Data Services

HSLS Data Services offers support, consultations, and customized trainings to help you:

  • Organize your research data before, during, and after collection
    • Write a data management plan (DMP)
    • Use electronic research notebooks
    • Preserve your data for long-term use
  • Use data effectively
    • Create effective data visualizations
    • Locate existing datasets for reuse 
    • Cite datasets accurately 
  • Share your research data
    • Comply with data sharing policies
    • Identify appropriate data repositories 
    • Prepare datasets for sharing with documentation and metadata
  • Increase the reproducibility of your research
    • Create READMEs, data dictionaries, and code annotations
    • Manage code with version control
    • Select licenses for your code and datasets
    • Adopt principles of open science and join a community of open science practitioners