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General Surgery

Abernathy's surgical secrets / [edited by] Alden H. Harken, Ernest E. Moore. Seventh edition.
Adult chest surgery / [edited by] David J. Sugarbaker ... [et al.].
Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast / editors, Elizabeth J. Hall-Findlay, Gregory R.D. Evans ; video editor, Kenneth K. Kim.
Aesthetic breast surgery / edited by Louis P. Bucky, A. Aldo Mottura.
Aesthetic plastic surgery / [edited by] Sherell J. Aston, Douglas S. Steinbrech, Jennifer L. Walden.
Aesthetic plastic surgery video atlas / [edited by] Bahman Guyuron, Brian M. Kinney.
Anesthesiologist's manual of surgical procedures / editor, Richard A. Jaffe ; associate editors, Clifford A. Schmiesing, Brenda Golianu. Fifth edition.
Anterior cruciate ligament : reconstruction and basic science / [edited by] Chadwick C. Prodromos. Second edition.
Antireflux surgery / Christy M. Dunst, Lee L. Swanstrom.
Ashcraft's pediatric surgery / [edited by] George W. Holcomb III, J. Patrick Murphy and Daniel J. Ostlie. Sixth edition
Asian blepharoplasty and the eyelid crease / William Pai-Dei Chen ; illustrations by Paul Kim. Third edition.
Atlas of abdominal wall reconstruction / [edited by] Michael J. Rosen. Second edition.
Atlas of abdominoplasty / Joseph P. Hunstad.
Atlas of advanced operative surgery / [edited by] Vijay P. Khatri.
Atlas of aesthetic breast surgery / by Dennis C. Hammond.
Atlas of breast surgical techniques / editor, V. Suzanne Klimberg.
Atlas of cardiac surgical techniques : a volume in the Surgical techniques atlas series / editors, Frank W. Sellke, Marc Ruel.
Atlas of clinical and surgical orbital anatomy / Jonathan J. Dutton ; illustrations by Thomas G. Waldrop. 2nd ed.
Atlas of cosmetic surgery / [edited by] Michael S. Kaminer ... [et al.]. 2nd ed.
Atlas of endocrine surgical techniques / editors, Quan-Yang Duh, Orlo H. Clark, Electron Kebebew.
Atlas of endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery / editors, James N. Palmer, Alexander G. Chiu ; associate editor, Nithin D. Adappa.
Atlas of endovascular venous surgery / [edited by] Jose I. Almeida.
Atlas of essential procedures / Michael Tuggy, Jorge Garcia.
Atlas of general surgical techniques / [edited by] Courtney M. Townsend Jr., B. Mark Evers.
Atlas of head & neck surgery / [edited by] James I. Cohen, Gary L. Clayman.
Atlas of laparoscopic and robotic urologic surgery / [edited by] Jay T. Bishoff, Louis R. Kavoussi. Third edition.
Atlas of minimally invasive surgery / [edited by] Constantine T. Frantzides, Mark A. Carlson.
Atlas of minimally invasive surgical techniques / editors, Ashley H. Vernon, Stanley W. Ashley.
Atlas of minimally invasive thoracic surgery (VATS) / Robert J. McKenna, Ali Mahtabifard, Scott J. Swanson. 1st ed.
Atlas of oculoplastic and orbital surgery / Jonathan J. Dutton ; Thomas G. Waldrop, illustrator.
Atlas of operative oral and maxillofacial surgery / edited by Christopher J. Haggerty, Robert M. Laughlin.
Atlas of oral and maxillofacial surgery / Deepak Kademani, Paul S. Tiwana.
Atlas of pediatric surgical techniques / editors, Dai H. Chung, Mike K. Chen.
Atlas of pelvic anatomy and gynecologic surgery / Michael S. Baggish, Mickey M. Karram. Fourth edition.
Atlas of peripheral nerve surgery / Daniel H. Kim, Alan R. Hudson, David G. Kline. 2nd ed.
Atlas of surgical techniques for the colon, rectum, and anus / editors, James W. Fleshman ... [et al.] ; series editors, Courtney M. Townsend, B. Mark Evers.
Atlas of surgical techniques for the upper gastrointestinal tract and small bowel / editor[s], Michael J. Rosen, Jeffrey R. Ponsky.
Atlas of thoracic surgical techniques / editor, Joseph B. Zwischenberger. 1st ed.
