HPMR Human plasma membrane receptome -- sequences, literature, and expression data

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  • The Human Plasma Membrane Receptome (HPMR) is dedicated to studies on plasma membrane receptors in the human genome, combining text-based and sequence-based search tools.
  • The web site categorizes major groups of human plasma membrane receptors based on protein sequences, evolutionary relationships, and published literature.
  • Individual receptor gene pages can be searched by key words and sequences as well as by their family relationships.
  • Each page provides summary and links to major literature, sequence, and expression databases.
  • The evolutionary relationships among receptors are documented by family trees and subfamily sequence comparisons, allowing ortholog tracing in model organisms.
  • human plasma membrane signaling receptors
  • human cell membrane proteins
  • human cell service receptors
  • human signal transduction pathway
  • human signaling pathways
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