History of Science and Technology

August 2017 - September 2017

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Lessons from the lupanar: Functional design and economic operation of the Pompeian purpose-built brothel
Zajac, Michel Josef, M.A.
Arizona State University, 2008, 110 pages
Publication #: 10006895
Social houses at Carson Mounds, 22-Co-518, as evidenced by dental morphological analysis
James, Jenna, PhD
University of Alabama, 2016, 136 pages
Publication #: 10105439
Sociodemographic and geospatial correlates of stillbirths and neonatal mortality in Indonesia (19932007)
Dev, Alka, D.P.H.
City University of New York, 2016, 256 pages
Publication #: 10112579
Leibniz's More Fundamental Ontology: from Overshadowed Individuals to Metaphysical Atoms
Mare, Lucio, PhD
University of South Florida, 2016, 172 pages
Publication #: 10113247
Environmental ethics and the electric power grid: A case for technological momentum
Povlock, Paul A., PhD
Salve Regina University, 2016, 573 pages
Publication #: 10117104
Taking Root: Animal Advocacy and the Regulation of Science
Evans, Erin M., PhD
University of California, Irvine, 2016, 187 pages
Publication #: 10117511
Between Arabic, Hebrew and Latin: Jewish Translators of Islamic Sciences in the Medieval Kingdom of Sicily
Finotto, Lucia, PhD
Brandeis University, 2016, 246 pages
Publication #: 10117892
The Pribram-Bohm holoflux theory of consciousness: An integral interpretation of the theories of Karl Pribram, David Bohm, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Joye, Shelli Renee, PhD
California Institute of Integral Studies, 2016, 414 pages
Publication #: 10117903
Of flesh and flourishing: Toward an expressive ontology of the body
Eli, Renee, PhD
California Institute of Integral Studies, 2016, 264 pages
Publication #: 10118152
An examination of the situational effects of types of prisons on in-prison death 2000-2012
Shoyode, Adesina, PhD
Capella University, 2016, 104 pages
Publication #: 10119803
Anticontagionism and social reform in nineteenth-century transatlantic literature
Blair, Meagan L., PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016, 177 pages
Publication #: 10119871
The anatomy of conscience: Science, ethics, and religion in nineteenth-century American literature
Doty, B. Josh, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016, 210 pages
Publication #: 10120022
Living together: Representations of Animals and the Performance of Elite Identities in French Spaces of Sociability, 1700-1789
Gohmann, Joanna M., PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016, 391 pages
Publication #: 10120275
Ovid's Metamorphoses and the Scientific Revolution
Galson, Samuel J., PhD
Princeton University, 2016, 387 pages
Publication #: 10120364
Life and limb: Technology, surgery, and bodily loss in early modern Germany, 1500-1700
Hausse, Heidi, PhD
Princeton University, 2016, 383 pages
Publication #: 10120608
Statistical methods for big data and their applications in biomedical research
Yu, Kaixian, PhD
Florida State University, 2016, 90 pages
Publication #: 10120658
"Careful and complete observation of the patient": Nurses and the Sociotechnical System of Medical Research, 1930-1962
Mahony, Amanda L., PhD
University of Pennsylvania, 2016, 181 pages
Publication #: 10123789
Cancer Research in Situ: Organizational Cultures of Vaccine Innovation in the National Cancer Institute's Directed Virus-Cancer Programs, 1961-2008
Aviles, Natalie Brooke, PhD
University of California, San Diego, 2016, 264 pages
Publication #: 10124535
Evidence and formal models in the linguistic sciences
Santana, Carlos Gray, PhD
University of Pennsylvania, 2016, 174 pages
Publication #: 10124620
Test cases: Reconfiguring American law, technoscience, and democracy in the nuclear Pacific
Mitchell, Mary, PhD
University of Pennsylvania, 2016, 287 pages
Publication #: 10124738
Whose gender? Whose identity? Trans medicine, psychiatry, and the symbolic order
Pfeiffer, Michael, PhD
Bryn Mawr College, Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, 2016, 266 pages
Publication #: 10125221
Expert Knowing: A Propositional Account of (Scientific) Understanding
Mumm, Emily, PhD
Fordham University, 2016, 174 pages
Publication #: 10130813
Institutionalizing the Information Revolution: Debates over knowledge institutions in the Early American Republic
Oberle, George D., III, PhD
George Mason University, 2016, 309 pages
Publication #: 10131688
Astrology in Augustan Rome: A cultural history
