Women's Health and History

January 2017 - February 2017

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Publication #: 10119927
Social and economic change and rising rate of cesarean section deliveries in Ecuador
Jahnke, Johanna R., M.A.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016, 67 pages
Publication #: 10290133
Borrowed Children, Entrusted Girls: Legal Encounters with Girlhood in French West Africa, c. 1900 - 1941
Reuther, Jessica Catherine, PhD
Emory University, 2016, 267 pages
Publication #: 3000902
Community and care: The Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ and their hospitals, 18681930
Specht, Anita L., PhD
University of Notre Dame, 2001, 245 pages
Publication #: 3664417
"Ask us what's best for us:" What Counseling Psychologists can learn from Women Experiencing Homelessness
Wetegrove-Romine, Amanda, PsyD
Our Lady of the Lake University, 2015, 128 pages
Publication #: 3664449
Women's work for women: Chinese Christian women and Western missionaries in Canton, South China, 18471938
Wong, Wai-Yin Christina, PhD
Graduate Theological Union, 2015, 394 pages
Publication #: 3664469
The Importance of Roles to Retarding Deterioration of Health and Well-Being in Older Adults
Alter, Theodore, PhD
Yeshiva University, 2015, 129 pages
Publication #: 3664482
Latina mothers' HIV comfort, sexual communication comfort, safe-sex efficacy beliefs and safe-sex intentions
Murua, Melanie D., Psych.D.
University of La Verne, 2015, 135 pages
Publication #: 3664488
The Female Emergency Medicine Physician as an Authentic Self-Leader
Rogers, Rebekah Page, PhD
Gonzaga University, 2015, 299 pages
Publication #: 3664630
Between mothers and the state: Mothers' allowances in Maine and New Brunswick 1915-1960
White, Rebecca A., PhD
University of Maine, 2015, 266 pages
Publication #: 3704958
Women's Status, Autonomy, and Fertility in Transitional Egypt
Samari, Goleen, PhD
University of California, Los Angeles, 2015, 330 pages
Publication #: 3706087
An Examination of Social Support, Contentment with Life, and Time Spent in an Assisted Living Setting
Esliker, Rebecca, PhD
University/institution: Walden , 2015, 100 pages
Publication #: 3719947
Social determinants of depression among Hispanic women
De Oliveira, Giovanna Cecilia, PsyD
University of Miami, 2016, 149 pages
Publication #: 3726264
The Role of Trauma and Mental Health Problems in the Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence in Post-Genocide Rwanda
Tlapek, Sarah Myers, PhD
Washington University in St. Lou, 2015, 278 pages
Publication #: 3726944
An historical study of the contributions of Jane Frazee to music education in the United States
Kupinski, Erica, PhD
University of Mississippi, 2015, 228 pages
Publication #: 3727060
Behaviors and views of three Arab American women subgroups regarding breast cancer screening: A comparative study
Alatrash, Manal H., PhD
Azusa Pacific University, 2015, 161 pages
Publication #: 3727062
Bullying and disordered eating in high school girls: A multisystemic clinical program manual
Luckham, Brittany Elise, PsyD
Azusa Pacific University, 2015, 200 pages
Publication #: 3727073
A Quantitative Study of the Association of Specific College Stressors and BMI in College Freshmen Women
Phillips, Miranda, PhD
Northcentral University, 2015, 167 pages
Publication #: 3727094
Experiences and perceptions of Iraqi Muslim refugee women and health care providers in the health care encounter
Penney, Debra Susan, PhD
University of Utah, 2015, 294 pages
Publication #: 3727326
Engagement in activities and cognitive functioning among older adults in the health and retirement study
May, Pamela E., PhD
Wayne State University, 2015, 159 pages
Publication #: 3727327
Growing up tween: Femininity, masculinity, and coming of age
Velding, Victoria G., PhD
Wayne State University, 2015, 219 pages
Publication #: 3727397
Latina New York: Feminist poetics and the Empire City
Alvarado, Li Yun, PhD
Fordham University, 2015, 260 pages
Publication #: 3727411
Booked: Sexuality and taste in American crime fiction
Northrop, Martin J., PhD
Fordham University, 2015, 147 pages
Publication #: 3727766
A Qualitative Study of the Development and Maintenance of Pathological Gambling in Females: And Making the Choice to Recover
O'Brian, Kelly L., PhD
A Qualitative Study of the Development and Maintenance of Pathological Gambling in Females: And Maki, 2015, 98 pages
Publication #: 3728156
Demobilization and its discontents: Soldiers, wives, and the contested demobilization at World War II's close
Timonin, Michael, PhD
State University of New York at Binghamton, 2015, 248 pages
Publication #: 3728213
Interactive Framing Dynamics and Ideological Boundaries in the American Abortion Debate
Heise, Kia, PhD
University of Minnesota, 2015, 258 pages
Publication #: 3728265
No Place like Home? Disability and Living Arrangements in Later Life
Henning-Smith, Carrie Elizabeth, PhD
University of Minnesota, 2015, 258 pages
Publication #: 3728629
Coping strategies as seen through the eyes of select African American female child sexual abuse survivors
Williams, Mary Claire, Ed.D.
