Substance Abuse

May 2017 - June 2017

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Publication #: 10032251
Effect of acute alcohol ingestion on resistance exercise induced mTORC1 signaling in human muscle
Duplanty, Anthony A., PhD
University of North Texas, 2015, 98 pages
Publication #: 10034358
Peer networks and health risk behaviors among adolescents
Nino, Michael David, PhD
University of North Texas, 2015, 121 pages
Publication #: 10036247
The effects of parental, community, peer risk and protective factors on Hispanic adolescent drug use across adolescence
Nackos, Marinos Isidore, PhD
University of Utah, 2015, 143 pages
Publication #: 10036296
Predictors of Excessive Alcohol Consumption among U.S. Business Travelers
Barrickman, Jennifer Clore, PhD
Walden University, 2016, 167 pages
Publication #: 10036357
Sentencing in South Carolina: A comparison of race, gender and age on the sentencing outcomes of drug offenders
Shumpert, James, PhD
Capella University, 2016, 139 pages
Publication #: 10043118
Gender roles and drinking motives: The impact on college students' ability to recognize sexual victimization
Walter, Jon Douglas, PhD
Washington State University, 2015, 118 pages
Publication #: 10052856
Optimizing a human model of the amphetamine conditioned place preference paradigm
Marcus, Benjamin Alec, PhD
University of Chicago, 2016, 133 pages
Publication #: 10052884
Neural substrates of the aversive effects of nicotine
Wolfman, Shannon Lee, PhD
University of Chicago, 2016, 191 pages
Publication #: 10055819
Couples Therapy in Methadone Maintenance Treatment: A 3 Phase Program
Rogers, Lisa, PsyD
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2015, 170 pages
Publication #: 10056022
The Timing of Modifiable Environmental Exposures during Childhood Affects the Age of Asthma Development
Simons, Frances Elinor, PhD
University of Toronto , 2015, 131 pages
Publication #: 10056027
Discovering Happiness: A New Approach to Understanding Adult Children of Alcoholics
Miller, Jane B., PsyD
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2016, 66 pages
Publication #: 10056036
Refining Associations between Targeted Genes and the Development of Substance Use Disorders
Olfson, Emily, PhD
Washington University in St. Louis, 2016, 201 pages
Publication #: 10076077
Fathers' Illicit Drug Use and Children's Attachment: Does Paternal Engagement Bolster Mother-Child Attachment Relationships?
Foster, Emily Reisch, PhD
George Washington University, 2016, 188 pages
Publication #: 10076315
Does substance abuse treatment change incidents of intimate partner violence?
Martin, Vonceil M., PhD
Capella University, 2015, 77 pages
Publication #: 10085457
The effect of closure on the relationship between ADHD symptoms and smoking initiation: A moderation model using Add Health data
Wise, Barbara Louise, PhD
Ohio State University, 2015, 158 pages
Publication #: 10089391
Education, Information Processing, and Impulse Control: Theory and Evidence from Cigarette Consumption
LaPlante, Tyler, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago, 2015, 407 pages
Publication #: 10095933
Aggressive behavior and alcohol use: Classification of college athletes
Conway, Fiona, PhD
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick, 2016, 72 pages
Publication #: 10096858
The sober artist and the creative process
Daniels, Holly, PhD
Sofia University, 2016, 141 pages
Publication #: 10100512
Developing a faith-based early intervention program for adults with alcohol and drug issues
Hoffman, Kevin R., D.Minn.
Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, 2016, 349 pages
Publication #: 10100987
Retrospective cohort study of tobacco dependence treatment patterns in a us commercially insured population
MacLean, Elizabeth Anne, PhD
University of Rhode Island, 2016, 111 pages
Publication #: 10102217
E-cigarette adoption and use intention among college students: Determinants and warning label effects
Lee, Hsiao-Yun, PhD
Indiana University, 2016, 178 pages
Publication #: 10103023
Substance use among immigrant youth in Chicago
Shekarkhar, Zahra, PhD
University of Florida, 2015, N/A pages
Publication #: 10103102
Predictors of Treatment Outcome of Elderly Substance Abusers in Treatment Facilities
Bosek, Renata Raye, PhD
Walden Uni, 2016, 66 pages
Publication #: 10103198
Tobacco cessation and the household budget: A longitudinal analysis of consumption and heterogeneity in the United States
Rogers, Erin S., D.P.H.
City University of New York, 2016, 152 pages
Publication #: 10103965
Explore the relationship among lung cancer stigma, social support, and psychosocial distress
Maggio, Lisa, PhD
University of Kentucky, 2015, 110 pages
Publication #: 10104459
Associations of Dispositional Characteristics and Alcohol Use among Chinese Adolescents
Sabado, Melanie Dee, PhD
Claremont Graduate University, 2016, 175 pages
Publication #: 10105001
An analysis of virtual place learning/navigation in children and young adults prenatally exposed to alcohol
Dodge, Neil C., PhD
Wayne State University, 2016, 121 pages
Publication #: 10105299
Facilitator perceptions of mobile ACHESS for social support in addiction relapse prevention
Savage, Eveangel H., PhD
Capella University, 2016, 124 pages
Publication #: 10105501
Mentoring Men in Addiction Recovery: The Abyssinian Baptist Church (ABC) Countering Substance Abuse in North Philadelphia
Pointer, George R., PhD
Eastern University, 2015, 145 pages
Publication #: 10105971
Prescription stimulant misuse: The relationship between executive functioning and academic outcomes
Munro, Bailey, PhD
University of Rhode Island, 2016, 93 pages
Publication #: 10106075
Family-based interventions for treatment of adolescent substance use
Karapetian, Rochelle Brooke, PsyD
Alliant International University, 2016, 149 pages
Publication #: 10107114
Emotional Intelligence and Substance Abuse in College Students
Eikenberry, Rachel, Ed.D.
University of Arkansas, 2016, 88 pages
Publication #: 10107161
Shame and self-compassion in members of Alcoholics Anonymous
Newcombe, Scott Ryan, PsyD
Wright Institute, 2015, 144 pages
Publication #: 10107443
Substance Use, Stress, and Spirituality in College Students
Ord, Anna Shirokova, PsyD
Regent University, 2016, 94 pages
Publication #: 10107449
Stages of Change in Drug-using Trauma Patients
Maynard, David C., PhD
Regent University, 2016, 140 pages
Publication #: 10107479
Parental Substance Abuse and Family Functioning for Families Whose Children Are in Foster Care: A Panel Study
Yan, Yueqi, PhD
University of Kansas, 2016, 144 pages
Publication #: 10108346
The Female Patient: American Women Writers Narrating Medicine and Psychology, 1890-1930
Slatus, Kerri, PhD
Arizona State University, 2016, 265 pages
Publication #: 10108451
Predictors of prescription opioid misuse among Hispanic female college students
Borsuk, Courtney, PhD
University of Texas at San Antonio, 2016, 109 pages
Publication #: 10133572
A Mindfulness-Based Intervention to Improve Family Functioning among Child Welfare-Involved Families with Substance Use
Brown, Samantha M., PhD
University of Denver, 2016, 131 pages
Publication #: 10196162
A research synthesis and meta-analysis of gender differences in HIV risk factors among people who inject drugs
Pennington, Laurie E., PhD
New York University, 2017, 296 pages
Publication #: 10250258
Resource utilization and costs associated with off-label use of atypical antipsychotics in an adult population
Varghese, Della, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University, 2016, 153 pages
Publication #: 3701702
Familismo and Adolescent Health: The Role of Key Cultural and Familial Processes on Latino Youth Substance Use
Martinez, Marcos Jerome, PhD
Arizona State University, 2015, 183 pages