History of Science and Technology

October 2017 - November 2017

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Publication #: 10129495
Persistent providence: Healing the body and soul in early America
Koch, Philippa Rose , PhD
University of Chicago, 2016, 275 pages
Publication #: 10132054
Flu News You Can Use? An Analysis of Flu News Quality 2008-2010
Kehn, Patricia, PhD
George Mason University, 2016, 240 pages
Publication #: 10145941
Propagating the divine: Protestant modernism and the rise of Anglo-American eugenics
Tornquist, Leif Christian, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016, 309 pages
Publication #: 10146866
Isolation and identification of bioactive compounds from plant based traditional Chinese medicine
Wright, Matthew E., PhD
Middle Tennessee State University, 2016, 97 pages
Publication #: 10150380
Doctor's Orders: Medicine, Social Science and the Study of Patient Compliance, 1950-1990
Abedin, Sakena, PhD
Yale University, 2016, 241 pages
Publication #: 10153068
The Health Consequences of Negative Wealth Shock During Late Middle Age
Pool, Lindsay, PhD
University of Michigan, 2016, 143 pages
Publication #: 10167499
Brain and soul in late antiquity
Wright, Jessica Louise, PhD
Princeton University, 2016, 282 pages
Publication #: 10182082
Phytochemical and Biological Investigations on Medicinal Plants from Pakistan
Amin, Adnan, PhD
Universiteit Antwerpen (Belgium), 2016, 337 pages