Atlas of vascular surgery and endovascular therapy : anatomy and technique / [edited by] Elliot L. Chaikof, Richard P. Cambria.
Augmentation mammaplasty : redefining the patient and surgeon experience / by John B. Tebbetts.
Bailey's head and neck surgery--otolaryngology / [edited by] Jonas T. Johnson, MD, Clark A. Rosen, MD ; illustrations by Victoria J. Forber, Anthony Pazos, and Christine Gralapp. Fifth edition.
Basic, advanced, and robotic laparoscopic surgery / [edited by] Tommaso Falcone, Jeffrey M. Goldberg ; illustrated by Joe Chovan.
Benzel's spine surgery : techniques, complication avoidance, and management / [edited by] Edward C. Benzel, Michael P. Steinmetz. Fourth edition
Best evidence for spine surgery : 20 cardinal cases / editors, Rahul Jandial, Steven R. Garfin ; associate editors, Christopher Ames ... [et al.].
Blumgart's surgery of the liver, biliary tract, and pancreas / editor-in-chief, William R. Jarnigan ; associate editors, Peter J. Allen, William Chapman, Michael I. D'Angelica, Ronald P. DeMatteo, Richard Kinh Gian Do, Jean-Nicolas Vauthey ; editor emerit Sixth edition.
Body contouring and liposuction / J. Peter Rubin ... [et al.].
Body shaping : skin, fat, cellulite / edited by Jeffery S. Orringer, Jeffrey S. Dover, Murad Alam. 1st edition.
British women surgeons and their patients, 1860-1918 / Claire Brock, University of Leicester.
Buchwald's atlas of metabolic and bariatric surgical techniques and procedures / Henry Buchwald ; with illustrations by Michael de la Flor.
Campbell's core orthopaedic procedures / [edited by] S. Terry Canale, MD, James H. Beaty, MD, Frederick M. Azar, MD.
Cardiac surgery : operative technique / Donald B. Doty, John R. Doty ; with illustrations by Jill Rhead, Christy Krames. 2nd ed.
Cardiac surgery in the adult / [edited by] Lawrence H. Cohn. Fifth edition.
Cardiovascular intervention : a companion to Braunwald's heart disease / [edited by] Deepak L. Bhatt.
Carpentier's reconstructive valve surgery : from valve analysis to valve reconstruction / Alain Carpentier, David H. Adams, Farzan Filsoufi ; illustrations by Alain Carpentier and Marcia Williams.
Cartilage surgery : an operative manual / Mats Brittberg, Wayne K. Gersoff.
Case files. Surgery / Eugene C. Toy, Terrence H. Liu, Andre R. Campbell. 3rd ed.
Cases in interventional cardiology / Michael Ragosta. 1st ed.
Cataract surgery / editor, Roger F. Steinert ; associate editors, David F. Chang ... [et al.]. 3rd ed.
Clinical research for surgeons / edited by Mohit Bhandari, Anders Joensson.
Clinical review of oral and maxillofacial surgery : a case-based approach / [edited by] Shahrokh C. Bagheri. Second edition.
Clinical scenarios in surgery : decision making and operative technique / editors, Justin B. Dimick, Gilbert R. Upchurch, Jr., Christopher J. Sonnenday.
Color atlas of cosmetic oculofacial surgery / William P.D. Chen, Jemshed A. Khan. 2nd ed.
Colorectal surgery / edited by Robin K.S. Phillips, Sue Clark. 5th ed.
Colorectal surgery / H. Randolph Bailey ... [et al.].
Colour atlas of ophthalmic plastic surgery / A.G. Tyers, J.R.O. Collin. 3rd ed.
Complications in dermatologic surgery / edited by Keyvan Nouri.
Complications in head and neck surgery / editors, David W. Eisele, Richard V. Smith. 2nd ed.
Complications of urologic surgery : prevention and management / [edited by] Samir S. Taneja. 4th ed.
Comprehensive surgical management of congenital heart disease / Richard A. Jonas ; illustrated by Rebekah Dodson. 2nd ed.
Comprehensive vascular and endovascular surgery / [edited by] John W. Hallett ... [et al.]. 2nd ed.
Contemporary oral and maxillofacial surgery / edited by James R. Hupp, Myron R. Tucker and Edward Ellis. Sixth edition.
Controversies in the anesthetic management of the obese surgical patient / Yigal Leykin, Jay B. Brodsky, editors.