University of Memphis, 2015, 269 pages
Publication #: 3728665
Modern Jobs for Modern Women Female Military Service in Britain, 1945-1962
Fountain, Julie A., PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago, 2015, 262 pages
Publication #: 3728671
Courtly failures: Masculine Excess & Cultural Hegemony Re-Articulation in Maria de Zayas
Granja, Xabier, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago, Health Sciences Center, 2015, 225 pages
Publication #: 3728687
Contexts of Sex-Based Exchange: A Cultural Analysis of Risk Perception and Behavior
Lakosky, Paul Andrew, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago, 2015, 195 pages
Publication #: 3728688
Relationships among Prenatal Risk Factors, Early Life Events, and Asthma in At-Risk Children
Lapin, Brittany R., PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago, 2015, 113 pages
Publication #: 3729359
Maternal Depression: The Impact of Perceived Social Support and Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Provider 50 Services
Gregorowicz, Tammy Lynn, PhD
Walden University, 2015, 119 pages
Publication #: 3729502
The fertility experiences study: The complexities of infertility research, treatment approaches, and outcomes
Sanders, Jessica Nichols, PhD
University of Utah, 2015, 126 pages
Publication #: 3730076
The impact of relationship and intrapersonal factors on condom use among college students
Fehr, Sara K., PhD
University of Cincinnati, 2015, 63 pages
Publication #: 3730090
Measuring rape culture with college students and its role in bystander intervention
Johnson-Quay, Nicole L., PhD
University of Akron, 2015, 188 pages
Publication #: 3730321
Objectification theory and eating pathology in Latina college students: Testing a culture-specific model
Claudat, Kimberly Bryce, PhD
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2015, 113 pages
Publication #: 3730423
Marital disunion and fertility of Bolivian Aymara women in the process of cultural change
Franco-Suarez, Benjamin, PhD
Cornell University, 2015, 246 pages
Publication #: 3730452
Parental leave policies and their consequences for inequality
Patnaik, Ankita, PhD
Cornell University, 2015, 142 pages
Publication #: 3730513
The Great Migration and health of the left-behind elderly in rural China
Song, Qian Jasmine, PhD
State University of New York at Albany, 2015, 209 pages
Publication #: 3730679
A multi-method etiological assessment of alcohol-related sexual victimization and consequences in first-year college women
Scaglione, Nichole M., PhD
Pennsylvania State University, 2015, 160 pages
Publication #: 3730681
Relating iron status and aerobic fitness to cognitive performance in young adult females
Scott, Samuel P., PhD
Pennsylvania State University, 2015, 267 pages
Publication #: 3730812
The Impact of Sexual Violence on Intimate Relationship Dynamics: A Grounded Theory Study
Lozano, Nicole, PhD
University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 2016, 142 pages
Publication #: 3731003
Invisible minority: Experience of Middle Eastern American women in using health care services
Kalbasi, Shaida, PhD
Texas A & M University, 2015, 247 pages
Publication #: 3731042
Confronting the unknown: Tejanas in the transformation of Spanish and Mexican Texas, 1735-1836
Rincones, Cassandra, PhD
Texas A & M University, 2015, 208 pages
Publication #: 3731274
Building bridges: Church women united and social reform work across the mid-twentieth century
Johnson, Melinda Marie, PhD
University of Kentucky, 2015, 228 pages
Publication #: 3731442
Chinese Offenders in Rape: The Developmental Sexual-Aggressive Model
Lee, Kit Shan Yvonne, PhD
Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), 2015, 260 pages
Publication #: 3731457
Fashioning Mobility: Navigating Space in Victorian Fiction
Jones, Mary Clai, PhD
University of Kentucky, 2015, 176 pages
Publication #: 3731545
Beatrice the consummate Lady Wisdom
Kim, Jieon, PhD
University of Notre Dame, 2015, 354 pages
Publication #: 3731553
"Why have you been silent for so long?": Women and letter writing in the early middle ages, 700-900
LaVoy, Hailey J., PhD
University of Notre Dame, 2015, 337 pages
Publication #: 3731785
Choreographing Black Femininity: The Cultural Politics of Re-Staging Black Womanhood in America
Bristol, Carol Lyn, PhD
University of California, Riverside, 2015, 196 pages
Publication #: 3731875
Understanding the nature and impact of early pregnancy loss through women's stories
Hawkins, Jennifer Lynne Morey, PhD
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2015, 178 pages
Publication #: 3731881
The lived experience of battered women in transitional housing
Mountain, Andree M., PsyD
Capella University, 2015, 198 pages
Publication #: 3731891
Pregnant and parenting teens: Making a transition while pursuing academic goals
Thompson-Webb, Robin Shryl, Ed.D.
