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General Surgery

Abernathy's surgical secrets / [edited by] Alden H. Harken, Ernest E. Moore. Seventh edition.
Adult chest surgery / [edited by] David J. Sugarbaker ... [et al.].
Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast / editors, Elizabeth J. Hall-Findlay, Gregory R.D. Evans ; video editor, Kenneth K. Kim.
Aesthetic breast surgery / edited by Louis P. Bucky, A. Aldo Mottura.
Aesthetic plastic surgery / [edited by] Sherell J. Aston, Douglas S. Steinbrech, Jennifer L. Walden.
Aesthetic plastic surgery video atlas / [edited by] Bahman Guyuron, Brian M. Kinney.
Anesthesiologist's manual of surgical procedures / editor, Richard A. Jaffe ; associate editors, Clifford A. Schmiesing, Brenda Golianu. Fifth edition.
Anterior cruciate ligament : reconstruction and basic science / [edited by] Chadwick C. Prodromos. Second edition.
Antireflux surgery / Christy M. Dunst, Lee L. Swanstrom.
Ashcraft's pediatric surgery / [edited by] George W. Holcomb III, J. Patrick Murphy and Daniel J. Ostlie. Sixth edition
Asian blepharoplasty and the eyelid crease / William Pai-Dei Chen ; illustrations by Paul Kim. Third edition.
Atlas of abdominal wall reconstruction / [edited by] Michael J. Rosen. Second edition.
Atlas of abdominoplasty / Joseph P. Hunstad.
Atlas of advanced operative surgery / [edited by] Vijay P. Khatri.
Atlas of aesthetic breast surgery / by Dennis C. Hammond.
Atlas of breast surgical techniques / editor, V. Suzanne Klimberg.
Atlas of cardiac surgical techniques : a volume in the Surgical techniques atlas series / editors, Frank W. Sellke, Marc Ruel.
Atlas of clinical and surgical orbital anatomy / Jonathan J. Dutton ; illustrations by Thomas G. Waldrop. 2nd ed.
Atlas of cosmetic surgery / [edited by] Michael S. Kaminer ... [et al.]. 2nd ed.
Atlas of endocrine surgical techniques / editors, Quan-Yang Duh, Orlo H. Clark, Electron Kebebew.
Atlas of endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery / editors, James N. Palmer, Alexander G. Chiu ; associate editor, Nithin D. Adappa.
Atlas of endovascular venous surgery / [edited by] Jose I. Almeida.
Atlas of essential procedures / Michael Tuggy, Jorge Garcia.
Atlas of general surgical techniques / [edited by] Courtney M. Townsend Jr., B. Mark Evers.
Atlas of head & neck surgery / [edited by] James I. Cohen, Gary L. Clayman.
Atlas of laparoscopic and robotic urologic surgery / [edited by] Jay T. Bishoff, Louis R. Kavoussi. Third edition.
Atlas of minimally invasive surgery / [edited by] Constantine T. Frantzides, Mark A. Carlson.
Atlas of minimally invasive surgical techniques / editors, Ashley H. Vernon, Stanley W. Ashley.
Atlas of minimally invasive thoracic surgery (VATS) / Robert J. McKenna, Ali Mahtabifard, Scott J. Swanson. 1st ed.
Atlas of oculoplastic and orbital surgery / Jonathan J. Dutton ; Thomas G. Waldrop, illustrator.
Atlas of operative oral and maxillofacial surgery / edited by Christopher J. Haggerty, Robert M. Laughlin.
Atlas of oral and maxillofacial surgery / Deepak Kademani, Paul S. Tiwana.
Atlas of pediatric surgical techniques / editors, Dai H. Chung, Mike K. Chen.
Atlas of pelvic anatomy and gynecologic surgery / Michael S. Baggish, Mickey M. Karram. Fourth edition.
Atlas of peripheral nerve surgery / Daniel H. Kim, Alan R. Hudson, David G. Kline. 2nd ed.
Atlas of surgical techniques for the colon, rectum, and anus / editors, James W. Fleshman ... [et al.] ; series editors, Courtney M. Townsend, B. Mark Evers.
Atlas of surgical techniques for the upper gastrointestinal tract and small bowel / editor[s], Michael J. Rosen, Jeffrey R. Ponsky.
Atlas of thoracic surgical techniques / editor, Joseph B. Zwischenberger. 1st ed.