Core procedures in plastic surgery / [edited by] Peter C. Neligan, Donald W. Buck.
Core topics in general and emergency surgery / edited by Simon Paterson-Brown. Fifth edition.
Cornea / [edited by] Mark J. Mannis, Edward J. Holland. Fourth edition.
Corneal surgery : theory, technique and tissue / lead editor, Frederick S. Brightbill ... [et al.] ; illustrated by Laurel Cook Lhowe. 4th ed.
Coronary stenting : a companion to Topol's Textbook of interventional cardiology / [edited by] Matthew J. Price. 1st ed.
Cosmetic : facial surgery / Joe Niamtu III ; [contributor, Angelo Cuzalina].
Cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery / edited by Maurice Y. Nahabedian.
Cryoablation of cardiac arrhythmias / Audrius Bredikis, David Wilber. 1st ed.
Cummings otolaryngology--head & neck surgery / [edited by] Paul W. Flint, Bruce H. Haughey, Valerie Lund, John K. Niparko, K. Thomas Robbins, J. Regan Thomas, Marci M. Lesperance. Sixth edition.
Current diagnosis & treatment, surgery / edited by Gerard M. Doherty.
Current procedures. Surgery / Rebecca M. Minter, Gerard M. Doherty.
Current surgical therapy / John L. Cameron, Andrew M. Cameron. 12th edition.
Current therapy in oral and maxillofacial surgery / contributing editors, Shahrokh C. Bagheri, R. Bryan Bell, Husain Ali Khan.
Current therapy in vascular and endovascular surgery / [edited by] James C. Stanley, Frank J. Veith, Thomas W. Wakefield. 5th edition.
Current therapy of trauma and surgical critical care / [edited by] Juan A. Asensio, Donald D. Trunkey. 2nd edition.
Dermatologic and cosmetic procedures in office practice / Richard P. Usatine ... [et al.].
Dermatologic surgery / edited by Allison T. Vidimos, Christie T. Ammirati, Christine Poblete-Lopez.
Diagnostic surgical pathology of the head and neck / [edited by] Douglas R. Gnepp. 2nd ed.
Differential diagnosis in surgical pathology. Third edition /
Ear, nose, and throat and head and neck surgery : an illustrated colour text / R.S. Dhillon, C.A. East. Fourth edition.
Endocrine surgery. 5th ed. /
Endovascular surgery / [edited by] Wesley S. Moore, Samuel S. Ahn.
Essential surgery : problems, diagnosis, and management / Clive R.G. Quick, Joanna B. Reed, Simon J.F. Harper, Kourosh Saeb-Parsy ; illustrated by Philip J. Deakin ; foreword by Andrew T. Raftery. Fifth edition.
Essential surgical procedures / senior consulting editor, Jose M. Velasco ; consulting editors, Rana Ballo, Keith Hood, Jennifer Jolley, Daniel Rinewalt, Benjamin Veenstra.
Essentials of breast surgery / Michael S. Sabel.
Essentials of hand surgery / editor, John Gray Seiler III. 1st ed.
Evaluation and management of cleft lip and palate : a developmental perspective / David J. Zajac, PhD, CCC-SLP, Linda D. Vallino, PhD, CCC-SLP/A.
Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery / [edited by] Ira D. Papel [and seven others]. Fourth edition.
Facial rejuvenation with fillers / [edited by] Steven R. Cohen, Trevor M. Born.
Fischer's mastery of surgery / editor, Josef E. Fischer ; associate editors, Daniel B. Jones, Frank B. Pomposelli, Gilbert R. Upchurch Jr. ; assistant editors, V. Suzanne Klimberg, Steven D. Schwaitzberg, Kirby I. Bland. 6th ed.
Flaps and grafts in dermatologic surgery / [edited by] Thomas E. Rohrer ... [et al.] ; DVD editor, Michael R. Migden.
Flaps and reconstructive surgery / [edited by] Fu-Chan Wei, Samir Mardini. 2nd edition.
Foot and ankle surgery / [edited by] Glenn B. Pfeffer ... [et al.].
Getting your research paper published : a surgical perspective / edited by Mohit Bhandari, Anders Joensson.
Grabb and Smith's plastic surgery. Seventh edition /
Green's operative hand surgery / editor-in-chief, Scott W. Wolfe ; editors, Robert N. Hotchkiss, William C. Pederson, Scott H. Kozin, Mark S. Cohen. Seventh edition.
