SuperScent -- Scent and Flavor Database

What you can do:
Search for information about volatile molecules.
  • Superscent provides information on structure and chemical classification of volatiles.
  • It supplies users with detailed information on the variety of odor components.
  • The version of the database presented here comprises the 2D/3D structures of approximately 2100 volatiles and around 9200 synonyms as well as physicochemical properties, commercial availability and references.
  • The volatiles are classified according to their origin, functionality and odorant groups.
  • The information was extracted from the literature and web resources.
  • SuperScent offers several search options, e.g. name, Pubchem ID number, species, functional groups, or molecular weight.
  • volatile molecule
  • odor
  • scent
  • flavor
  • aromatic
This record last updated: 02-27-2009

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