Biomedical Ethics

August 2017 - September 2017

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Publication #: 10108733
Using the protein leverage hypothesis to understand socioeconomic variation in diet and obesity
Bekelman, Traci Allison, PhD
University of Colorado at Boulder, 2016, 172 pages
Publication #: 10108945
Dijo mi madre: Examining the relationship between Mexican American culture, acculturation, parenting and pediatric unintentional injury
Correia, Corinna, PhD
Alliant International University, 2016, 116 pages
Publication #: 10108972
The effects of caregiver support and quality of life for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder
Derzakarian, Armash, PsyD
Alliant International University, 2016, 168 pages
Publication #: 10110461
The acute coronary syndrome experience among Native American adults in northern Arizona
Brice, Norria Marie, D.N.P.
University of Arizona, 2016, 175 pages
Publication #: 10111001
Overcoming Stigma Through Design:
Alvarez, Ricardo, M.F.A.
Arizona State University, 2016, 104 pages
Publication #: 10111872
North Carolina free clinics: Effective primary care provider for the uninsured
Hutchinson, Jenny Hutchison, PhD
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 2016, 201 pages
Publication #: 10113618
I don't like the talking part: The use of videogames to faciliate grief therapy for adolescents with autism spectrum disorder
Johnson, Kyle Brent, PhD
University of Northern Colorado, 2016, 249 pages
Publication #: 10119196
Long-Term Effects of Childhood Abuse: Parenting Outcomes among the Latino Population
Torres, Elsa Lisseth, PsyD
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2016, 57 pages
Publication #: 10119871
The anatomy of conscience: Science, ethics, and religion in nineteenth-century American literature
Doty, B. Josh, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016, 210 pages
Publication #: 10123715
Stories of African American women who are long-term breast cancer survivors
Ford, Yvonne Ratchford, PhD
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2016, 120 pages
Publication #: 10124903
Engendering Blackness: Gender, Sexual Violence, and the Tales of Slavery
Douglass, Patrice Dianna, PhD
University of California, Irvine, 2016, 203 pages
Publication #: 10126210
Poverty and Place: Structural Determinants of Infectious Disease Risk in Mexico and Central America
Conners, Erin Elizabeth, PhD
San Diego State University, 2016, 127 pages
Publication #: 10126987
Smoking-related stigma: A public health tool or a damaging force?
Lozano, Paula A., PhD
University of South Carolina, 2016, 218 pages
Publication #: 10129621
Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate Written Disclosure as Treatment for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Da Paz, Nikko Symonne, PhD
University of California, Merced, 2016, 36 pages
Publication #: 10129956
Social Justice and Autism: Links to Personality and Advocacy
Kapp, Steven Kenneth, Ed.D.
University of California, Los Angeles, 2016, 288 pages
Publication #: 10133611
It's a Whole New Ball Game: The Mitchell Report, Performance Enhancing Drugs, and Professional Sports
Schrader, Brian J., PhD
University of Denver, 2016, 131 pages
Publication #: 10142595
Perceived Life-Meaning and Correlates of Behavior within an HIV Context: The Gay Mens Experience
Kilpatrick, Stephanie, PsyD
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2016, 68 pages
Publication #: 10154647
Affective sharing, friendship, and outcomes among boys with autism spectrum disorders
Mendelson, Jenna, PhD
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2016, 138 pages
Publication #: 10161224
Interacting Beliefs and Processes in Mothers of Children Diagnosed with Autism
South, Laura L., PhD
Loma Linda University, 2016, 363 pages
Publication #: 10162396
What Drives Parental Concerns about their 18-Month-Olds at Familial Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder?
Karp, Elizabeth A., M.S.
University of Washington, 2016, 36 pages
Publication #: 10269846
The Roberts Court Constitution of Freedom of Speech: Preferences, Principles, and the Study of Supreme Court Decision-making
Metroka, Brandon Thomas, PhD
Syracuse University, 2017, 349 pages
Publication #: 10284372
The Role of Stigma Visibility on Stigma-Related Stress, Coping, and Health: An Exploration among Gay Men and Lesbians
Doane, Michael J., PhD
University of Nevada, Reno, 2017, 356 pages
Publication #: 3067962
Breeding true: Information processing and the growth of genetic reasoning in America, 18801910
Thurtle, Phillip Stevens, PhD
Stanford University, 2002, 302 pages
Publication #: 3121642
The health of southern blacks, 18901930s
Patterson, Andrea, PhD
University of California, Berkeley, 2003, 301 pages
Publication #: 3663760
Controlling Tuberculosis among High Risk Populations in Los Angeles: Three Essays
Yeats, Jessica M., PhD
Pardee RAND Graduate School, 2015, 226 pages
Publication #: 3711551
Ancestral ties, civic structure and health in the United States
Ferrell, John, PhD
Iowa State University, 2015, 173 pages
Publication #: 3712272
Diabetes Education Tailored Towards English Speaking Caribbean Immigrants
Dunk, Joanna A., D.N.P.
Walden University, 2015, 83 pages
Publication #: 9425585
The recombinant DNA case: Balancing scientific and political decision-making
Oei, Hong Lim, PhD
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1994, 229 pages
Publication #: 9628000
Blood will tell: The role of science and culture in twentieth century paternity disputes
Rudavsky, Shari, PhD
University of Pennsylvania, 1996, 445 pages