Greenfield's surgery : scientific principles and practice / editors, Michael W. Mulholland ... [et al.] ; illustrations by Holly R. Fischer. 5th ed.
Haimovici's vascular surgery. 6th ed. /
Hand and upper extremity reconstruction / edited by Kevin C. Chung.
Hand and wrist surgery / [edited by] Kevin C. Chung. Third edition.
Head and neck reconstruction / edited by Charles E. Butler.
Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery / edited by O. James Garden, Rowan W. Parks. 5th ed.
Hinman's atlas of pediatric urologic surgery / Frank Hinman Jr., Laurence S. Baskin ; illustrated by Paul H. Stempen ; illustrations supplemented by Jeanne Koelling. 2nd ed.
Hinman's atlas of urosurgical anatomy. 2nd ed. /
Hip arthritis surgery / [edited by] James P. Waddell.
Hughes, Mansel & Webster's benign disorders and diseases of the breast. 3rd ed. /
Hysterectomy for benign disease / Mark D. Walters, Matthew D. Barber ; illustrated by Joe Chovan.
Insall & Scott surgery of the knee / editor-in-chief, W. Norman Scott ; associate editors, David R. Diduch, Richard Iorio, William J. Long. Sixth edition.
Intraoperative consultation / [edited by] Alberto Marchevsky, Fadi W. Abdul-Karim, Bonnie Balzer.
Intraoperative echocardiography / [edited by] Donald C. Oxorn. 1st ed.
Introduction to the operating room / edited by Amalia Cochran, Ruth Braga.
Jatin Shah's head and neck surgery and oncology / Jatin P. Shah, Snehal G. Patel, Bhuvanesh Singh. 4th ed.
Johns Hopkins textbook of cardiothoracic surgery / edited by David D. Yuh [and others]. 2nd ed.
Kirk's general surgical operations. Sixth edition /
Kirklin/Barratt-Boyes cardiac surgery : morphology, diagnostic criteria, natural history, techniques, results, and indications / Nicholas T. Kouchoukos ... [et al.]. 4th ed.
Knee surgery / [edited by] Mark D. Miller, James A. Browne, Brian J. Cole, Andrew J. Cosgarea, Brett D. Owens. Second edition.
Kuerer's breast surgical oncology / [editor:] Henry M. Kuerer.
Local flaps in facial reconstruction / [edited by] Shan R. Baker. Third edition.
M.D. Anderson surgical oncology handbook / editors, Barry W. Feig, C. Denise Ching. Fifth edition.
Maingot's abdominal operations.
Mann's surgery of the foot and ankle / [edited by] Michael J. Coughlin, Charles Saltzman, Robert B. Anderson. Ninth edition.
Manual of common bedside surgical procedures / by the Halsted residents of the Johns Hopkins Hospital ; editors, Herbert Chen, Christopher J. Sonnenday ; consulting editor, Keith D. Lillemoe. 2nd ed.
Manual of surgical pathology / [edited by] Susan C. Lester. 3rd ed.
Master techniques in facial rejuvenation / [edited by] Babak Azizzadeh, Mark R. Murphy, Calvin M. Johnson, Jr.
Master techniques in rhinoplasty / [edited by] Babak Azizzadeh ... [et al.].
Mastery of endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery / edited by Lee L. Swanstrom, Nathaniel J. Soper ; in conjunction with Michael E. Leonard. 4th ed.
Maxillofacial trauma & esthetic facial reconstruction / [edited by] Peter Ward Booth, Barry L. Eppley, Rainer Schmelzeisen. Second edition.
McGlamry's comprehensive textbook of foot and ankle surgery. 4th ed. /
McGraw-Hill manual. Colorectal surgery / Andreas M. Kaiser.
McGraw-Hill manual. Endocrine surgery / [edited by] Shane Y. Morita, Alan P.B. Dackiw, Martha A. Zeiger.
Medical management of the surgical patient / [edited by] Geno J. Merli, Howard H. Weitz. 3rd ed.
Medical management of the thoracic surgery patient / [edited by] Michael I. Lewis, Robert J. McKenna Jr. ; associate editors, Jeremy A. Falk, George E. Chaux.
Medical-surgical nursing : clinical reasoning in patient care / Priscilla LeMone, RN, DSN, FAAN, Associate Professor Emeritus, Sinclair School of Nursing, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, Karen Burke, RN, MS, Education Consultant, Astoria, Oreg Sixth edition.
