Literature/Theater and Medicine

October 2017 - November 2017

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Publication #: 10134139
Reading Autopsy: The Medical Practice of Romantic Literature
Hegele, Arden A., PhD
Columbia Univer, 2016, 272 pages
Publication #: 10144212
Crip modernisms: The roots of disability consciousness in American literature and culture
Waggoner, Jessica, PhD
Indiana University, 2016, 230 pages
Publication #: 10146102
Effects of mental illness portrayed in cinema on viewer's formation of stigma
Dickenson, Jenna A., PsyD
Spalding University, 2016, 125 pages
Publication #: 10150782
Responding to Pain: Emotion, Medicine, and Culture between German Naturalism and Modernism
Savoth, Eric Paul, PhD
University of California, Berkeley, 2016, 140 pages
Publication #: 10151473
The application of trauma theory to the post-World War I writing of Ernest Hemingway, Laurence Stallings and Harry Crosby
Salam, Wael Juma Hafeez, PhD
University of Texas at Dallas, 2016, 201 pages
Publication #: 10159918
Reducing HIV/AIDS stigma through video public service announcements
Travaglini, Letitia E., PhD
University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2016, 166 pages
Publication #: 10160652
Reading Underground Comix: Masculinity, Authenticity, and Individuality
Blechschmidt, Ian, PhD
Northwestern University, 2016, 255 pages
Publication #: 10164258
Split wounds: Diverging formations of trauma in
Johnston, Emily Ronay , PhD
Illinois State University, 2016, 237 pages