History of Medicine and Health Care

August 2017 - September 2017

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Publication #: 10105439
Sociodemographic and geospatial correlates of stillbirths and neonatal mortality in Indonesia (19932007)
Dev, Alka, D.P.H.
City University of New York, 2016, 256 pages
Publication #: 10113201
Infected regions: Marriage metaphors and illness plots in antebellum cross-regional fiction
Davis, Lynda Jenea Prewitt, PhD
Texas Christian University, 2016, 248 pages
Publication #: 10118152
An examination of the situational effects of types of prisons on in-prison death 2000-2012
Shoyode, Adesina, PhD
Capella University, 2016, 104 pages
Publication #: 10118360
Changing Patterns in Marijuana Use among High School Seniors: Latent Modeling of Time-Series Cross-Sections (1976 - 2013)
Tamburello, Jeffrey A., PhD
Baylor University, 2016, 74 pages
Publication #: 10118624
Freaks, Beasts, and Gadgets: Performing Order and Disorder in Early America
DiCintio, Matthew Kyle, PhD
Tufts University, 2016, 296 pages
Publication #: 10119803
Anticontagionism and social reform in nineteenth-century transatlantic literature
Blair, Meagan L., PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016, 177 pages
Publication #: 10119871
The anatomy of conscience: Science, ethics, and religion in nineteenth-century American literature
Doty, B. Josh, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016, 210 pages
Publication #: 10120608
Statistical methods for big data and their applications in biomedical research
Yu, Kaixian, PhD
Florida State University, 2016, 90 pages
Publication #: 10120658
"Careful and complete observation of the patient": Nurses and the Sociotechnical System of Medical Research, 1930-1962
Mahony, Amanda L., PhD
University of Pennsylvania, 2016, 181 pages
Publication #: 10123789
Cancer Research in Situ: Organizational Cultures of Vaccine Innovation in the National Cancer Institute's Directed Virus-Cancer Programs, 1961-2008
Aviles, Natalie Brooke, PhD
University of California, San Diego, 2016, 264 pages
Publication #: 10124738
Whose gender? Whose identity? Trans medicine, psychiatry, and the symbolic order
Pfeiffer, Michael, PhD
Bryn Mawr College, Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, 2016, 266 pages
Publication #: 10124903
Engendering Blackness: Gender, Sexual Violence, and the Tales of Slavery
Douglass, Patrice Dianna, PhD
University of California, Irvine, 2016, 203 pages
Publication #: 10132326
Ciencias mdicas a travs de las novelas de D. Benito Perez Galdos
Vozmediano Hidalgo, Maria Luisa, PhD
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), 1980, 698 pages
Publication #: 10132341
La pediatria espanola a traves de la revista "La Medicina de los Ninos", 1900-1936
Reche Andres, Jose, PhD
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), 1981, 344 pages
Publication #: 10132400
Materiales implantables en la historia de la ciruga
Vega del Barrio, Jose Maria, PhD
Facultad de Medicina. Departamento de Historia de la Medicina, 1981, 398 pages
Publication #: 10132576
Medio siglo de cirugia espanola a traves de la Real Academia Nacional de Medicina (1862-1912)
Perez Gallardo, Miguel, PhD
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), 1983, 401 pages
Publication #: 10133425
Engineering scientifically useful virtual biomedical experiments
Petersen, Brenden Kyle, PhD
University of California, San Francisco, 2016, 238 pages
Publication #: 10133611
It's a Whole New Ball Game: The Mitchell Report, Performance Enhancing Drugs, and Professional Sports
Schrader, Brian J., PhD
University of Denver, 2016, 131 pages
Publication #: 10138546
Tracing Hybrid Collectives of Illness, War, and Medicine in Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century Narratives of Illness
Simons, Barbara J., PhD
University of Washington, 2016, 278 pages
Publication #: 10140869
An analysis of mass murder in the United States: 1990 - 2014
Silver, James M., PhD
University of Massachusetts Lowell, 2016, 152 pages
Publication #: 10151751
I feel pretty: Phenomenology, embodiment, and beauty practices 1945-1985
Vandenberg, Allison, PhD
Indiana University, 2016, 270 pages
Publication #: 10250127
Trends in mortality in patients hospitalized with cirrhosis from 2004-2013
Tansel, Aylin, M.P.H.