California State University, East Bay, 2015, 105 pages
Publication #: 3731978
HIV status disclosure among women living with HIV in Ghana: Experiences, influences, and consequences
Poku, Rebecca, Dr.P.H.
University of Texas School of Public Health, 2015, 135 pages
Publication #: 3732000
The Female Hand: The Making of Western Medicine for Women in China, 1880s1920s
Lin, Shing-ting, PhD
Columbia University, 2015, 230 pages
Publication #: 3732015
Effects of racial microaggressions on anxiety and depression in Black and African American women
Fay, Christina, PsyD
Spalding University, 2015, 118 pages
Publication #: 3732252
Reproductive Health and Behavior: The Role of Abuse and Couple Pregnancy Intent
Cha, Susan, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University, 2015, 94 pages
Publication #: 3732347
Vpliv vrednotnih orientacij na telesno samopodobo in lepotne telesne prakse mladih ensk v Sloveniji, na Hrvakem in v Srbiji
Cevnik, Lucija, PhD
Univerza v Mariboru (Slovenia), 2015, 175 pages
Publication #: 3732435
Predictors of Internalizing Symptoms among a Sample of Female Ex-inmates with History of Trauma and Substance Use
Tugnoli, Christiana, PsyD
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2016, 101 pages
Publication #: 3732561
The relationship of perceived susceptibility, medical mistrust, and perceived racism to HIV screening among adult Black women
Woolforde, Launette, Ed.D.
Teachers College, Columbia University, 2015, 300 pages
Publication #: 3732591
Not getting out while there is still time? Behavioral response to threat as a possible mechanism of sexual revictimization
Anderson, RaeAnn E., PhD
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2015, 75 pages
Publication #: 3732604
Welfare queens to childcare queens: The political economy of state subsidized childcare in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2009-2012)
Jones, Anika Yetunde, PhD
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2015, 213 pages
Publication #: 3732615
Hospital practices related to breastfeeding in Mississippi a socio-ecological approach
Alakaam, Amir A. Hadi , PhD
University of Southern Mississippi, 2015, 170 pages
Publication #: 3732665
The Role of UAE Health Professionals in Maternal and Child Health Policy
Moonesar, Immanuel Azaad, D.P.H.
Walden University, 2015, 313 pages
Publication #: 3732673
Using actigraphy and ecological momentary assessment to predict everyday functioning in older adulthood
Parsey, Carolyn Marie, PhD
Washington State University, 2015, 75 pages
Publication #: 3732701
Exploration of nurse-midwifery care for childbirth
Altman, Molly Rose, PhD
Washington State University, 2015, 113 pages
Publication #: 3732846
Mental health treatment seeking disparities among African American women
Raines, Christa Powell, PhD
Capella University, 2015, 174 pages
Publication #: 3732880
Building within our borders: Black women reformers in the south from 1890 to 1920
Blair, Tonya De Nee, PhD
University of Southern Mississippi, 2015, 254 pages
Publication #: 3732971
Implementing an Evidence-Based Educational Module on Nurses' Role on Management of Postpartum Hemorrhage
Motanya, Stella, D.N.P.
Walden University, 2015, 75 pages
Publication #: 3733129
Provider-Initiated Condom Education, HIV, and STDs among Older African American Women
Hall, Natasha N., D.P.H.
