Art and Medicine

October 2017 - November 2017

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Publication #: 10124904
The exploration of an art therapist's therapeutic process when working with aggressive youth utilizing grounded theory
Iglesias, Stephanie M., PhD
Capella University, 2016, 152 pages
Publication #: 10144189
Early life trauma and suicidal behavior: The role of mentalization as a mediating mechanism
Zecevic, Ljiljana, PhD
Adelphi University, The Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, 2016, 191 pages
Publication #: 10149494
Art therapy and cancer care: A qualitative analysis of visual oncology narratives
McNutt, Jill Virginia, PhD
Lesley University, 2016, 138 pages
Publication #: 10149507
The Art Museum as a Therapeutic Space
Hamil, Sarah, PhD
Lesley University, 2016, 141 pages