Substance Abuse

April 2017 - May 2017

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Publication #: 10013903
Consumer Perception of Pharmaceutical Direct to Consumer Advertising
Wyant, Tanya M., PhD
Grand Canyon University, 2016, 215 pages
Publication #: 10016864
The role of spiritual wellness as a predictor of employment satisfaction in addiction treatment professionals
Leventhal, Belinda, PhD
Capella University, 2016, 141 pages
Publication #: 10017520
The interaction of alcohol placebo, attention, and social anxiety
Lechner, William V., PhD
Oklahoma State University, 2015, 42 pages
Publication #: 10017836
The role of the dopamine D1-D2 receptor heteromer in brain reward function: Relevance to drug addiction and depression
Shen, Maurice Yen Fu, PhD
University of Toronto , 2015, 238 pages
Publication #: 10019702
Polydrug use and risk of HIV and overdose among people who inject drugs in San Diego, California, and Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Meacham, Meredith C., PhD
San Diego State University, 2015, 116 pages
Publication #: 10032251
Effect of acute alcohol ingestion on resistance exercise induced mTORC1 signaling in human muscle
Duplanty, Anthony A., PhD
University of North Texas, 2015, 98 pages
Publication #: 10034358
Peer networks and health risk behaviors among adolescents
Nino, Michael David, PhD
University of North Texas, 2015, 121 pages
Publication #: 10036247
The effects of parental, community, peer risk and protective factors on Hispanic adolescent drug use across adolescence
Nackos, Marinos Isidore, PhD
University of Utah, 2015, 143 pages
Publication #: 10036296
Predictors of Excessive Alcohol Consumption among U.S. Business Travelers
Barrickman, Jennifer Clore, PhD
Walden University, 2016, 167 pages
Publication #: 10036357
Sentencing in South Carolina: A comparison of race, gender and age on the sentencing outcomes of drug offenders
Shumpert, James, PhD
Capella University, 2016, 139 pages
Publication #: 10043118
Gender roles and drinking motives: The impact on college students' ability to recognize sexual victimization
Walter, Jon Douglas, PhD
Washington State University, 2015, 118 pages
Publication #: 10052856
Optimizing a human model of the amphetamine conditioned place preference paradigm
Marcus, Benjamin Alec, PhD
University of Chicago, 2016, 133 pages
Publication #: 10052884
Neural substrates of the aversive effects of nicotine
Wolfman, Shannon Lee, PhD
University of Chicago, 2016, 191 pages
Publication #: 10055819
Couples Therapy in Methadone Maintenance Treatment: A 3 Phase Program
Rogers, Lisa, PsyD
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2015, 170 pages
Publication #: 10056022
The Timing of Modifiable Environmental Exposures during Childhood Affects the Age of Asthma Development
Simons, Frances Elinor, PhD
University of Toronto , 2015, 131 pages
Publication #: 10056027
Discovering Happiness: A New Approach to Understanding Adult Children of Alcoholics
Miller, Jane B., PsyD
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2016, 66 pages
Publication #: 10056036
Refining Associations between Targeted Genes and the Development of Substance Use Disorders
Olfson, Emily, PhD
Washington University in St. Louis, 2016, 201 pages
Publication #: 10076077
Fathers' Illicit Drug Use and Children's Attachment: Does Paternal Engagement Bolster Mother-Child Attachment Relationships?
Foster, Emily Reisch, PhD
George Washington University, 2016, 188 pages
Publication #: 10076315
Does substance abuse treatment change incidents of intimate partner violence?