Atlas of vascular surgery and endovascular therapy : anatomy and technique / [edited by] Elliot L. Chaikof, Richard P. Cambria.
Augmentation mammaplasty : redefining the patient and surgeon experience / by John B. Tebbetts.
Bailey's head and neck surgery--otolaryngology / [edited by] Jonas T. Johnson, MD, Clark A. Rosen, MD ; illustrations by Victoria J. Forber, Anthony Pazos, and Christine Gralapp. Fifth edition.
Basic, advanced, and robotic laparoscopic surgery / [edited by] Tommaso Falcone, Jeffrey M. Goldberg ; illustrated by Joe Chovan.
Benzel's spine surgery : techniques, complication avoidance, and management / [edited by] Edward C. Benzel, Michael P. Steinmetz. Fourth edition
Best evidence for spine surgery : 20 cardinal cases / editors, Rahul Jandial, Steven R. Garfin ; associate editors, Christopher Ames ... [et al.].
Blumgart's surgery of the liver, biliary tract, and pancreas / editor-in-chief, William R. Jarnigan ; associate editors, Peter J. Allen, William Chapman, Michael I. D'Angelica, Ronald P. DeMatteo, Richard Kinh Gian Do, Jean-Nicolas Vauthey ; editor emerit Sixth edition.
Body contouring and liposuction / J. Peter Rubin ... [et al.].
Body shaping : skin, fat, cellulite / edited by Jeffery S. Orringer, Jeffrey S. Dover, Murad Alam. 1st edition.
British women surgeons and their patients, 1860-1918 / Claire Brock, University of Leicester.
Buchwald's atlas of metabolic and bariatric surgical techniques and procedures / Henry Buchwald ; with illustrations by Michael de la Flor.
Campbell's core orthopaedic procedures / [edited by] S. Terry Canale, MD, James H. Beaty, MD, Frederick M. Azar, MD.
Cardiac surgery : operative technique / Donald B. Doty, John R. Doty ; with illustrations by Jill Rhead, Christy Krames. 2nd ed.
Cardiac surgery in the adult / [edited by] Lawrence H. Cohn. Fifth edition.
Cardiovascular intervention : a companion to Braunwald's heart disease / [edited by] Deepak L. Bhatt.
Carpentier's reconstructive valve surgery : from valve analysis to valve reconstruction / Alain Carpentier, David H. Adams, Farzan Filsoufi ; illustrations by Alain Carpentier and Marcia Williams.
Cartilage surgery : an operative manual / Mats Brittberg, Wayne K. Gersoff.
Case files. Surgery / Eugene C. Toy, Terrence H. Liu, Andre R. Campbell. 3rd ed.
Cases in interventional cardiology / Michael Ragosta. 1st ed.
Cataract surgery / editor, Roger F. Steinert ; associate editors, David F. Chang ... [et al.]. 3rd ed.
Clinical research for surgeons / edited by Mohit Bhandari, Anders Joensson.
Clinical review of oral and maxillofacial surgery : a case-based approach / [edited by] Shahrokh C. Bagheri. Second edition.
Clinical scenarios in surgery : decision making and operative technique / editors, Justin B. Dimick, Gilbert R. Upchurch, Jr., Christopher J. Sonnenday.
Color atlas of cosmetic oculofacial surgery / William P.D. Chen, Jemshed A. Khan. 2nd ed.
Colorectal surgery / edited by Robin K.S. Phillips, Sue Clark. 5th ed.
Colorectal surgery / H. Randolph Bailey ... [et al.].
Colour atlas of ophthalmic plastic surgery / A.G. Tyers, J.R.O. Collin. 3rd ed.
Complications in head and neck surgery / editors, David W. Eisele, Richard V. Smith. 2nd ed.
Comprehensive surgical management of congenital heart disease / Richard A. Jonas ; illustrated by Rebekah Dodson. 2nd ed.
Comprehensive vascular and endovascular surgery / [edited by] John W. Hallett ... [et al.]. 2nd ed.
Contemporary oral and maxillofacial surgery / edited by James R. Hupp, Myron R. Tucker and Edward Ellis. Sixth edition.
Controversies in the anesthetic management of the obese surgical patient / Yigal Leykin, Jay B. Brodsky, editors.
Core procedures in plastic surgery / [edited by] Peter C. Neligan, Donald W. Buck.
Core topics in general and emergency surgery / edited by Simon Paterson-Brown. Fifth edition.
