The search.HSLS feature allows you to access HSLS and Pitt resources quickly via a keyword search. Each tab searches a different pool of resources.

The Pitt Resources tab offers a quick search of PITTCat, the online catalog. Use it to retrieve the titles of books, journals, electronic resources, and more from any Pitt library. Enter a keyword, or try typing the first part of a title. For popular searches, a drop-down menu will appear, offering an autocomplete option. Click on the Search button to retrieve a list of titles. Resources available online from HSLS are listed first, in a highlighted box at the top of the results list, with links to the full text. Other entries link to the PITTCat record for more information.

The PubMed Articles tab searches by keyword for articles in the fields of health and biomedical sciences. Links connect to the PubMed entry for each article, and full text availability is listed.

The E-Book Full Text tab searches the content of over 1,000 electronic books in the HSLS collection. Enter a keyword search, and relevant chapters or sections of e-books are listed. The links connect to the full text.


  • Want to limit a search? Try the clusters on the left side of the results screen to narrow down a search with too many results.
  • Want to run the same search in a different tab? After running a search in one tab, click a new tab at the top of the search.HSLS box to automatically run it again on another set of resources.