Midface surgery / edited by Cláudio Cardoso de Castro, Kristin A. Boehm.
Minimally invasive facial rejuvenation / edited by Farzad R. Nahai, Foad Nahai.
Minimally invasive percutaneous spinal techniques / [edited by] Daniel H. Kim, Yong-Chul Kim, Kyung-Hoon Kim. 1st ed.
Minimally invasive periodontal therapy : clinical techniques and visualization technology / edited by Stephen K. Harrel, Thomas G. Wilson, Jr.
Minimally invasive thoracic and cardiac surgery : textbook and atlas / Rolf Gilbert Carl Inderbitzi ... [et al.], editors.
Modern surgical pathology / [edited by] Noel Weidner ... [et al.].
Mont Reid surgical handbook / the University of Cincinnati residents from the Department of Surgery, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine ; editor-in-chief, Wolfgang Stehr. Sixth edition
Motion preservation surgery of the spine : advanced techniques and controversies / [edited by] James J. Yue ... [et al.].
Munro Kerr's operative obstetrics / Thomas F. Baskett, Andrew A. Calder, Sabaratnam Arulkumaran ; illustrations by Ian Ramsden. Twelfth edition.
Nasal reconstruction : art and practice / Frederick J. Menick.
Netter's surgical anatomy and approaches / Conor P. Delaney ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter.
Newborn surgery / edited by Prem Puri. 3rd ed.
Noyes' knee disorders : surgery, rehabilitation, clinical outcomes / editor, Frank R. Noyes ; associate editor, Sue D. Barber-Westin. Second edition.
Oculoplastic surgery / by John A. Long.
Odze and Goldblum surgical pathology of the GI tract, liver, biliary tract, and pancreas / [edited by] Robert D. Odze, John R. Goldblum. Third edition.
Oesophagogastric surgery / edited by S. Michael Griffin ; assistant editors, Simon A. Raimes, Jon Shenfine. 5th ed.
Oncoplastic surgery of the breast / [edited by] Maurice Y. Nahabedian.
Operative elbow surgery / [edited by] David Stanley, Ian A. Trail.
Operative otolaryngology : head and neck surgery / editor, Eugene N. Myers ; associate editors, Ricardo L. Carrau ... [et al.]. 2nd ed.
Operative pediatric surgery / [edited by] Moritz M. Ziegler, MD, Richard G. Azizkhan, MD, PhD (Hon), Daniel von Allmen, MD, Thomas R. Weber, MD. 2nd edition
Operative techniques : sports medicine surgery / Bruce Reider, Michael A. Terry, Matthew T. Provencher.
Operative techniques in orthopaedic surgery / Sam W. Wiesel, editor-in-chief.
Operative techniques in orthopaedic trauma surgery / editors, Paul Tornetta III ... [et al.].
Ophthalmic surgery : principles and practice / George L. Spaeth ... [et al.]. 4th ed.
Oral and maxillofacial surgery / [edited by] Raymond. J. Fonseca. Third edition.
Orthognathic surgery : principles, planning and practice / edited by Farhad B. Naini, Daljit S. Gill.
Orthopaedic surgical approaches / [editors] Mark D. Miller [and 5 others]. Second edition.
Orthopaedic trauma surgery / [edited by] Emil H. Schemitsch, Michael D. McKee.
Otolaryngology : head & neck surgery : clinical reference guide / Raza Pasha, Justin S. Golub. Fourth edition.
Otologic surgery / [edited by] Derald E. Brackmann, Clough Shelton, Moisés A. Arriaga. Fourth edition.
Pearson's thoracic & esophageal surgery. 3rd ed. /
Pediatric orthopaedic surgery / [edited by] Mininder S. Kocher, Michael B. Millis.
Pediatric surgery. 7th ed. /
Percutaneous surgery of the upper urinary tract : handbook of endourology / edited by Petrişor A. Geavlete.
Perioperative medicine : managing for outcome / [edited by] Mark F. Newman, Lee A. Fleisher, Mitchell P. Fink.
Plastic surgery : indications and practice / Bahman Guyuron ... [et al.], [editors]. 1st ed.
Plastic surgery / editor in chief, Peter C. Neligan. 3rd ed.
Plastic surgery secrets / [edited by] Jeffrey Weinzweig. 2nd ed.
