Substance Abuse

September 2017 - October 2017

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Publication #: 10118360
Changing Patterns in Marijuana Use among High School Seniors: Latent Modeling of Time-Series Cross-Sections (1976 - 2013)
Tamburello, Jeffrey A., PhD
Baylor University, 2016, 74 pages
Publication #: 10124890
Treatment experiences of adult substance dependent females: A qualitative study
James, Deborah L., PhD
Capella University, 2016, 165 pages
Publication #: 10125031
The relationship between demographic factors and recidivism in adult drug court offenders
Saint, Anne M., PhD
Capella University, 2016, 99 pages
Publication #: 10125579
FASD, Verbal Comprehension and Maladaptive Behavior
Athmann, Anthony B., PhD
University of North Dakota, 2016, 84 pages
Publication #: 10125989
Morally Injurious Experiences and Risky Behaviors in Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans: A Community-Based Study
Sheu, Susan Chin-I, PhD
Fuller Theological Seminary, School of Psychology, 2016, 77 pages
Publication #: 10126378
Does perceived faculty support moderate the effects of stress on student nurse substance use?
Boulton, Martha Ann, Ed.D.
Teachers College, Columbia University, 2016, 248 pages
Publication #: 10126987
Smoking-related stigma: A public health tool or a damaging force?
Lozano, Paula A., PhD
University of South Carolina, 2016, 218 pages
Publication #: 10127253
Alcohol-related information on Facebook and perceptions of hiring managers
Mitchell, Erin, PhD
Capella University, 2016, 102 pages
Publication #: 10128348
Association between psychostimulant agents and suicide related events in individuals with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Bagley, Christine Leigh, PhD
University of Colorado Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus, 2016, 117 pages
Publication #: 10129541
The role of school context on aggression and substance use during middle school: A person-oriented developmental approach
Tan, Kevin Poh Hiong, PhD
University of Chicago, 2016, 213 pages
Publication #: 10129756
A narrative study of relational dimensions of men with alcohol-related problems and their relationship with alcohol
Rexhaj, Blerim, PhD
Fielding Graduate University, 2016, 163 pages
Publication #: 10130019
The relationship of early social, mental, and behavioral experiences with adult obesity and alcohol use disorder
O'Neill, Allison Hunt, PhD
University of Maryland, College Park, 2016, 164 pages
Publication #: 10130226
A Metacognition-Based Approach to Improve HIV-associated Neurocognitive Disorders among Substance Users
Casaletto, Kaitlin Blackstone, PhD
San Diego State University, 2016, 118 pages
Publication #: 10133032
The positive experiences of adult children of alcoholics after long-term attendance in Al-Anon: A multiple-case study
Jackson, Daniella, PhD
Capella University, 2016, 207 pages
Publication #: 10133394
Young Adult E-Cigarette Exposure: Implications for Policy and Prevention
Daniel Dobbs, Monica Page, PhD
University of Arkansas, 2016, 338 pages
Publication #: 10133611
It's a Whole New Ball Game: The Mitchell Report, Performance Enhancing Drugs, and Professional Sports
Schrader, Brian J., PhD
University of Denver, 2016, 131 pages
Publication #: 10141384
Applying Modern Psychometric Methods to Tests of Associative Memory for Substance Use and Risky Sexual Behavior
Shono, Yusuke, PhD
Claremont Graduate University, 2016, 129 pages
Publication #: 10143366
Socioeconomic status and smoking: Measures of income, educational attainment, and the pathways to smoking
Martinez, Sydney Ann, PhD
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, 2016, 297 pages
Publication #: 10144007
Adverse Outcomes Associated with Psychotropic Medication Usage in Nursing Homes
Park, Chin S., PhD
Columbia University, 2016, 124 pages
Publication #: 10144088
Contextual effects on relations among alcohol outcome expectancies, subjective response, and drinking behavior
Scott, Caitlin, PhD
Arizona State University, 2016, 154 pages
Publication #: 10144186

