Accommodations for HSLS Classes and Workshops

Accommodation requests should be emailed to the class instructor prior to the class. Please make your accommodation request as early as possible before the class takes place (five days is recommended). For any other questions regarding accommodations for classes, please contact the Technology Help Desk.

Virtual and in person classes

  • Several free software programs, browser extensions, websites, and computer settings are available for accessibility needs such as text-to-speech, focus, and changing reading level. Please review the Accessible Technology list, and add the name of the appropriate program, extension, website, or setting to your request. JAWS, a screen reader program, is also provided on all classroom computers.
  • Instructional materials created by HSLS and shared for a workshop or class are in compliance with the Electronic Information and Technology Accessibility policy.

In person classes only

  • Classes are held inside classrooms and conference rooms within the library. Conference Room B is on the library’s main floor. Classroom 2 is on the library’s upper floor.
  • Unless otherwise stated in the class description, desktop computers and/or laptops are provided for classes and are configured with software and files used in the class. You may be able to bring your own laptop as an accommodation. Please let us know if you use a Mac, Windows, or other device. We will contact you regarding any software or file installation logistics prior to the class.
  • Arm and wrist rests, enlarged keyboard labels, keyboard guards, trackball mice, headphones, and/or mini-keyboards can be set up in advance at a classroom computer. If you plan to bring your own equipment to use with the computer, please let us know the item model so any drivers or accompanying software can be installed on a class computer.
  • Proximity to certain room features (near the room exit, near a screen, near the instructor, available power outlet) or desk access for wheelchairs may be arranged through reserved seating.
  • Instructors can speak into a microphone that is connected to a speaker. Speakers can be placed near a requested area of the room to improve audibility.