Pocket journal club : essential articles in general surgery / [edited by] Laura M. Mazer, Kiran Lagisetty, Kathryn L. Butler.
Primer in cartilage repair and joint preservation of the knee / edited by Tom Minas.
Primer of arthroscopy / Mark D. Miller, A. Bobby Chhabra, Marc R. Safran. 1st ed.
Principles & practice of surgery / edited by O. James Garden ... [et al.]. 6th ed.
Principles and practice of lymphedema surgery / [edited by] Ming-Huei Cheng, David W. Chang, Ketan M. Patel. First edition.
Principles and practice of wrist surgery / [edited by] David J. Slutsky.
Principles of hand surgery and therapy / [edited by] Thomas E. Trumble, Ghazi M. Rayan, Jeffrey E. Budoff, Mark E. Baratz, David J. Slutsky. Third edition.
Putterman's cosmetic oculoplastic surgery. 4th ed. /
Quick answers surgery / [edited by] Gerard M. Doherty ... [et al.].
Reconstructive foot and ankle surgery : management of complications / Mark S. Myerson. 2nd ed.
Reducing risks and complications of interventional pain procedures / volume editors Matthew T. Ranson, Jason E. Pope.
Retina and vitreous surgery / edited by Abdhish R. Bhavsar.
Rhinology and skull base surgery : from the lab to the operating room : an evidence-based approach / edited by Christos Georgalas, Wytske Fokkens.
Rhinoplasty / Bahman Guyuron.
Robotics and digital guidance in ENT-H&N surgery / [edited by] Bernard Lombard, Philippe Céruse ; with the contribution of Nicolas Andreff [and fifty-one others].
Robotics in urologic surgery / [edited by] Joseph A. Smith, Jr., Ashutosh Tewari.
Rosai and Ackerman's surgical pathology / Juan Rosai. 10th ed.
Rutherford's vascular surgery / [edited by] Jack L. Cronenwett, K. Wayne Johnston. Eighth edition.
Sabiston & Spencer surgery of the chest / [edited by] Frank W. Sellke, Pedro J. del Nido, Scott J. Swanson. Ninth edition.
Sabiston textbook of surgery : the biological basis of modern surgical practice / [edited by] Courtney M. Townsend, Jr, R. Daniel Beauchamp, B. Mark Evers, Kenneth L. Mattox. 20th edition.
Schwartz's principles of surgery / editor-in-chief, F. Charles Brunicardi ; associate editors, Dana K. Andersen ... [et al.].
Scientific American surgery.
Sclerotherapy : treatment of varicose and telangiectatic leg veins / editors, Mitchel P. Goldman, Jean-Jérôme Guex, Robert A. Weiss. 5th ed.
Scott-Conner & Dawson essential operative techniques and anatomy / Carol E.H. Scott-Conner, David L. Dawson. Fourth edition.
Shackelford's surgery of the alimentary tract / [edited by] Charles J. Yeo. 7th ed.
Shoulder and elbow surgery / [edited by] Donald H. Lee, Robert J. Neviaser. 1st ed.
Spine surgery / [edited by] Alexander R. Vaccaro, Eli M. Baron. Third edition.
Stell and Maran's textbook of head and neck surgery and oncology. 5th ed.
Sternberg's diagnostic surgical pathology / editor, Stacey E. Mills, MD, W.S. Royster Professor of Pathology, Section Chief of Anatomic Pathology, Director of Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology, University of Virginia Health System, Charlottesville, Vir Sixth edition.
Surgery / [edited by] Barry D. Mann.
Surgery for urinary incontinence / Roger Dmochowski, Mickey Karram, W. Stuart Reynolds ; illustrated by Joe Chovan.
Surgery of the anus, rectum & colon / Michael R.B. Keighley, Norman S. Williams. 3rd ed.
Surgery of the hip / [edited by] Daniel J. Berry, Jay R. Lieberman.
Surgery of the liver, pancreas, and biliary tract / [edited by] Leslie H. Blumgart. 4th ed.
Surgery of the skin : procedural dermatology / editors, June K. Robinson, C. William Hanke, Daniel Mark Siegel, Alina Fratila ; video editors Ashish C. Bhatia, Thomas E. Rohrer. Third edition.
Surgery of the thyroid and parathyroid glands / [edited by] Gregory W. Randolph.
Surgery review illustrated / Lisa McElroy, Travis Webb. Second edition.