Bernfeld, Meredith, PhD
Adelphi University, The Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, 2016, 294 pages
Publication #: 10144358
Tobacco smoke exposure and pediatric multiple sclerosis
Lavery, Amy Marie, PhD
Temple University, 2016, 134 pages
Publication #: 10144475
Growing the Green Goddess Commercial Marijuana Growers on the Edge of Legality
Louton, Brooks, PhD
Louton, 2016, 299 pages
Publication #: 10144501
Smoking in a sexual minority population: A comparison of two adolescent cohorts
Michael, Stephen S., D.P.H.
University of Arizona, 2016, 104 pages
Publication #: 10144738
Beer for Brohood: A Laboratory Simulation of Masculinity Confirmation through Alcohol Use Behaviors in Men
Fugitt, Jessica L., PhD
University of Arkansas, 2016, 76 pages
Publication #: 10144761
Making better students: ADHD in higher education and the biopolitics of stimulant medication
Burnam-Fink, Michael, PhD
Arizona State University, 2016, 153 pages
Publication #: 10145342
Recovering addiction: A critique of intoxicant governance in the United States
Walker, Michael F., PhD
Arizona State University, 2016, 181 pages
Publication #: 10145813
The Juvenile Addiction Risk Rating for Use in Vocational Rehabilitation
Hickerson, Paul Tyler, PhD
University of Arkansas, 2016, 101 pages
Publication #: 10146364
Acculturation in Context: the interplay between psychological and neighborhood factors and diet and alcohol use in Dominican Women
Martins, Mariana da Cunha de Queiroz, PhD
Columbia University, 2016, 179 pages
Publication #: 10146524
Fetal Risk, Federal Response: How Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Influenced the Adoption of Alcohol Health Warning Labels
O'Neil, Erica, PhD
Arizona State University, 2016, 214 pages
Publication #: 10148444
Empire in a Bottle: Commodities, Culture, and the Consumption of Pilsner Beer in the British Empire, c.1870-1914
Purinton, Malcolm F., PhD
Northeastern University, 2016, 185 pages
Publication #: 10148479
Physically Strong, Mentally Awake, and Morally Straight: Boy Scouts of America as a Viable Prevention for Substance Use
Rolfe, David Thomas, Ed.D.
University of Arkansas, 2016, 90 pages
Publication #: 10149785
Awareness of e-cigarettes and correlation of use among high school students
Santistevan, Aysun, PhD
Colorado State University, 2016, 141 pages
Publication #: 10149956
Developing a patient-driven, substantive definition of office-based opioid treatment success
Hewell, Valerie Marie, PhD
University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2016, 236 pages
Publication #: 10151661
Manipulating Memory Reconsolidation to Reduce Drug-Seeking Behavior
Baysinger, Amber Nicole, PhD
Yale University, 2016, 175 pages
Publication #: 10155001
The Recovered: Addiction and Sincerity in 20th Century American Literature
Jamison, Leslie Sierra, PhD
Yale University, 2016, 293 pages
Publication #: 10156882
Double Agency: A Multimedia History of the War on Drugs
Matuozzi, Jessica, PhD
Yale University, 2016, 319 pages
Publication #: 10189045
Three essays on regional economic implications for health behaviors
Bishop, James McKown, PhD
Oklahoma State University, 2016, 99 pages
Publication #: 10248075
Smoking and health: A panel data analysis using HRS
Xi, Xian, PhD
State University of New York at Albany, 2016, 144 pages
Publication #: 10250127
Trends in mortality in patients hospitalized with cirrhosis from 2004-2013
Tansel, Aylin, M.P.H.
University of Texas School of Public Health, 2016, 53 pages
Publication #: 10269377
Residential Mobility and Substance Use among Area Youth: The Mediating Effects of Social Capital
Rapp, Andrea Mae , M.S.
North Dakota State University, 2017, 90 pages
Publication #: 10591281
Exploring the role of trauma in women's substance use disorder treatment: A naturalistic study
Buckley, Jennifer J., PhD
Long Island University, The Brooklyn Center, 2017, 148 pages
Publication #: 10598760
Alone or together: The role of exercise in substance abuse recovery
Taylor, Jeffrey Scott, PsyD
Wright Institute, 2017, 174 pages
Publication #: 10598760
Alone or together: The role of exercise in substance abuse recovery
Taylor, Jeffrey Scott, PsyD
Wright Institute, 2017, 174 pages
Publication #: 3283059
Unmade in America: The cultural construction of the alcohol abuser in the industrializing United States
Yates, Timothy Archibald, PhD
University of California, Davis, 207, 506 pages