Alternative Medicine (Social and Historical Contexts)

October 2017 - November 2017

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Publication #:
Mind and Magic: The Culture of Curanderismo and Implications for Psychological Services
Gutierrez, Melissa, PsyD
Our Lady of the Lake University, 2016, 129 pages
Publication #: 10124904
The exploration of an art therapist's therapeutic process when working with aggressive youth utilizing grounded theory
Iglesias, Stephanie M., PhD
Capella University, 2016, 152 pages
Publication #: 10124917
Interact with PTSD & relationships: Using acceptance and commitment therapy in a multicouple group to address PTSD
Sease, Sarah Elizabeth, Ps.D.
Widener University, 2016, 136 pages
Publication #: 10126652
Using music to address therapeutic challenges with adolescents
Lara, Jessica, PsyD
Alliant International University, 2016, 139 pages
Publication #: 10127530
Couples who completed Emotionally Focused Therapy: Their stories at least one year later
Fletcher, Geoffrey, PsyD
University/institution: Alliant , 2016, 120 pages
Publication #: 10129141
Neuropsychological and Clinical Predictors of Treatment Response in Hoarding Patients Receiving Cognitive Rehabilitation and Exposure Therapy
Strickland, Katrina L., PhD
Alliant International University, 2016, 61 pages
Publication #: 10130225
Feasibility and Acceptability of Graded In-Vivo Exposure Therapy for Fibromyalgia Patients
D'Eon, Maya Sarah, PhD
San Diego State University, 2016, 330 pages
Publication #: 10145795
The Experiences of School Counselors Who Integrate Yoga into a Comprehensive School Counseling Program: A Phenomenological Approach
Taylor, Julia V., PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University, 2016, 180 pages
Publication #: 10146595
Applying Psychological Reactance Theory to Communication between Adult Child Caregivers and their Older Adult Parents
Ball, Hannah, PhD
West Virginia University, 2016, 181 pages
Publication #: 10146866
Isolation and identification of bioactive compounds from plant based traditional Chinese medicine
Wright, Matthew E., PhD
Middle Tennessee State University, 2016, 97 pages
Publication #: 10148335
The Embodied Experience of Reiki Healing: A Phenomenological Study of Individuals Receiving Reiki Treatments
Teeling, Christine, PsyD
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2017, 103 pages
Publication #: 10149257
Dance/movement therapy (DMT) for cancer survivors and caregivers in Fairbanks, Alaska
Sharma, Dinghy Kristine B., PhD
University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2016, 205 pages
Publication #: 10149494
Art therapy and cancer care: A qualitative analysis of visual oncology narratives
McNutt, Jill Virginia, PhD
Lesley University, 2016, 138 pages
Publication #: 10149507
The Art Museum as a Therapeutic Space
Hamil, Sarah, PhD
Lesley University, 2016, 141 pages
Publication #: 10150876
Supranational Citizenship: (Im)mobility and the Alternative Birth Movement in Mexico
Vega, Rosalynn Adeline, PhD
University of California, Berkeley, 2016, 202 pages
Publication #: 10150876
Supranational Citizenship: (Im)mobility and the Alternative Birth Movement in Mexico
Vega, Rosalynn Adeline, PhD
University of California, Berkeley, 2016, 202 pages
Publication #: 10151698
Transliminality and transcendence: An exploration of the connections among creativity, mystical experience, and psycho
Kreiselmaier, Laura Rosser, PhD
Vanderbilt University, 2016, 235 pages
Publication #: 10182082
Phytochemical and Biological Investigations on Medicinal Plants from Pakistan
Amin, Adnan, PhD
Universiteit Antwerpen (Belgium), 2016, 337 pages
Publication #: 10266837
Complementary and Integrative Health Services in a Low-Resource Community: A Retrospective Examination
Wesson, Barbara M., PhD
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2017, 160 pages
Publication #: 10583218
Physical and Psychological Effects of Qigong Exercise in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: An Exploratory Study
Chang, Pei-Shiun, PhD
Yale University, 2016, 145 pages