Cornea / [edited by] Mark J. Mannis, Edward J. Holland. Fourth edition.
Corneal surgery : theory, technique and tissue / lead editor, Frederick S. Brightbill ... [et al.] ; illustrated by Laurel Cook Lhowe. 4th ed.
Coronary stenting : a companion to Topol's Textbook of interventional cardiology / [edited by] Matthew J. Price. 1st ed.
Cosmetic : facial surgery / Joe Niamtu III ; [contributor, Angelo Cuzalina].
Cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery / edited by Maurice Y. Nahabedian.
Cryoablation of cardiac arrhythmias / Audrius Bredikis, David Wilber. 1st ed.
Cummings otolaryngology--head & neck surgery / [edited by] Paul W. Flint, Bruce H. Haughey, Valerie Lund, John K. Niparko, K. Thomas Robbins, J. Regan Thomas, Marci M. Lesperance. Sixth edition.
Current diagnosis & treatment, surgery / edited by Gerard M. Doherty.
Current procedures. Surgery / Rebecca M. Minter, Gerard M. Doherty.
Current surgical therapy / John L. Cameron, Andrew M. Cameron. 12th edition.
Current therapy in oral and maxillofacial surgery / contributing editors, Shahrokh C. Bagheri, R. Bryan Bell, Husain Ali Khan.
Current therapy in vascular and endovascular surgery / [edited by] James C. Stanley, Frank J. Veith, Thomas W. Wakefield. 5th edition.
Current therapy of trauma and surgical critical care / [edited by] Juan A. Asensio, Donald D. Trunkey. 2nd edition.
Dermatologic and cosmetic procedures in office practice / Richard P. Usatine ... [et al.].
Dermatologic surgery / edited by Allison T. Vidimos, Christie T. Ammirati, Christine Poblete-Lopez.
Diagnostic surgical pathology of the head and neck / [edited by] Douglas R. Gnepp. 2nd ed.
Differential diagnosis in surgical pathology. Third edition /
Ear, nose, and throat and head and neck surgery : an illustrated colour text / R.S. Dhillon, C.A. East. Fourth edition.
Endocrine surgery. 5th ed. /
Endovascular surgery / [edited by] Wesley S. Moore, Samuel S. Ahn.
Essential surgery : problems, diagnosis, and management / Clive R.G. Quick, Joanna B. Reed, Simon J.F. Harper, Kourosh Saeb-Parsy ; illustrated by Philip J. Deakin ; foreword by Andrew T. Raftery. Fifth edition.
Essential surgical procedures / senior consulting editor, Jose M. Velasco ; consulting editors, Rana Ballo, Keith Hood, Jennifer Jolley, Daniel Rinewalt, Benjamin Veenstra.
Essentials of breast surgery / Michael S. Sabel.
Essentials of hand surgery / editor, John Gray Seiler III. 1st ed.
Evaluation and management of cleft lip and palate : a developmental perspective / David J. Zajac, PhD, CCC-SLP, Linda D. Vallino, PhD, CCC-SLP/A.
Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery / [edited by] Ira D. Papel [and seven others]. Fourth edition.
Facial rejuvenation with fillers / [edited by] Steven R. Cohen, Trevor M. Born.
Fischer's mastery of surgery / editor, Josef E. Fischer ; associate editors, Daniel B. Jones, Frank B. Pomposelli, Gilbert R. Upchurch Jr. ; assistant editors, V. Suzanne Klimberg, Steven D. Schwaitzberg, Kirby I. Bland. 6th ed.
Flaps and grafts in dermatologic surgery / [edited by] Thomas E. Rohrer, Jonathan L. Cook, Andrew J. Kaufman. Second edition.
Flaps and reconstructive surgery / [edited by] Fu-Chan Wei, Samir Mardini. 2nd edition.
Foot and ankle surgery / [edited by] Glenn B. Pfeffer, Mark E. Easley, Beat Hintermann, Andrew K. Sands, Alastair Younger. Second edition.
Getting your research paper published : a surgical perspective / edited by Mohit Bhandari, Anders Joensson.
Grabb and Smith's plastic surgery. Seventh edition /
Green's operative hand surgery / editor-in-chief, Scott W. Wolfe ; editors, Robert N. Hotchkiss, William C. Pederson, Scott H. Kozin, Mark S. Cohen. Seventh edition.
