HSLS Technology Services Policies
  1. Technology users must be students, faculty, or staff of the University of Pittsburgh’s schools of the Health Sciences. Other University of Pittsburgh users may be approved with associated health sciences academic work. All others will be asked to leave.
  2. The Falk Library Technology Help Desk supports the research, academic and clinical activities of our patrons. Computer usage related to these activities is given top priority. Those pursuing other activities may be asked to relinquish the computer.
  3. Falk Library technology users must adhere to U.S. Copyright rules and regulations in regards to document and image scanning, CD-ROM and DVD creation, software usage, and computer based files. No files are to be served from Falk Library technology.
  4. Computer access is by University of Pittsburgh Computing Accounts. Usage logs are kept and become the property of the University of Pittsburgh.
  5. Use of Falk Library computers or any other HSLS technology to view pornographic material is prohibited.
  6. Falk Library’s Technology Help Desk will provide assistance with HSLS supported software only.
  7. Computers left unused for more than ten minutes will be logged off.
  8. A 90-minute time limit for the book scanner and scanning computer is enforced.
  9. Food is not permitted in Falk Library. Beverage containers MUST have lids or caps.
  10. Patrons may borrow technology equipment using only their own valid Panther Card ID. Gold ID cards are not accepted.
  11. Overdue fines are applicable for items not returned on time. Patrons are allowed up to three forgives per semester before fines will be enforced. Repeated failure to return items on time will result in loss of borrowing privileges.
  12. Patrons are responsible for the condition and full return of borrowed equipment. Equipment that is not returned, stolen, or damaged will be subject to item replacement fees.
  13. Falk Library upper floor services, including printing, computer use, and equipment circulation, are shut down 15 minutes before the library closes. No exceptions will be made at any time.

Failure to comply with these policies and guidelines may result in suspension of library privileges or other appropriate disciplinary actions.

Group Study Room Policies

Who can use the rooms?

University of Pittsburgh students, faculty, and staff with a valid Pitt ID, belonging to the schools of the Health Sciences. If you are outside of the health sciences schools, please contact the Technology Help Desk for approval.

Rooms A-C and F-H must be used by groups of 2-8 people. Room D and E are available for single users.

Rooms are designated for studying; they are not to be used for meetings, classroom instruction, storage of belongings, or sleeping.

How do I book a room?

Use the online booking system or stop by the Technology Help Desk. Bookings will be taken up to 4 days in advance.

How long can I use the room?

You can book a room for 30-minute blocks, up to four hours at a time. You may use the room again later in the day, but you must wait at least 1 hour between reservations. If booking online, you will need to confirm your booking through a link in your email.

If you arrive before the rest of your group, you can hold your room for 15 minutes. The group must arrive within 15 minutes to keep the booking.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you book online, you can cancel at any time by clicking the link in your email. Otherwise, contact the Technology Help Desk.

If you do not pick up your key within 15 minutes of your booking, your booking will be cancelled.

During the booking, you may not leave your room for more than 15 minutes at a time, and you may not leave the library. Those who leave the room for a length of time will forfeit their booking.

What equipment is provided?

When you reserve a room, you receive a key to unlock the door. The key must not be taken out of the library.

Each room is equipped with a flat screen monitor, HDMI and VGA inputs, and power outlets. You may borrow a laptop and connector cables with your Pitt ID.

Whiteboards may be brought into the rooms, but they cannot be placed in front of the door. Please return the whiteboards to the library and the markers to the desk when finished.

Room E contains video recording equipment for practicing and reviewing presentations. Priority is given to those booking the room for video recording purposes.

You are responsible for the room equipment, keys, and any other items checked out to your Pitt ID during your reservation. Late returns will be forgiven up to three times per semester. After that, there is a $10 per hour charge for overdue equipment, and damage/replacements fees are applicable.

HSLS assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage to personal property left in a room at any time.

What else am I responsible for when using a room?

Noise level must not disturb other patrons.

Furniture and equipment may not be moved into or out of a study room.

Eating is not permitted in the library, including study rooms. Open containers of food are subject to immediate confiscation and disposal.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in suspension of study room privileges. HSLS retains the right to refuse bookings or service.

Laptop and Tablet Policies
  1. HSLS patrons with a valid University ID (Gold cards excluded) may borrow a Windows laptop, MacBook, iPad, or Android tablet for a 4-hour checkout period.
  2. Laptops and tablets can be renewed in person at the Falk Library's upper floor Technology Help Desk, or online, for an additional 4-hour checkout period.
  3. Laptops and tablets may be taken outside of Falk Library but must be returned to the Technology Help Desk upon the end of the 4-hour checkout period to avoid late fines.
  4. Laptops and tablets are configured to access the wireless Pitt network through University of Pittsburgh access points. Only HSLS patrons with a valid University Computing Account are eligible to use the University wireless network. There are no guest accounts available.
  5. Laptops and tablets are circulated on a first come, first served basis.
  6. Users are responsible for the careful handling of HSLS laptops and tablets. Laptops and tablets should not be left unattended. Users who damage the equipment through negligence or carelessness will be subject to fines or fees.
  7. When the laptop or tablet is restarted or returned to the Help Desk, any user-loaded application software or data files will be removed from the laptop or tablet. If needed, the Technology Help Desk circulates USB flash drives overnight.
Lending Periods and Overdue Fees
  1. Please return or renew the item at Falk Library's Technology Help Desk before the due time to avoid overdue fines. Overdue fines may be forgiven a maximum of three times per semester.
  2. All equipment, including laptops, tablets, phone charging cords, and headphones are to be returned before the Technology Help Desk closes; due times will be adjusted accordingly. Flash drives are the only equipment that may be taken out overnight.
ItemCheckout PeriodOverdue feeCan take out of the library?
Laptop, Macbook, iPad, Android tablet, headphones, mobile power station, Mac power adapter, display cords, phone charging cables 4 hours $10/hour Yes
Lightbox 1.5 hours *no renewals $10/hour Yes
Flash Drive Before close the next day $10/day Yes, can take overnight