Grothoff, Kyle, PhD
Indiana University, 2016, 573 pages
Publication #: 10132199
La odontologa espaola del siglo XIX: influencia de Florestn Aguilar en el desarrollo de la misma
Gallastegui Iturbe, Ignacio, PhD
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), 1981, 597 pages
Publication #: 10132326
Ciencias mdicas a travs de las novelas de D. Benito Perez Galdos
Vozmediano Hidalgo, Maria Luisa, PhD
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), 1980, 698 pages
Publication #: 10132341
La pediatria espanola a traves de la revista "La Medicina de los Ninos", 1900-1936
Reche Andres, Jose, PhD
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), 1981, 344 pages
Publication #: 10132400
Materiales implantables en la historia de la ciruga
Vega del Barrio, Jose Maria, PhD
Facultad de Medicina. Departamento de Historia de la Medicina, 1981, 398 pages
Publication #: 10132428
Cdices 98-10 y 98-11 de la Biblioteca del Cabildo de Toledo: contribucin a la historia de la ciencia
Robles Gomez, Jose Maria, PhD
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), 1982, 583 pages
Publication #: 10132511
Medio siglo de ciencia espaola: La Sociedad Espaola de Historia Natural
Martinez Sanz, Jose Luis, PhD
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), 1982, 549 pages
Publication #: 10132572
Contribucin al estudio del significado de los terminos de las teorias cientficas
Diez Garcia, Diego, PhD
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), 1983, 519 pages
Publication #: 10132576
Medio siglo de cirugia espanola a traves de la Real Academia Nacional de Medicina (1862-1912)
Perez Gallardo, Miguel, PhD
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), 1983, 401 pages
Publication #: 10133258
Tres pocas en la obra de moles: Anlisis crtico de su produccin cientfica en el marco del Instituto de Psicologa Social de la Universidad de Sstrasburgo
del Rey Morato, Francisco Javier, PhD
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), 1981, 338 pages
Publication #: 10133425
Engineering scientifically useful virtual biomedical experiments
Petersen, Brenden Kyle, PhD
University of California, San Francisco, 2016, 238 pages
Publication #: 10133611
It's a Whole New Ball Game: The Mitchell Report, Performance Enhancing Drugs, and Professional Sports
Schrader, Brian J., PhD
University of Denver, 2016, 131 pages
Publication #: 10138355
"Women that meddle in physick and surgery:" Female medical practitioners in early modern Scotland, 1560-1700
Ashley, Ninette, PhD
Oklahoma State University, 2015, 284 pages
Publication #: 10138400
Evaluating Neural Futures: Good Technoscience and the Challenge of Co-Production
Sample, Matthew, PhD
University of Washington, 2016, 111 pages
Publication #: 10138546
Tracing Hybrid Collectives of Illness, War, and Medicine in Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century Narratives of Illness
Simons, Barbara J., PhD
University of Washington, 2016, 278 pages
Publication #: 10138824
The Role of Geometry in Wordsworth's "Science of Feelings"
Ottinger, Aaron J., PhD
University of Washington, 2016, 185 pages
Publication #: 10140661
The absent agronomist and the lord of poison: Cultivating modernity in transatlantic literature, 1758-1854
Simpkins, Patricia Catherine Kate, PhD
Northeastern University, 2016, 261 pages
Publication #: 10140869
An analysis of mass murder in the United States: 1990 - 2014
Silver, James M., PhD
University of Massachusetts Lowell, 2016, 152 pages
Publication #: 10141901
The Path to Wholeness: The Therapeutic Potential of Bodily Writing in Late Medieval Dream Visions
Robison, Katherine Ann, PhD
University of Minnesota, 2016, 324 pages
Publication #: 10149696
Reforming Categories of Science and Religion in the Late Ottoman Empire
Tekin, Kenan, PhD
Columbia University, 2016, 277 pages
Publication #: 10151751
I feel pretty: Phenomenology, embodiment, and beauty practices 1945-1985
Vandenberg, Allison, PhD
Indiana University, 2016, 270 pages
Publication #: 10171743
La teledocumentacin y sus repercusiones en el desarrollo de la investigacin cientfica.
Caridad Sebastian, Mercedes, PhD
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), 1984, 817 pages
Publication #: 10250127
Trends in mortality in patients hospitalized with cirrhosis from 2004-2013
Tansel, Aylin, M.P.H.
University of Texas School of Public Health, 2016, 53 pages
Publication #: 10257236
Pragmatic positivism: Werner Heisenberg's philosophy of quantum mechanics
Hutson, James A., M.A.