Surgical anatomy around the orbit : the system of zones / editor, Barry M. Zide ; illustrator: Craig A. Luce, M.S. ; associate prosectors: Sean Boutros, M.D., skilled surgeon and one of NYU's finest residents and recent graduates, and Arthur Millman, M.D.
Surgical management of benign esophageal disorders : the "Chicago approach" / P. Marco Fisichella [and others], editors.
Surgical management of pelvic organ prolapse / Mickey Karram, Christopher F. Maher. 1st ed.
Surgical management of spinal deformities / [edited by] Thomas J. Errico, Baron S. Lonner, Andrew W. Moulton.
Surgical patient safety : a case-based approach / editor, Philip F. Stahel.
Surgical techniques of the shoulder, elbow, and knee in sports medicine / edited by Brian J. Cole, Jon K. Sekiya ; associate editors, Geoffrey S. Van Thiel, Jack G. Skendzel. Second edition.
Surgical technology for the surgical technologist : a positive care approach / Association of Surgical Technologists. Fourth edition.
Surgical treatment of hip arthritis : reconstruction, replacement, and revision / edited by William J. Hozack, Javad Parvizi, Benjamin Bender.
Techniques in hip arthroscopy and joint preservation surgery / by Jon K. Sekiya ... [et al.].
Techniques in revision hip and knee arthroplasty / Giles R. Scuderi, Alfred J. Tria, Jr., William J. Long, Michael N. Kang.
Tendon surgery of the hand / editor-in-chief, Jin Bo Tang ; editors, Peter C. Amadio, Jean-Claude Guimberteau, James Chang ; contributing editors, David Elliot, Judy Colditz. 1st ed.
Textbook of complex general surgical oncology / edited by Charles M. Balch, Shane Y. Morita, V. Suzanne Klimberg, Mitchell C. Posner, Timothy M. Pawlik, Kenneth K. Tanabe
Textbook of spinal surgery / editors in chief, Keith H. Bridwell, Ronald L. DeWald ; associate editors, Peter Angevine ... [et al.] ; managing editor for Dr. Bridwell, Theresa M. Iffrig. 3rd ed.
Textbook of the cervical spine / [edited by] Francis H. Shen, Dino Samartzis and Richard G. Fessler.
Thyroid surgery : preventing and managing complications / edited by Paolo Miccoli ... [et al.].
Total knee replacement / [edited by] Arlen D. Hanssen, W. Norman Scott.
Transsphenoidal surgery / [edited by] Edward R. Laws, Giuseppe Lanzino. 1st ed.
Trauma manual : trauma and acute care surgery / editors, Andrew B. Peitzman, MD, Mark M. Ravitch professor, Chief, Trauma and General Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA [and fo Fourth edition.
Urogynecology and reconstructive pelvic surgery / [edited by] Mark D. Walters and Mickey M. Karram. Fourth edition.
Urologic surgery for the gynecologist and urogynecologist : female pelvic surgery / [edited by] John B. Gebhart ; illustrated by Joe Chovan. 1st ed.
Urologic surgical pathology / David G. Bostwick, Liang Cheng, editors. Third edition.
Vaginal surgery for the urologist / [edited by] Victor W. Nitti, Nirit Rosenblum, Benjamin M. Brucker ; illustrated by Joe Chovan. 1st ed.
Vascular and endovascular surgery : a comprehensive review / [edited by] Wesley S. Moore. 8th ed.
Vascular and endovascular surgery / edited by Jonathan D. Beard, Ian Loftus, Peter A. Gaines. 5th ed.
Vascular surgery. Hybrid, venous, dialysis access, thoracic outlet, and lower extremeity procedures / edited by R. Clement Darling III, C. Keith Ozaki.
Video atlas : liver, biliary & pancreatic surgery / Leslie H. Blumgart ; with laparoscopic video contributions from Carlos U. Corvera.
Video atlas of advanced minimally invasive surgery / [edited by] Constantine T. Frantzides, Mark A. Carlson ; illustrations by DNA Illustrations, Inc.
Video atlas of oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery / edited by Bobby Korn, Don Kikkawa. Second edition.
Washington manual of surgery / editors, Mary E. Klingensmith [and others] ; foreword by Timothy J. Eberlein. 6th ed.
Zollinger's atlas of surgical operations / E. Christopher Ellison, Robert M. Zollinger, Jr. Tenth edition.