Martin, Vonceil M., PhD
Capella University, 2015, 77 pages
Publication #: 10085457
The effect of closure on the relationship between ADHD symptoms and smoking initiation: A moderation model using Add Health data
Wise, Barbara Louise, PhD
Ohio State University, 2015, 158 pages
Publication #: 10089391
Education, Information Processing, and Impulse Control: Theory and Evidence from Cigarette Consumption
LaPlante, Tyler, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago, 2015, 407 pages
Publication #: 10095933
Aggressive behavior and alcohol use: Classification of college athletes
Conway, Fiona, PhD
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick, 2016, 72 pages
Publication #: 10096858
The sober artist and the creative process
Daniels, Holly, PhD
Sofia University, 2016, 141 pages
Publication #: 10143366
Socioeconomic status and smoking: Measures of income, educational attainment, and the pathways to smoking
Martinez, Sydney Ann, PhD
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, 2016, 297 pages
Publication #: 10196162
A research synthesis and meta-analysis of gender differences in HIV risk factors among people who inject drugs
Pennington, Laurie E., PhD
New York University, 2017, 296 pages
Publication #: 3701702
Familismo and Adolescent Health: The Role of Key Cultural and Familial Processes on Latino Youth Substance Use
Martinez, Marcos Jerome, PhD
Arizona State University, 2015, 183 pages
Publication #: 3732317
Social and behavioral factors associated with adolescent steroid use
Elkins, Rebecca L., PhD
University of Cincinnati, 2015, 78 pages
Publication #: 3732813
Regulatory focus theory, anxiety, and smoking: The regulatory focus orientation of the anxious smoker
Frank, Jamie, PsyD
Fielding Graduate University, 2015, 60 pages
Publication #: 3733935
Junkies and Jim Crow: Drugs, race, and incarceration in New Orleans, 1880-1980
Tallaksen, Amund Rennesund, PhD
Carnegie Mellon University, 2015, 389 pages
Publication #: 3734085
The Impact of Motherhood on the Mental Health & Substance Use of Women Who Trade Sex
Farahzad, Mina Marie, PhD
Medical College of Wisconsin, 2015, 216 pages
Publication #: 3734219
Features of parent-child interaction as predictors of emotional, cognitive, and behavioral markers of resilience in children of alcoholics
Haverfield, Marie C., PhD
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick, 2015, 212 pages
Publication #: 3734437
Intervention practices and older adults' substance abuse
Kahmanne, Ahnquajj, D.H.A.
University of Phoenix, 2015, 150 pages
Publication #: 3734627
An Experimental Test of the Effects of a Brief Mindfulness Exercise on Distress Tolerance Among Adult Cigarette Smokers
Luberto, Christina M., PhD
University of Cincinnati, 2016, 78 pages
Publication #: 3735145
Impact of paternal alcoholism on intimate partner relationship satisfaction among college students
Langston, Delores H., PhD
Capella University, 2015, 123 pages
Publication #: 3735265
The impact of smoking very low nicotine content cigarettes on alcohol use
Dermody, Sarah Siodmok, PhD
University of Pittsburgh, 2015, 134 pages
Publication #: 3735899
An ex post facto comparison: Pre and post law substance use traits of impaired drivers
Thomas, Willow, PsyD
University of the Rockies, 2015, 136 pages
Publication #: 3736193
Evaluating overall success and relative influence of different treatment services in substance use treatment
Vazquez, Roger D., PhD
Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi, 2015, 140 pages
Publication #: 3736709
"Break Every Chain": A Participatory Photovoice Study with Adult Men Experiencing Recovery/Reentry
Yu, Anta F., PsyD
Wheaton College, 2015, 186 pages
Publication #: 3736852
Assessing the Overlap between Marijuana and Tobacco Use in Adults: A Mixed Methods Approach
Schauer, Gilliam L., PhD
Emory University, 2015, 174 pages
Publication #: 3736945
The Development of Health Risk Behaviors by Mexican-Origin Youth
Bacher, Kelly Beaumont, PhD
University of California, Davis, 2015, 88 pages
Publication #: 3737112
Understanding patterns of use and perceptions of harm and addictiveness for the e-cigarette with a focus on youth and young adults in Texas
Cooper, Maria R., PhD
University of Texas School of Public Health, 2015, 122 pages
Publication #: 3738043
The Inter-relation of a Chinese Family Firm and a Chinese Family: The Case Study of the Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company and the Jian Family
Chong, Henry Ren Jie, PhD
Chinese University of Hong Kong , 2015, 301 pages
Publication #: 3738154
Predictors of alcohol misuse across the deployment cycle
Fissette, Caitlin Lee, PhD
Texas A & M University, 2015, 67 pages
Publication #: 3738405
Examining onset and risk factors for alcohol use in African American and caucasian middle school students: A survival analysis
Harper, Whitney, PhD
Michigan State University, 2015, 129 pages
Publication #: 3739394
The effects of alcohol and hypoxia exposure in the developing brain
Carter, Megan L., PhD
University of Kentucky, 2015, 115 pages
Publication #: 9911610
The demand for health, alcohol abuse, and labor market outcomes: A longitudinal study
Keng, Shao-Hsun, PhD
Iowa State University, 1998, 159 pages