Walden University, 2015, 116 pages
Publication #: 3733139
A modernist among the Victorians: The case of Emily Bront
Manzoor, Sohana, PhD
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2015, 180 pages
Publication #: 3733240
Reluctant Adventurers: The Risky Business of Female Travel in Stories by Anglophone Women, 1767-1830
Antonucci, Melissa Leigh, PhD
University of Tulsa, 2015, 293 pages
Publication #: 3733324
The Perils of Home: Race, Gender, and Labor on the Pacific Frontier
Kim, Jason Ulim, PhD
University of California, Berkeley, 2015, 118 pages
Publication #: 3733380
Associations between Long- and Short-Term Exposure to Neighborhood Social Context and Pregnancy-Related Weight Gain
Headen, Irene Elizabeth, PhD
University of California, Berkeley, 2015, 126 pages
Publication #: 3733426
A Bridge Too Soon the Life and Works of 'Afīfa Karam: The First Arab American Woman Novelist
Saylor, Elizabeth Claire, PhD
University of California, Berkeley, 2015, 177 pages
Publication #: 3733450
Social Ecological Influences of WIC Programming Behavior Change of Former WIC Participants
Terrell, Joyce Lynn, D.P.H.
Walden University, 2015, 172 pages
Publication #: 3733544
Soviet state feminism in Muslim Central Asia: urban and rural women in Tajikistan, 1924-1982
Yusufjonova-Abman, Zamira, PhD
University of California, Santa Barbara, 2015, 245 pages
Publication #: 3733638
A qualitative inquiry on the experience of mothers of older children diagnosed with severe autism
Esler, Jeana D., PhD
Capella University, 2015, 129 pages
Publication #: 3733647
Preaching as a healing act: A model for priests, ministers, and chaplains at nursing homes and assisted-living facilities
Obidiegwu, Celestine Okey, D.Minn.
Aquinas Institute of Theology, 2015, 165 pages
Publication #: 3733815
Young widows' grief: A study of personal and contextual factors associated with conjugal loss
Dunn, C. Ryan, PhD
Utah State University, 2015, 229 pages
Publication #: 3733832
The transformation of Ashtanga yoga: The mythopoetic journey from body to psyche among female survivors of relational trauma
LaChiusa, Ida Chi, PhD
Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2015, 139 pages
Publication #: 3733861
Uterine Fibroid Symptom Severity and Impact on Health-Related Quality of Life among African American Women
Ford, Ilisher, PhD
Walden University, 2015, 221 pages
Publication #: 3734173
The experience of women of faith when considering whether to seek psychotherapy: A phenomenological study
Lee, Ruby F., PsyD
Capella University, 2015, 120 pages
Publication #: 3734406
Acculturation Stress and the Coping Strategies of Nigerian Immigrant Women in the United States
Adewunmi, Oluwatoyin, PhD
Walden University, 2015, 110 pages
Publication #: 3734462
Feminist Views of the Fallen Woman: From Hrotsvit of Gandersheim to Rebecca Prichard
McCue, Lauren Gray, PhD
University of California, Irvine, 2015, 217 pages
Publication #: 3734527
Psychosocial Factors that Impact Sexual Behaviors in Heterosexual African American Undergraduate College Women
Marks, Laura Michelle Reid, PhD
Purdue University, 2015, 169 pages
Publication #: 3734715
Phenylephrine versus ephedrine: Safest vasopressor for the neonate during cesarean section
Hale, James Stacey, Jr., D.N.P.
University of Southern Mississippi, 2015, 45 pages
Publication #: 3734763
Reel or Reality? The Portrayal of Prostitution in Major Motion Pictures
Blasdell, Raleigh, PhD
University of South Florida, 2015, 264 pages
Publication #: 3734850
The Lived Experience of Aging Black Women with Diabetes Nurse-Person Relationships
Brown, Deidra G., PhD
City University of New York, 2016, 152 pages
Publication #: 3735249
Osteoporosis and sarcopenia in older adults
Chalhoub, Didier, PhD
University of Pittsburgh, 2015, 102 pages
Publication #: 3739309
Racial/Ethnic Status and Perceived Stigma for Breastfeeding in Public
Medina-Shewey, Nicole I., PsyD
Antioch University, 2015, 81 pages
Publication #: 3739456
Understanding Faith Leaders' Perspectives on Breast Health Interventions in the Church
Marshall, Marsha LaDonna, PhD
Walden University, 2015, 117 pages
Publication #: 3739568
Women leaders in healthcare: Going beyond the glass ceiling
Baker, Cortney, Ed.D.