Greenfield's surgery : scientific principles and practice / editors, Michael W. Mulholland ... [et al.] ; illustrations by Holly R. Fischer. 5th ed.
Haimovici's vascular surgery. 6th ed. /
Hand and upper extremity reconstruction / edited by Kevin C. Chung.
Hand and wrist surgery / [edited by] Kevin C. Chung. Third edition.
Head and neck reconstruction / edited by Charles E. Butler.
Head and neck surgery / editor, Robert L. Ferris ; series editor, Eugene N. Myers. 1st edition.
Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery / edited by O. James Garden, Rowan W. Parks. 5th ed.
Hinman's atlas of pediatric urologic surgery / Frank Hinman Jr., Laurence S. Baskin ; illustrated by Paul H. Stempen ; illustrations supplemented by Jeanne Koelling. 2nd ed.
Hinman's atlas of urosurgical anatomy. 2nd ed. /
Hip arthritis surgery / [edited by] James P. Waddell.
Hughes, Mansel & Webster's benign disorders and diseases of the breast. 3rd ed. /
Hysterectomy for benign disease / Mark D. Walters, Matthew D. Barber ; illustrated by Joe Chovan.
Insall & Scott surgery of the knee / editor-in-chief, W. Norman Scott ; associate editors, David R. Diduch, Richard Iorio, William J. Long. Sixth edition.
Intraoperative consultation / [edited by] Alberto Marchevsky, Fadi W. Abdul-Karim, Bonnie Balzer.
Intraoperative echocardiography / [edited by] Donald C. Oxorn. 1st ed.
Introduction to the operating room / edited by Amalia Cochran, Ruth Braga.
Jatin Shah's head and neck surgery and oncology / Jatin P. Shah, Snehal G. Patel, Bhuvanesh Singh. 4th ed.
Johns Hopkins textbook of cardiothoracic surgery / edited by David D. Yuh [and others]. 2nd ed.
Kirk's general surgical operations. Sixth edition /
Kirklin/Barratt-Boyes cardiac surgery : morphology, diagnostic criteria, natural history, techniques, results, and indications / Nicholas T. Kouchoukos ... [et al.]. 4th ed.
Knee surgery / [edited by] Mark D. Miller, James A. Browne, Brian J. Cole, Andrew J. Cosgarea, Brett D. Owens. Second edition.
Kuerer's breast surgical oncology / [editor:] Henry M. Kuerer.
Local flaps in facial reconstruction / [edited by] Shan R. Baker. Third edition.
M.D. Anderson surgical oncology handbook / editors, Barry W. Feig, C. Denise Ching. Fifth edition.
Maingot's abdominal operations.
Mann's surgery of the foot and ankle / [edited by] Michael J. Coughlin, Charles Saltzman, Robert B. Anderson. Ninth edition.
Manual of common bedside surgical procedures / by the Halsted residents of the Johns Hopkins Hospital ; editors, Herbert Chen, Christopher J. Sonnenday ; consulting editor, Keith D. Lillemoe. 2nd ed.
Manual of surgical pathology / [edited by] Susan C. Lester. 3rd ed.
Master techniques in facial rejuvenation / [edited by] Babak Azizzadeh, Mark R. Murphy, Calvin M. Johnson, Jr.
Master techniques in rhinoplasty / [edited by] Babak Azizzadeh ... [et al.].
Mastery of endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery / edited by Lee L. Swanstrom, Nathaniel J. Soper ; in conjunction with Michael E. Leonard. 4th ed.
Maxillofacial trauma & esthetic facial reconstruction / [edited by] Peter Ward Booth, Barry L. Eppley, Rainer Schmelzeisen. Second edition.
McGlamry's comprehensive textbook of foot and ankle surgery. 4th ed. /
McGraw-Hill manual. Colorectal surgery / Andreas M. Kaiser.
McGraw-Hill manual. Endocrine surgery / [edited by] Shane Y. Morita, Alan P.B. Dackiw, Martha A. Zeiger.
Medical management of the thoracic surgery patient / [edited by] Michael I. Lewis, Robert J. McKenna Jr. ; associate editors, Jeremy A. Falk, George E. Chaux.
Medical-surgical nursing : clinical reasoning in patient care / Priscilla LeMone, RN, DSN, FAAN, Associate Professor Emeritus, Sinclair School of Nursing, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, Karen Burke, RN, MS, Education Consultant, Astoria, Oreg Sixth edition.
