Hoops not Included; Falk’s Upper Floor Study Lounge

As the Scaife Hall West Wing addition becomes closer to reality, Falk Library continues to change and evolve to meet the challenges presented by a large scale demolition and construction project. Along with the Group Study Rooms, the Falk Library upper floor study lounge will be closing on July 27, 2019.

Created in 2005 as a solution to a challenging flooding problem, the upper floor lounge has been an important space for the library and has inspired the design of similar areas within the new library space. In honor of the “Basketball Court” (as the upper floor lounge is often called), several key points:

  • In addition to providing 44 study seats, the lounge served as the library’s main exhibit space, a reception and orientation area, and as a flexible nontraditional classroom.
  • Its nickname—the “Basketball Court”—came about due to the area’s laminate wood flooring and length of the room.
  • In the past few years, Falk Library hosted over 50 events in the upper floor lounge including school orientations and instruction, the annual PalPITTations winter concert, HSLS Systemic Review Workshop classes, The “Brain Art” exhibit and reception, University Research Data town halls, the Springboard group, and the popular Scientists as Artists exhibit.
Falk Library Basket Ball Court photo