San Diego State University, 2016, 149 pages
Publication #: 10273078
Malaria and Global Networks of Tropical Medicine in Modern China, 1919-1950
Shen, Yubin, PhD
Georgetown University, 2017, 276 pages
Publication #: 10274352
The Population History of the Caribbean: Perspectives from Ancient and Modern DNA Analysis
Colon, Maria Nieves, PhD
Arizona State University, 2017, 256 pages
Publication #: 10298822
Steering the seas of reform: Education, empirical science, and Royal Naval medicine, 1815-1860
Myers, Christopher Hamilton, PhD
University of Pittsburgh, 2016, 420 pages
Publication #: 1505401
Reflections on electricity, modernization, & identity in the New South
Henderson, Matthew W., M.A.
Clemson University, 2011, 104 pages
Publication #: 1601840
Impact of historical science short stories on students' attitudes and NOS understanding
Hall, Garrett, M.S.
Iowa State University, 2015, 171 pages
Publication #: 3001453
Hidden in plain sight: CORONA and the clandestine geography of the Cold War
Cloud, Johh Greenwood, PhD
University of California, Santa Barbara, 2000, 371 pages
Publication #: 3005033
The politics of disease and war: Infectious disease in the United States Army during World War I
Byerle, Carol R., PhD
University of Colorado at Boulder, 2001, 473 pages
Publication #: 3024177
Herman Boerhaave and the pedagogical reform of eighteenth -century chemistry
Powers, John C., PhD
Indiana University, 2001, 329 pages
Publication #: 3066972
Parmenidean irony
Newell, John F., PhD
University of Pittsburgh, 2002, 743 pages
Publication #: 3067962
Breeding true: Information processing and the growth of genetic reasoning in America, 18801910
Thurtle, Phillip Stevens, PhD
Stanford University, 2002, 302 pages
Publication #: 3121642
The health of southern blacks, 18901930s
Patterson, Andrea, PhD
University of California, Berkeley, 2003, 301 pages
Publication #: 3131782
Infectious disease policy in the era of antibiotic drug resistance: Decision analytic and historical perspectives
Aledort, Julia Elizabeth, PhD
Harvard University, 204, 136 pages
Publication #: 3191727
A hermeneutic historical study of Kazimierz Dabrowski and his theory of positive disintegration
Kaminski Battaglia, Marjorie M., PhD
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2002, 237 pages
Publication #: 3217931
The generative paradigm in Old Babylonian divination
Winitzer, Abraham, PhD
Harvard University, 2006, 689 pages
Publication #: 3228344
The science of mind: Exploring the influence of the academic environment on the development of research psychology in America, 18801910
Groppi, Susan Marie, PhD
University of California, Berkeley, 2006, 290 pages
Publication #: 3269851
Neurotic nationalism: The American disease in American modernist literature
Campbell, Brad, PhD
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2007, 224 pages
Publication #: 3283059
Unmade in America: The cultural construction of the alcohol abuser in the industrializing United States
Yates, Timothy Archibald, PhD
University of California, Davis, 207, 506 pages
Publication #: 3343674
The paleodemography of the Black Death 13471351
DeWitte, Sharon N., PhD
Pennsylvania State University, 2006, 267 pages
Publication #: 3385337
The history of the formation of Deaf Children's Theatre in the United States
Kilpatrick, Brian R., Ed.D.
Lamar University - Beaumont, 2007, 315 pages
Publication #: 3441866
The cyborg Christ: Theological anthropology, Christology, and the posthuman
Thweatt-Bates, Jennifer Jeanine, PhD
Princeton Theological Seminary, 2010, 378 pages
Publication #: 3456565
Health and the Politics of Improvement in British Colonial Jamaica, 19141945
Heuring, Darcy Hughes, PhD
Northwestern University, 2011, 403 pages
Publication #: 3562592
World image after world empire: the Ptolemaic cosmos in the early Middle Ages, ca. 700-900
Anderson, Benjamin W., PhD
Bryn Mawr College, 2012, 726 pages
Publication #: 3585050
The mightiest influence on Earth: Americans' emerging conception of parenthood, 1820-1880
Casey, Emily Munce, PhD
University of Florida, 2011, 246 pages
Publication #: 3605732
"Robbed of their Minds": Madness, Medicine and Society in Southeastern Germany from 1350 to 1500
Koenig, Anne Morgan, PhD
Northwestern University, 2013, 571 pages
Publication #: 3627571
The principal uncertainty: U.S. atomic intelligence, 1942-1949
Houghton, Vincent Jonathan, PhD
University of Maryland, College Park, 2014, 310 pages
Publication #: 3635160
Raising the alarm: The cultural origins of climate 'denialism' in America, 1970-1988