Midface surgery / edited by Cláudio Cardoso de Castro, Kristin A. Boehm.
Minimally invasive facial rejuvenation / edited by Farzad R. Nahai, Foad Nahai.
Minimally invasive percutaneous spinal techniques / [edited by] Daniel H. Kim, Yong-Chul Kim, Kyung-Hoon Kim. 1st ed.
Minimally invasive periodontal therapy : clinical techniques and visualization technology / edited by Stephen K. Harrel, Thomas G. Wilson, Jr.
Minimally invasive thoracic and cardiac surgery : textbook and atlas / Rolf Gilbert Carl Inderbitzi ... [et al.], editors.
Modern surgical pathology / [edited by] Noel Weidner ... [et al.].
Mont Reid surgical handbook / the University of Cincinnati residents from the Department of Surgery, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine ; editor-in-chief, Wolfgang Stehr. Sixth edition
Motion preservation surgery of the spine : advanced techniques and controversies / [edited by] James J. Yue ... [et al.].
Munro Kerr's operative obstetrics / Thomas F. Baskett, Andrew A. Calder, Sabaratnam Arulkumaran ; illustrations by Ian Ramsden. Twelfth edition.
Nasal reconstruction : art and practice / Frederick J. Menick.
Netter's surgical anatomy and approaches / Conor P. Delaney ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter.
Newborn surgery / edited by Prem Puri. 3rd ed.
Noyes' knee disorders : surgery, rehabilitation, clinical outcomes / editor, Frank R. Noyes ; associate editor, Sue D. Barber-Westin. Second edition.
Oculoplastic surgery / by John A. Long.
Odze and Goldblum surgical pathology of the GI tract, liver, biliary tract, and pancreas / [edited by] Robert D. Odze, John R. Goldblum. Third edition.
Oesophagogastric surgery / edited by S. Michael Griffin ; assistant editors, Simon A. Raimes, Jon Shenfine. 5th ed.
Oncoplastic surgery of the breast / [edited by] Maurice Y. Nahabedian.
Operative elbow surgery / [edited by] David Stanley, Ian A. Trail.
Operative otolaryngology : head and neck surgery / editors, Eugene N. Myers, Carl H. Snyderman. Third edition
Operative pediatric surgery / [edited by] Moritz M. Ziegler, MD, Richard G. Azizkhan, MD, PhD (Hon), Daniel von Allmen, MD, Thomas R. Weber, MD. 2nd edition
Operative techniques : sports medicine surgery / Bruce Reider, Michael A. Terry, Matthew T. Provencher.
Operative techniques in orthopaedic surgery / Sam W. Wiesel, editor-in-chief.
Operative techniques in orthopaedic trauma surgery / editors, Paul Tornetta III ... [et al.].
Ophthalmic surgery : principles and practice / George L. Spaeth ... [et al.]. 4th ed.
Oral and maxillofacial surgery / [edited by] Raymond. J. Fonseca. Third edition.
Orthognathic surgery : principles, planning and practice / edited by Farhad B. Naini, Daljit S. Gill.
Orthopaedic surgical approaches / [editors] Mark D. Miller [and 5 others]. Second edition.
Orthopaedic trauma surgery / [edited by] Emil H. Schemitsch, Michael D. McKee.
Otolaryngology : head & neck surgery : clinical reference guide / Raza Pasha, Justin S. Golub. Fourth edition.
Otologic surgery / [edited by] Derald E. Brackmann, Clough Shelton, Moisés A. Arriaga. Fourth edition.
Pearson's thoracic & esophageal surgery. 3rd ed. /
Pediatric orthopaedic surgery / [edited by] Mininder S. Kocher, Michael B. Millis.
Pediatric surgery. 7th ed. /
Percutaneous surgery of the upper urinary tract : handbook of endourology / edited by Petrişor A. Geavlete.
Perioperative medicine : managing for outcome / [edited by] Mark F. Newman, Lee A. Fleisher, Mitchell P. Fink.
Plastic surgery : indications and practice / Bahman Guyuron ... [et al.], [editors]. 1st ed.
Plastic surgery secrets / [edited by] Jeffrey Weinzweig. 2nd ed.
Plastic surgery. 4th ed. /
Pocket journal club : essential articles in general surgery / [edited by] Laura M. Mazer, Kiran Lagisetty, Kathryn L. Butler.
