Construction News

Falk Library of the Health Sciences Image
October 14, 2019

Falk Library has a new look…again! As the work for the Scaife Hall West Wing continues, additional space adjustments within the library were needed. During the week of October 14, a first floor redesign was implemented, creating over 40 personal workspaces. All workspaces have power options, some include supplemental lighting and shelf space, while others have been outfitted with Windows or Mac technology. Standing desks and table-based seating is also available. ... Read full article

Library study spaces
August 23, 2019

Falk Library has seen many changes recently. The group study rooms, upper floor study lounge, and main floor group study area have closed, and temporary construction walls have gone up. ... Read full article

Falk Library Basket Ball Court photo
July 11, 2019

As the Scaife Hall West Wing addition becomes closer to reality, Falk Library continues to change and evolve to meet the challenges presented by a large scale demolition and construction project. Along with the Group Study Rooms, the Falk Library upper floor study lounge will be closing on July 27, 2019.

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Second floor group study rooms
June 26, 2019

In August 2006, Falk Library was excited to announce a new option for studying in the library, four group study rooms located on the library’s upper floor. To meet student demand, four additional group study areas were added in 2013. A popular destination, the rooms were used over 2,500 times by Pitt health sciences students totaling over 8,000 usage hours. 

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Book Shelf Image
May 2, 2019
Starting on May 1st, 2019, professional library movers will begin the process of plotting and tagging the majority of Falk’s physical collection to prepare for 5 days of packing, relocating and unpacking books and journals in their new Thomas Blvd. home for the duration of the Scaife Hall construction project. ... Read full article
Falk Library of the Health Sciences Image
May 2, 2019
The journey to new Falk Library begins! In preparation for the fall 2019 Scaife Hall West Wing construction project, Falk Library will be evolving! Updated study and work spaces, technology upgrades and a new History of Medicine room are on the way. ... Read full article