Pepperdine University, 2015, 139 pages
Publication #: 3739599

Pullen, Suzanne, PhD
Arizona State University, 2015, 313 pages
Publication #: 3739707
Gatecrashers: The First Generation of Outsider Artists in America
Jentleson, Katherine, PhD
Duke University, 2015, 336 pages
Publication #: 3739751
Breast Cancer Patients' Perspectives on the Helpfulness of Supportive Offerings
Jarvis, Renee Lauren, PhD
Loma Linda University, 2015, 167 pages
Publication #: 3739803
Resilience in Female Street Prostitutes
Love, Rene, PhD
University of Arizona, 2015, 109 pages
Publication #: 3739811
Healing Through Story: Development of a Children's Story and Workbook for Witnesses of Domestic Violence
Hurd, Madison, PsyD
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2015, 191 pages
Publication #: 3739898
Imperiled Bodies: Sentimentality and Illness in Nineteenth-Century American Women's Literature
Bailey, Jocelyn, PhD
University of Arkansas, 2015, 132 pages
Publication #: 3739933
Women on the Move: Traveling Nations and Discourses in 19th Century Latin American Female Travel Narratives
Becerra-Anderson, Brenda, PhD
University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2015, 172 pages
Publication #: 3739937
A case study examination of the inclusion experience for middle school girls with emotional-behavioral disabilities
Whitlow, Darcie, Ed.D.
Drake University, 2015, 208 pages
Publication #: 3740142
How social forces don a white coat: The social context of childbirth management in Metro Detroit
Boffi, Emilia, PhD
Michigan State University, 2015, 159 pages
Publication #: 3740146
Social Support as a Mediator between Attachment and Relapse in Women
Wong, Jamie L., PhD
Walden University, 2015, 125 pages
Publication #: 3740253
Three essays on fertility, labor market performance, and parental mental health
Wang, Hui, PhD
Michigan State University, 2016, 185 pages
Publication #: 3740278
Lyric subjectivity, ethics, contemporary poetics: Claudia Rankine, Fanny Howe, Elizabeth Robinson
Gallagher, Maureen, PhD
Duquesne University, 2015, 333 pages
Publication #: 3740285

Higa, Jade, PhD
Duquesne University, 2015, 234 pages
Publication #: 3740301
Depression and Crimes among Adult Females With a History of Incarceration
Kulyasova, Angelika, PsyD
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2015, 64 pages
Publication #: 3740304
Social Determinants of Health Inequality and Life Expectancy among Women of Edo State, Nigeria
Odekina, Daniel Aromeh, PhD
Walden University, 2015, 288 pages
Publication #: 3740305
A new ethical model for the analysis of care for refugee women who experience female genital cutting
Higginbothan, Sharon Rene, PhD
Duquesne University, 2015, 331 pages
Publication #: 3740355
Factors That Influence HIV Testing Among African American College Women
Sampson, Brandi J., PhD
Walden University, 2015, 99 pages
Publication #: 3740394
The feminine eros as the motive force of Russian history: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's intertextual dialogue with Marina Tsvetaeva
Arkatova, Anna Yevgenyevna, PhD
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2015, 208 pages
Publication #: 3740465
The history of African American women at the University of Illinois, 19011939
Hoff, Tamara Lynette, PhD
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2015, 210 pages
Publication #: 3740546
In transit: Travel and mobility in Latina art and literature
Ruiz, Ariana A., PhD
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2015, 165 pages
Publication #: 3740550
Traveling a hard road: Pathways to womanhood among generations of poor females of Haitian descent living in the Dominican Republic
Salusky, Ida, PhD
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2015, 158 pages
Publication #: 3740586
Embodied female voices: Sexuality and artistry in Woolf, Yeats, Joyce, and Beckett
Wood, Elaine S., PhD
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2015, 222 pages
Publication #: 3740797
Black honor, intellectual marronage, and the law in Venezuela, 1760-1809
Laurent-Perrault, Evelyne, PhD
New York University, 2015, 240 pages
Publication #: 3740871
Poetics of Liveliness: Natural Histories of Matter and Change in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Poetry
Smailbegovic, Ada, PhD
New York University, 2015, 296 pages
Publication #: 3740905
On the Serious Motherhood of Men: Dissonance in Music, Rhetoric, and Poetry
Reitman, Nimrod, PhD
New York University, 2015, 441 pages
Publication #: 3740905
On the Serious Motherhood of Men: Dissonance in Music, Rhetoric, and Poetry
Reitman, Nimrod, PhD
New York University, 2015, 441 pages
Publication #: 3740908
Saints as Sinners, Sinners as Saints: Mothers Selling Sex on the Streets of Quito, Ecuador
Wilking, Anna Value Ward, PhD
New York University, 2015, 290 pages
Publication #: 3741029
Attitudes and Beliefs of Nurse Practitioners to Augment Breast Cancer Screening with Ultrasonography
Smith, Hilary, D.N.P.