Primer in cartilage repair and joint preservation of the knee / edited by Tom Minas.
Primer of arthroscopy / Mark D. Miller, A. Bobby Chhabra, Marc R. Safran. 1st ed.
Principles & practice of surgery / edited by O. James Garden ... [et al.]. 6th ed.
Principles and practice of lymphedema surgery / [edited by] Ming-Huei Cheng, David W. Chang, Ketan M. Patel. First edition.
Principles and practice of wrist surgery / [edited by] David J. Slutsky.
Principles of hand surgery and therapy / [edited by] Thomas E. Trumble, Ghazi M. Rayan, Jeffrey E. Budoff, Mark E. Baratz, David J. Slutsky. Third edition.
Quick answers surgery / [edited by] Gerard M. Doherty ... [et al.].
Reconstructive foot and ankle surgery : management of complications / Mark S. Myerson. 2nd ed.
Reducing risks and complications of interventional pain procedures / volume editors Matthew T. Ranson, Jason E. Pope.
Retina and vitreous surgery / edited by Abdhish R. Bhavsar.
Rhinology and skull base surgery : from the lab to the operating room : an evidence-based approach / edited by Christos Georgalas, Wytske Fokkens.
Rhinoplasty / Bahman Guyuron.
Robotics and digital guidance in ENT-H&N surgery / [edited by] Bernard Lombard, Philippe Céruse ; with the contribution of Nicolas Andreff [and fifty-one others].
Robotics in urologic surgery / [edited by] Joseph A. Smith, Jr., Ashutosh Tewari.
Rosai and Ackerman's surgical pathology / [edited by] John R. Goldblum, Laura W. Lamps, Jesse K. McKenney, Jeffrey L. Myers. 11th edition.
Rutherford's vascular surgery / [edited by] Jack L. Cronenwett, K. Wayne Johnston. Eighth edition.
Sabiston & Spencer surgery of the chest / [edited by] Frank W. Sellke, Pedro J. del Nido, Scott J. Swanson. Ninth edition.
Sabiston textbook of surgery : the biological basis of modern surgical practice / [edited by] Courtney M. Townsend, Jr, R. Daniel Beauchamp, B. Mark Evers, Kenneth L. Mattox. 20th edition.
Schwartz's principles of surgery / editor-in-chief, F. Charles Brunicardi ; associate editors, Dana K. Andersen ... [et al.].
Scientific American surgery.
Sclerotherapy : treatment of varicose and telangiectatic leg veins / editors, Mitchel P. Goldman, Jean-Jérôme Guex, Robert A. Weiss. 5th ed.
Scott-Conner & Dawson essential operative techniques and anatomy / Carol E.H. Scott-Conner, David L. Dawson. Fourth edition.
Shackelford's surgery of the alimentary tract / [edited by] Charles J. Yeo. 7th ed.
Shoulder and elbow surgery / [edited by] Donald H. Lee, Robert J. Neviaser. 1st ed.
Spine surgery / [edited by] Alexander R. Vaccaro, Eli M. Baron. Third edition.
Stell and Maran's textbook of head and neck surgery and oncology. 5th ed.
Sternberg's diagnostic surgical pathology / editor, Stacey E. Mills, MD, W.S. Royster Professor of Pathology, Section Chief of Anatomic Pathology, Director of Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology, University of Virginia Health System, Charlottesville, Vir Sixth edition.
Surgery / [edited by] Barry D. Mann.
Surgery for urinary incontinence / Roger Dmochowski, Mickey Karram, W. Stuart Reynolds ; illustrated by Joe Chovan.
Surgery of the hip / [edited by] Daniel J. Berry, Jay R. Lieberman.
Surgery of the liver, pancreas, and biliary tract / [edited by] Leslie H. Blumgart. 4th ed.
Surgery of the skin : procedural dermatology / editors, June K. Robinson, C. William Hanke, Daniel Mark Siegel, Alina Fratila ; video editors Ashish C. Bhatia, Thomas E. Rohrer. Third edition.
Surgery of the thyroid and parathyroid glands / [edited by] Gregory W. Randolph.
Surgery review illustrated / Lisa McElroy, Travis Webb. Second edition.
Surgical anatomy around the orbit : the system of zones / editor, Barry M. Zide ; illustrator: Craig A. Luce, M.S. ; associate prosectors: Sean Boutros, M.D., skilled surgeon and one of NYU's finest residents and recent graduates, and Arthur Millman, M.D.
