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Genetics, Medical

Clinical genomics : practical applications in adult patient care / editors, Michael F. Murray, Mark W. Babyatsky, Monica A. Giovanni ; associate editors, Fowzan S. Alkuraya, Douglas R. Stewart.
Clinical genomics / edited by Shashikant Kulkarni M.S. (Medicine)., PhD. FACMG, John Pfeifer M.D., PhD.
Color atlas of genetics / Eberhard Passarge ; with 189 color plates prepared by Jürgen Wirth. 4th ed., rev. and upd.
Emery and Rimoin's principles and practice of medical genetics / edited by David L. Rimoin, Reed E. Pyeritz and Bruce Korf. [6th ed.].
Emery's elements of medical genetics / Peter Turnpenny, Sian Ellard. 14th ed.
Essentials of medical genomics / Stuart M. Brown ; with contributions by John G. Hay and Harry Ostrer.
From genome to therapy : integrating new technologies with drug development / [editors: Gregory R. Bock, Dalia Cohen, and Jamie A. Goode].
Gene therapy technologies, applications, and regulations : from laboratory to clinic / edited by Anthony Meager.
Genetic diagnosis of endocrine disorders / edited by Roy E. Weiss, Samuel Refetoff. Second edition.
Genetics and tuberculosis.
Genomic and precision medicine : cardiovascular disease / edited by Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, Huntington F. Willard. Third edition.
Genomic and precision medicine : foundations, translation, and implementation / edited by Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, Huntington F. Willard. Third edition.
Genomic and precision medicine. Primary care / edited by Sean P. David ; series editors, Geoffrey S. Ginsburd, Huntington F. Willard. Third edition.
Genomic imprinting and uniparental disomy in medicine : clinical and molecular aspects / Eric Engel, Stylianos E. Antonarakis ; with contributions by Célia D. Delozier-Blanchet and Robert Lyle.
Genomics and personalized medicine : what everyone needs to know / Michael Snyder.
Human genetics and genomics / Bruce R. Korf, Mira B. Irons. 4th ed.
Introduction to molecular medicine and gene therapy / edited by Thomas F. Kresina.
Medical genetics : an integrated approach / G. Bradley Schaefer, James N. Thompson, Jr.
Medical genetics / Lynn B. Jorde, John C. Carey, Michael J. Bamshad. Fifth edition.
Medical genetics at a glance / Dorian J. Pritchard, Bruce R. Korf. 3rd ed.
Molecular medicine : genomics to personalized healthcare / Ronald J. Trent. 4th ed.
Personalized epigenetics / Trygve O. Tollefsbol.
Practical guide to neurogenetics / [edited by] Thomas T. Warner, Simon R. Hammans.
Precision medicine : a guide to genomics in clinical practice / Jeanette J. McCarthy, Bryce A. Mendelsohn.
Scriver's OMMBID : the online metabolic & molecular bases of inherited disease / editors, Charles R. Scriver ... [et al.].
Statistical human genetics : methods and protocols / edited by Robert C. Elston. Second edition
Thompson & Thompson genetics in medicine / Robert L. Nussbaum, Roderick R. McInnes, Huntington F. Willard, Ada Hamosh. Eighth edition.
Translating gene therapy to the clinic : techniques and approaches / edited by Jeffrey Laurence, Michael Franklin.
Vector targeting for therapeutic gene delivery / edited by David T. Curiel, Joanne T. Douglas.