The CATH database -- Class, Architecture, Topology, and Homology Protein Structure Database

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Search for information on protein domain structures and classification.
  • The latest version of CATH (class, architecture, topology, homology) contains 114,215 domains, 2178 Homologous superfamilies and 1110 fold groups.
  • 20,330 new domains, 87 new homologous superfamilies and 26 new folds have been developed since CATH release version 3.1.
  • A total of 28,064 new domains have been assigned since CATH version 3.0.
  • The CATH website has been completely redesigned and includes more comprehensive documentation.
  • The CATHEDRAL structure comparison algorithm has been improved and used to characterize structural diversity in CATH superfamilies and structural overlaps between superfamilies.
  • Although the majority of superfamilies in CATH are not structurally diverse and do not overlap significantly with other superfamilies, approximately 4% of superfamilies are very diverse and these are the superfamilies that are most highly populated in both the PDB and in the genomes.
  • Information on the degree of structural diversity in each superfamily and structural overlaps between superfamilies can now be downloaded from the CATH website.
  • protein domains
  • protein domain structures
  • protein domain classifications
  • protein structures
  • protein families
  • protein folds
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