014, 139 pages
Publication #: 3683674
Power and autonomy in the nursing home
Jacobs, Mary Lindsey, PhD
University of Alabama, 2014, 95 pages
Publication #: 3683742
The perception of African American faith-based organizations regarding African Americans with HIV
Otey, Tamara Dochelle, PhD
Indiana University, 2015, 167 pages
Publication #: 3683814
A longitudinal analysis of aggregate fertility decline as a product of increasing contraceptive prevalence
Field, Layton Marshall, PhD
Texas A & M University, 2014, 222 pages
Publication #: 3683849
The influence of self-perceptions of aging on older adults' cognition and behavior
Hughes, Matthew Lane, PhD
Texas A & M University, 2014, 102 pages
Publication #: 3683876
Health status and health literacy in older adults
Fulton, Daphne Saxon, D.P.H.
Texas A & M University, 2014, 119 pages
Publication #: 3684381
The Effect of Evaluating a Quality Improvement Initiative on Reducing Hospital Transfers of Nursing Home Residents
Jarboe, Denise Eileen, D.N.P.
Walden University, 2014, 102 pages
Publication #: 3684403
Nina Mae McKinney: At the dawn of black Hollywood stardom
Witherspoon, Dabian Tyari, PhD
Morgan State University, 2014, 261 pages
Publication #: 3684404
The impact of childhood sexual abuse on mental health and high risk behaviors in a sample of women
Yancey, Kimberly M., PhD
Morgan State University, 2014, 104 pages
Publication #: 3684424
Perceived Factors Contributing to Coronary Heart Disease in African American Women
Sholanke, Funmilola, PhD
Walden University, 2015, 221 pages
Publication #: 3684564
Death exposure as a conduit to spiritual awakening: An intuitive inquiry into the lived experience of daughters bereaved during adolescence
Stannard, Jean Mantenuto, PhD
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, 2015, 209 pages
Publication #: 3684673
Feminist orientation and Right Wing Authoritarianism in the perception of sexual harassment accusations
Bhattacharya, Gargi, PhD
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2014, 154 pages
Publication #: 3684692
College students' HPV knowledge and intention to be HPV vaccinated
Johnson, Chandrika, PhD
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2014, 166 pages
Publication #: 3684827
Insanity, hysteria and melancholy in seventeenth-century English continuo song
Georgakarakou, Maria, PhD
Boston University, 2015, 139 pages
Publication #: 3684880
The Impact of Prebirth Education on Childbirth Decision Making
Henley McCants, Bessie M., PhD
Walden University, 2015, 254 pages
Publication #: 3684970
The Puerto Rican mother's experience of the coming out process of her homosexual child
Rodriguez-Aviles, Jose L., PsyD
Capella University, 2015, 120 pages
Publication #: 3685027
Application of Social and Emotional Intelligence for Batterers' Intervention Programs in Florida
Betancourt Pearlman, Vivian Isis, Ed.D.
Grand Canyon University, 2015, 219 pages
Publication #: 3685030
Coping Patterns and Health Outcomes among Minority Women Living with HIV
Dauya, Juanita A., PhD
Walden University, 2015, 112 pages
Publication #: 3685053
Female Veterans' Level of Satisfaction with Health Care Services by Era of Miltiary Service
Decker, Julie L., D.N.P.
Carlow University, 2015, 90 pages
Publication #: 3685403
Environmental Justice and Paradigms of Survival: Unearthing Toxic Entanglements through Ecofeminist Visions and Indigenous Thought
Berthoud-Jury, Julie, PhD
University of Cincinnati, 2014, 289 pages
Publication #: 3685406
Prevalence of STDs in Alabama black adolescent females compared to other ethnicities
Bridges, Lula Jones, PhD
Capella University, 2015, 128 pages
Publication #: 3685408
"Let's Bang": Constructing, Reinforcing, and Embodying Orthodox Masculinity in Women's Full-Contact, Tackle Football
Carter, Jennifer A., PhD
University of Cincinnati, 2014, 168 pages
Publication #: 3685429
The lived experiences of African American women during the decision-making process to leave abusive intimate partners
Rose-Gross, Robbin V., PhD
Capella University, 2015, 160 pages
Publication #: 3685485
Factors Shaping African American Women's Participation in HIV Medication Research
Gallagher, Donna M., PhD
Brandeis University, The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, 2015, 165 pages
Publication #: 3690238
Disordered Eating Patterns in African American Women: The Role of Ethnic Identity and Diet
Burwell, Crystal, PhD
North Carolina State University, 2014, 153 pages
Publication #: 3690483
Cognitive change in older adults: Practice effects, short-term variability, and their association with sleep
Dzierzewski, Joseph Michael, PhD
University of Florida, 2012, 278 pages
Publication #: 3727326
Engagement in activities and cognitive functioning among older adults in the health and retirement study
May, Pamela E., PhD
Wayne State University, 2015, 159 pages
Publication #: 3727326
Engagement in activities and cognitive functioning among older adults in the health and retirement study
May, Pamela E., PhD
Wayne State University, 2015, 159 pages
Publication #: 3739305
The neuropsychological correlates of dating aggression: Investigating the role of executive functions in dating aggression
Klipfel, Katherine M., PhD
Kent State University, 2015, 250 pages
Publication #: NS27605
Motherhood and Well-Being in Young Breast Cancer Survivors
Ares, Isabelle, PhD
University of Ottawa , 2013, 179 pages