University of Arizona, 2015, 51 pages
Publication #: 3741100
Prostitution in Calcutta during the Twentieth Century A study in Gender Perspective
Chowdhury, Anindita Roy, PhD
Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda (India), 2008, 602 pages
Publication #: 3741315
The Past Like Never Before: Classical Women in Revisionary Poetry from Euripides and Ovid to H.D., Rita Dove, and Carol Ann Duffy
Hartsock, Katie Elizabeth, PhD
Northwestern University, 2015, 230 pages
Publication #: 3741360
Ask the Experts: An Autobiographical Multiple Case Study of Christian Marriage and Family Therapists and Their Experience as Stay-At-Home Mothers
Ramsey, Valerie Antone', PhD
University of Louisiana at Monroe, 2015, 317 pages
Publication #: 3741555
The Case of China's Email-Order Brides
Liu, Haiyi, PhD
University of California, San Diego, 2015, 160 pages
Publication #: 3741663
Physicians of Conscience: A Narrative Inquiry with Canadian Abortion Providers
Shaw, Jessica, PhD
University of Calgary , 2015, 322 pages
Publication #: 3741911
Manifestations of the Maimed: The Perception of Wounded Soldiers in the Civil War North
Feeney, William R., PhD
West Virginia University, 2015, 213 pages
Publication #: 3742203
Forceps and candles: Cultural myths in American childbirth
Bushnell, Britta Jane, PhD
Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2015, 324 pages
Publication #: 3742211
"White Chicks with a Gangsta' Pitch:" Gendered Whiteness in United States Rap Culture (1990-2014)
Williams, Melvin L., PhD
Howard University, 2015, 178 pages
Publication #: 3742842
Promoting Shared Decision Making Through Patient Education of Labor Inductions
Low, Lenora, D.N.P.
Walden University, 2016, 123 pages
Publication #: 3742851
Crowning: Maternity as agency, language, and legitimacy in Shakespeare's English history plays
Keeth, Sara Louise, PhD
University of Texas at Dallas, 2015, 242 pages
Publication #: 3743618
The role of perceiver gender ideology and target femininity in implicit and explicit gender-science stereotypes
Banchefsky, Sarah Mary, PhD
University of Colorado at Boulder, 2015, 161 pages
Publication #: 3745526
Women and pre-hospital delays associated with myocardial infarction
Walters, Gloria A., PhD
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2015, 238 pages
Publication #: 3745558
Bound by paper: Nineteenth-century southern editors and their northern connections
Sparks, Summar C., PhD
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2015, 188 pages
Publication #: 3745664
Cartographies of Estrangement: Transnational Female Identity and Literary Narratives between Italy and Eastern Europe
Redford, Renata, PhD
University of California, Los Angeles, 2016, 229 pages
Publication #: 3745681
HIV Knowledge, Intoxication, Risky Behaviors, and Sexual Communication among Nigeria University Students
Ezeonyido, JohnPaul Chukwuemeka, PhD
Walden University, 2016, 197 pages
Publication #: 3745837
Growing cold: Postwar women writers and the novel of development, 1945-1960
Allison, Leslie, PhD
Temple University, 2015, 159 pages
Publication #: 3745904
Gendered morality: Masculinity, marriage, and social relations in premodern Islamic ethics
Ayubi, Zahra M. Shoaib, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2015, 334 pages
Publication #: 3745930
Point-of-Care HIV Testing for Early Infant Diagnosis during the Postpartum Period: Timing and Type of Test Matters
Smith, Emily Rose, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2015, 126 pages
Publication #: 3745970
Modeling Professional Femininity through U.S. Media Culture, 1963-2015
Arizzi, Erin Marie, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2015, 258 pages
Publication #: 3745995
Factors associated with high risk infant follow-up attendance
Fuller, Martha Grant, PhD
University of San Diego, 2015, 138 pages
Publication #: 3745995
Factors associated with high risk infant follow-up attendance
Fuller, Martha Grant, PhD
University of San Diego, 2015, 138 pages
Publication #: 3746108
Family Matters: Citizenship and Marriage in India, 1939-72
Grapevine, Rebecca R., PhD
University of Michigan, 2015, 391 pages
Publication #: 3746353
Latina immigrants, HIV, and their experiences with healthcare providers in the U.S. and their home country
Bellamy, Roberta Woodlief, PhD
East Carolina University, 2015, 253 pages