PoPMuSiC -- Prediction of Protein Mutant Stability Changes

What you can do:
Find information about the effect of mutations on protein stability.
  • PoPMuSiC is a web-based tool for the computer-aided design of mutant proteins with controlled stability properties.
  • It evaluates the changes in stability of a given protein or peptide under single-site mutations, on the basis of the protein's structure.
  • It uses statistical potentials, based on a formalism that highlights the coupling between four protein sequence and structure descriptors, and take into account the amino acid volume variation upon mutation.
  • The stability change is expressed as a linear combination of these energy functions, whose proportionality coefficients vary with the solvent accessibility of the mutated residue and are identified with the help of a neural network.
  • protein mutation
  • protein structure
  • protein structure stability
  • amino acid mutation
  • single-site mutation
This record last updated: 11-13-2009

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