University of Texas School of Public Health, 2016, 53 pages
Publication #: 10273078
Malaria and Global Networks of Tropical Medicine in Modern China, 1919-1950
Shen, Yubin, PhD
Georgetown University, 2017, 276 pages
Publication #: 10298822
Steering the seas of reform: Education, empirical science, and Royal Naval medicine, 1815-1860
Myers, Christopher Hamilton, PhD
University of Pittsburgh, 2016, 420 pages
Publication #: 3005033
The politics of disease and war: Infectious disease in the United States Army during World War I
Byerle, Carol R., PhD
University of Colorado at Boulder, 2001, 473 pages
Publication #: 3067962
Breeding true: Information processing and the growth of genetic reasoning in America, 18801910
Thurtle, Phillip Stevens, PhD
Stanford University, 2002, 302 pages
Publication #: 3121642
The health of southern blacks, 18901930s
Patterson, Andrea, PhD
University of California, Berkeley, 2003, 301 pages
Publication #: 3131782
Infectious disease policy in the era of antibiotic drug resistance: Decision analytic and historical perspectives
Aledort, Julia Elizabeth, PhD
Harvard University, 204, 136 pages
Publication #: 3191727
A hermeneutic historical study of Kazimierz Dabrowski and his theory of positive disintegration
Kaminski Battaglia, Marjorie M., PhD
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2002, 237 pages
Publication #: 3228344
The science of mind: Exploring the influence of the academic environment on the development of research psychology in America, 18801910
Groppi, Susan Marie, PhD
University of California, Berkeley, 2006, 290 pages
Publication #: 3269851
Neurotic nationalism: The American disease in American modernist literature
Campbell, Brad, PhD
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2007, 224 pages
Publication #: 3283059
Unmade in America: The cultural construction of the alcohol abuser in the industrializing United States
Yates, Timothy Archibald, PhD
University of California, Davis, 207, 506 pages
Publication #: 3456565
Health and the Politics of Improvement in British Colonial Jamaica, 19141945
Heuring, Darcy Hughes, PhD
Northwestern University, 2011, 403 pages
Publication #: 3585050
The mightiest influence on Earth: Americans' emerging conception of parenthood, 1820-1880
Casey, Emily Munce, PhD
University of Florida, 2011, 246 pages
Publication #: 3645963
The politics of the table: Nutrition and the telescopic body in Saxon Germany, 1890-1935
Ehrenberger, Kristen Ann, PhD
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2014, 375 pages
Publication #: 3722140
The relationship between cars, roads and mortality rates in the United States in the early 20th century
Nguyen, Hublication , PhD
University of Arizona, 2015, 116 pages
Publication #: 8106057
Iowa State University, 1980, 365 pages
Publication #: 8227267
EDGETTE, J. Joseph, PhD
University of Pennsylvania, 1982, 656 pages
Publication #: 9004464
Roses bloomed in winter: Women medical graduates of Western Reserve College, 1852-1856
Goldstein, Linda Lehmann, PhD
Case Western Reserve University, 1989, 488 pages
Publication #: 9136405
The education of Anna Coles and her influence on the education of black nurses, 1968-1986
Lacey, Bernardine Mays, Ed.D.
Teachers College, Columbia University, 1991, 91 pages
Publication #: 9425585
The recombinant DNA case: Balancing scientific and political decision-making
Oei, Hong Lim, PhD
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1994, 229 pages
Publication #: 9619950
Fred Francis: A comparative study of his architecture and oratory
Litchfield, Stephen William, PhD
Ohio University, 1996, 290 pages
Publication #: 9628000
Blood will tell: The role of science and culture in twentieth century paternity disputes
Rudavsky, Shari, PhD
University of Pennsylvania, 1996, 445 pages
Publication #: 9728293
The cultural politics of anatomy in 19th-century America: Death, dissection, and embodied social identity
Sappol, Michael, PhD
Columbia University, 1997, 577 pages
Publication #: 9974402
The divided psychology of John Dewey
Backe, Andrew Steven, PhD
University of Pittsburgh, 2000, 170 pages
Publication #: MR44854
Prescriptions for modern womanhood: Advertising Lysol in interwar North America
Hall, Kristin, M.A.
Laurentian University , 2008, 178 pages