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2023-2024 perianesthesia nursing standards, practice recommendations and interpretive statements / ASPAN.

Anaesthesia, intensive care and perioperative medicine A-Z : an encyclopaedia of principles and practice / Steve M. Yentis, Nicholas P. Hirsch, James K. Ip.Sixth edition.

Anesthesia and uncommon diseases6th ed. /

Anesthesia complications in the dental office / editors, Robert C. Bosack, Stuart Lieblich.

Anesthesia equipment : principles and applications / editors, Jan Ehrenwerth, James B. Eisenkraft, James M. Berry.Third edition.

Anesthesia for congenital heart disease / Dean B. Andropoulos, editor in chief ; Stephen Stayer, Emad B. Mossad, Wanda C. Miller-Hance, editors.Third edition.

Anesthesia secrets / [edited by] Brian M. Keech, Ryan Laterza.Sixth edition.

Anesthesia technician & technologist's manual : all you need to know for study and reference / [edited by] Glenn Woodworth, Shannon Sayers-Rana, Jeffrey R. Kirsch.

Anesthesiologist's manual of surgical procedures / editor, Richard A. Jaffe ; associate editors, Clifford A. Schmiesing, Brenda Golianu.Sixth edition.

Atlas of ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia / Andrew T. Gray.Third edition.

Basic clinical anesthesia / edited by Paul K. Sikka, Shawn T. Beaman, James A. Street.

Brown's atlas of regional anesthesia / [edited by] Ehab Farag, Loran Mounir-Soliman, David L. Brown ; illustrations by Joe Kanasz (fifth and sixth edition), Jo Ann Clifford (fourth edition).Sixth edition

Certification review for perianesthesia nursing / [edited by] Theresa Clifford, Denise O'Brien.Fourth edition.

Chestnut's obstetric anesthesia : principles and practice / David H. Chestnut, Cynthia A. Wong, Lawrence C. Tsen, Warwick D. Ngan Kee, Yaakov Beilin, Jill M. Mhyre, Brian T. Bateman, Naveen Nathan.Sixth edition.

Clinical anesthesia / edited by Paul G. Barash, Bruce F. Cullen, Robert K. Stoelting, Michael K. Cahalan, M. Christine Stock, Rafael Ortega, Sam R. Sharar, Natalie F. Holt.Eighth edition.

Clinical anesthesia fundamentals edited by Paul G. Barash ... [et al.].

Clinical cases in anesthesia / [edited by] Allan Reed, Francine S. Yudkowitz.Fourth edition.

Cohen's comprehensive thoracic anesthesia / Edmond Cohen, MD, FASA.

Competency-based orientation program for the registered nurse in the perianesthesia setting 2019 edition / [edited by] Jennifer Allen, and Staci Obell.2019 edition.

Complications in anesthesia / [edited by] Lee A. Fleisher, Stanley H. Rosenbaum.Third edition

Complications in neuroanesthesia / edited by Hemanshu Prabhakar.

Controversies in the anesthetic management of the obese surgical patient Yigal Leykin, Jay B. Brodsky, editors.

Coté and Lerman's a practice of anesthesia for infants and children / [edited by] Charles Coté, Jerrold Lerman, Brian J. