Art on the Brain exhibit


On display at Falk Library from March 25 through May 31, 2019. Free and open to the public during regular library hours.

Upcoming Events:

Take part in our brainy coloring contest! Submit a coloring page in the library by May 15, and vote for your favorite entry between May 17-24. Winner(s) to be announced by May 31.

Introducing the Brain Image Library: A Volumetric Brain Data Repository for Neuroscience Research on May 29 from 1-2 p.m. at Falk Library's upper floor study area.

Past Events:

Your Brain on Art: Activities by Pitt's Center for Creativity was held on April 24, 2019. Event photos and recap in the Finals Week De-Stress Activities at HSLS article.

Artist Greg Dunn visited HSLS for the Self Reflected event on April 3, 2019, which included a lecture and reception.

HSLS held the workshop Free Tools for Making Art from Science on April 1, 2019.

Visitor Information:

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Scaife Hall is located on the University of Pittsburgh campus at 3550 Terrace Street, Pittsburgh PA 15261. The entrance to Falk Library is on the second floor of Scaife Hall, please be aware that ongoing construction may limit normal points of access.

Exhibit description:

Framed artwork by Greg Dunn on display in Falk Library

Biology is an extremely photogenic science. Looking at spectacular shots of coral reef, or staring in awe at colorful images of neural pathways, we often marvel at the sheer beauty of nature.

The exhibit Art on the Brain centers around Dr. Greg Dunn, neuroscientist and artist, who combines his two passions to create art based on scientific data. He sees beauty in the intricate structure of a brain, which is portrayed in his paintings.

The exhibit at Falk Library presents several of Dunn’s prints: Olfactory Bulb, Synaptogenesis, Basket & Pyramidals, Retina in Inks, and Visual Cortex. The focal work of the exhibit is Self Reflected, a micro-etched print on aluminized polymer. The micro-etching technique is a type of handmade lithography invented by Dr. Greg Dunn along with physicist Dr. Brian Edwards. When Self Reflected is illuminated, it features animated reflective effects of micro-etchings, a dancing light effect that can only be fully experienced in person. The light itself shows how the brain is working – the total experience being a true reflection of what is happening in our own minds when we observe the artwork.

In addition to the featured artwork, visitors are encouraged to view stunning imagery on display by Pitt’s own Center for Biologic Imaging Department. In conjunction with the exhibit, creative relaxation stations will give students and professionals alike the opportunity to reframe their state of mind. Try out our artful apps and jigsaw puzzles, or compete for best coloring page to win a cool neural-themed prize.

Scaife Hall, Falk Library, Upper Floor Study Area
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