Henderson, Gabriel, PhD
Michigan State University, 2014, 330 pages
Publication #: 3637397
The Global Environmental Moment: Sovereignty and American Science on Spaceship Earth, 1945-1974
Eardley-Pryor, Roger, PhD
University of California, Santa Barbara, 2014, 515 pages
Publication #: 3645963
The politics of the table: Nutrition and the telescopic body in Saxon Germany, 1890-1935
Ehrenberger, Kristen Ann, PhD
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2014, 375 pages
Publication #: 3720435
The Ara Pacis Augustae and the Ancient Understanding of Grafting
Cofer, Clay M., PhD
Bryn Mawr College, 2015, 983 pages
Publication #: 3722140
The relationship between cars, roads and mortality rates in the United States in the early 20th century
Nguyen, Hublication , PhD
University of Arizona, 2015, 116 pages
Publication #: 7704527
University of California, Berkeley, 1946, 476 pages
Publication #: 8106057
Iowa State University, 1980, 365 pages
Publication #: 8227267
EDGETTE, J. Joseph, PhD
University of Pennsylvania, 1982, 656 pages
Publication #: 8805603
Gregory Bateson Archive: A guide/catalog. (Volumes I-IV)
Donaldson, Rodney Earl, PhD
Union for Experimenting Colleges and Universities, 1987, 2523 pages
Publication #: 9004464
Roses bloomed in winter: Women medical graduates of Western Reserve College, 1852-1856
Goldstein, Linda Lehmann, PhD
Case Western Reserve University, 1989, 488 pages
Publication #: 9111300
Practice and representation: Investigative programs of chemical affinity in the nineteenth century
Kim, Mi Gyung, PhD
University of California, Los Angeles, 1990, 423 pages
Publication #: 9136405
The education of Anna Coles and her influence on the education of black nurses, 1968-1986
Lacey, Bernardine Mays, Ed.D.
Teachers College, Columbia University, 1991, 91 pages
Publication #: 9425585
The recombinant DNA case: Balancing scientific and political decision-making
Oei, Hong Lim, PhD
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1994, 229 pages
Publication #: 9527108
Mastering nature's harmony: Stephen Forbes and the roots of American ecology
Lovely, Robert Allyn, PhD
University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1995, 457 pages
Publication #: 9619950
Fred Francis: A comparative study of his architecture and oratory
Litchfield, Stephen William, PhD
Ohio University, 1996, 290 pages
Publication #: 9628000
Blood will tell: The role of science and culture in twentieth century paternity disputes
Rudavsky, Shari, PhD
University of Pennsylvania, 1996, 445 pages
Publication #: 9728163
Chinese scientific elite: A test of the universalism of scientific elite formation
Cao, Cong, PhD
Columbia University, 1997, 389 pages
Publication #: 9728293
The cultural politics of anatomy in 19th-century America: Death, dissection, and embodied social identity
Sappol, Michael, PhD
Columbia University, 1997, 577 pages
Publication #: 9829432
The legitimation of science in the early German Enlightenment Leipzig, ca. 1687-1750
Rogers, Moira R., PhD
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1997, 294 pages
Publication #: 9840228
Smoke and tailings: An environmental history of copper smelting technologies in Montana, 1880-1930
Quivik, Fredric Lincoln, PhD
University of Pennsylvania, 1998, 544 pages
Publication #: 9912046
Ghost in the machine: Sound and technology in twentieth century literature
Heumann, Michael Douglas, PhD
University of California, Riverside, 1998, 226 pages
Publication #: 9919249
Henri Francois Pittier: Geographer, natural scientist and the development of geography in Costa Rica
Yacher, Leon I., PhD
Syracuse University, 1998, 549 pages
Publication #: 9956356
Human soul of an engineer: Andrei Platonov's struggle with science and technology
Harwood, Christopher Wallace, PhD
Columbia University, 2000, 306 pages
Publication #: 9974402
The divided psychology of John Dewey
Backe, Andrew Steven, PhD
University of Pittsburgh, 2000, 170 pages
Publication #: EP15258
The concept of the sun, 19001910
Ratowt, Sylwester, M.A.
University of Oklahoma, 2004, 82 pages
Publication #: EP73400
Nebraska and rural electrification through 1940
Barndt, Roberta K., M.A.
University of Nebraska at Omaha, 1976, 188 pages
Publication #: MR44854
Prescriptions for modern womanhood: Advertising Lysol in interwar North America
Hall, Kristin, M.A.
Laurentian University , 2008, 178 pages
Publication #: NN82928
Science, technology and colonial power in India: A study in the historical sociology of science
Baber, Zaheer, PhD
University of Toronto , 1993, 475 pages