Search.HSLS.OBRC provides quick access to the major bioinformatics databases, software tools, and related literature on the Web.

  1. Select a resource tab.
  2. Enter a keyword, phrase, gene name, disease, biological process, etc.
  3. Click the Search button to retrieve a list of resources on a new page.
  4. See screen shot below for help navigating the results page.
  5. Click on the item of interest for access

Databases/Tools provides a quick federated search of molecular databases and software tools from the HSLS Online Bioinformatics Resource Collection (OBRC) and the BioMed Central Databases collection.

Articles on Databases/Tools provides a list of PubMed articles specifically on molecular databases and software tools related to the search query using a search strategy created by the HSLS Molecular Biology Information Service.

Web provides a Web search using Clusty, the results clustering search engine from Vivisimo.

How to navigate the Results page:
Results are clustered by major topics based on the query, as seen in the left hand column. Use the “remix” option to re-organize your search results to see more subtle topics that did not make the first round of clustering but may still be of interest.

Vivisimo Help