Surgical management of benign esophageal disorders : the "Chicago approach" / P. Marco Fisichella [and others], editors.
Surgical management of pelvic organ prolapse / Mickey Karram, Christopher F. Maher. 1st ed.
Surgical management of spinal deformities / [edited by] Thomas J. Errico, Baron S. Lonner, Andrew W. Moulton.
Surgical patient safety : a case-based approach / editor, Philip F. Stahel.
Surgical techniques of the shoulder, elbow, and knee in sports medicine / edited by Brian J. Cole, Jon K. Sekiya ; associate editors, Geoffrey S. Van Thiel, Jack G. Skendzel. Second edition.
Surgical technology for the surgical technologist : a positive care approach / Association of Surgical Technologists. Fourth edition.
Surgical treatment of hip arthritis : reconstruction, replacement, and revision / edited by William J. Hozack, Javad Parvizi, Benjamin Bender.
Taneja's complications of urologic surgery : diagnosis, prevention, and management / [edited by] Samir S. Taneja, MD, The James M. Neissa and Janet Riha Neissa Professor of Urologic Oncology, Professor of Urology and Radiology, Director, Division of Urolo Fifth edition.
Techniques in hip arthroscopy and joint preservation surgery / by Jon K. Sekiya ... [et al.].
Techniques in revision hip and knee arthroplasty / Giles R. Scuderi, Alfred J. Tria, Jr., William J. Long, Michael N. Kang.
Tendon surgery of the hand / editor-in-chief, Jin Bo Tang ; editors, Peter C. Amadio, Jean-Claude Guimberteau, James Chang ; contributing editors, David Elliot, Judy Colditz. 1st ed.
Textbook of complex general surgical oncology / edited by Shane Y. Morita, Charles M. Balch, V. Suzanne Klimberg, Timothy M. Pawlik, Mitchell C. Posner, Kenneth K. Tanabe.
Textbook of spinal surgery / editors in chief, Keith H. Bridwell, Ronald L. DeWald ; associate editors, Peter Angevine ... [et al.] ; managing editor for Dr. Bridwell, Theresa M. Iffrig. 3rd ed.
Textbook of the cervical spine / [edited by] Francis H. Shen, Dino Samartzis and Richard G. Fessler.
Thyroid surgery : preventing and managing complications / edited by Paolo Miccoli ... [et al.].
Total knee replacement / [edited by] Arlen D. Hanssen, W. Norman Scott.
Transsphenoidal surgery / [edited by] Edward R. Laws, Giuseppe Lanzino. 1st ed.
Trauma manual : trauma and acute care surgery / editors, Andrew B. Peitzman, MD, Mark M. Ravitch professor, Chief, Trauma and General Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA [and fo Fourth edition.
Urogynecology and reconstructive pelvic surgery / [edited by] Mark D. Walters and Mickey M. Karram. Fourth edition.
Urologic surgery for the gynecologist and urogynecologist : female pelvic surgery / [edited by] John B. Gebhart ; illustrated by Joe Chovan. 1st ed.
Urologic surgical pathology / David G. Bostwick, Liang Cheng, editors. Third edition.
Vaginal surgery for the urologist / [edited by] Victor W. Nitti, Nirit Rosenblum, Benjamin M. Brucker ; illustrated by Joe Chovan. 1st ed.
Vascular and endovascular surgery : a comprehensive review / [edited by] Wesley S. Moore. 8th ed.
Vascular and endovascular surgery / edited by Jonathan D. Beard, Ian Loftus, Peter A. Gaines. 5th ed.
Vascular surgery. Hybrid, venous, dialysis access, thoracic outlet, and lower extremeity procedures / edited by R. Clement Darling III, C. Keith Ozaki.
Video atlas : liver, biliary & pancreatic surgery / Leslie H. Blumgart ; with laparoscopic video contributions from Carlos U. Corvera.
Video atlas of advanced minimally invasive surgery / [edited by] Constantine T. Frantzides, Mark A. Carlson ; illustrations by DNA Illustrations, Inc.
Video atlas of oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery / edited by Bobby Korn, Don Kikkawa. Second edition.
Washington manual of surgery / editors, Mary E. Klingensmith [and others] ; foreword by Timothy J. Eberlein. 6th ed.
Zollinger's atlas of surgical operations / E. Christopher Ellison, Robert M. Zollinger, Jr. Tenth edition.