Annual Review, Promotion and Termination of Faculty Librarians

HSLS librarians follow the University guidelines/policies in the Faculty Handbook and the Office of Human Resources for recruitment and appointments:

HSLS Faculty Librarians do not have expectation of continuing employment, and all Faculty Librarians are on one-year contracts. New or less experienced librarians are appointed as Librarian I. Pending documented satisfactory advancement for two years, Faculty Librarians I are recommended for promotion to Librarian II by their supervisor or may request promotion on their own. Promotion to Librarian III after that is dependent on Faculty Librarians’ ability to meet the criteria for that rank as outlined in the Faculty Handbook. Librarian IV and Librarian V rank is reserved for those demonstrating significant progressive career achievement and supervisory/managerial responsibilities as described in the Faculty Handbook.

Each Faculty Librarian submits an annual self-review recounting accomplishments of the past year and goals for the coming year, which forms the basis for the written annual review by their supervisor. The Faculty Librarian meets with their supervisor to discuss, and each signs the review if they are in agreement. The Faculty Librarian has the option not to sign the review and to submit a rebuttal if they are not in agreement.

In the infrequent situations wherein a librarian’s contract is not renewed due to documented poor performance or other reason such as loss of funding, the librarian is notified as specified in the University of Pittsburgh Faculty Handbook and in consultation with Faculty Affairs in the Provost’s Office. This may be appealed as outlined in the Faculty Handbook.

Reviewed 2021-01-11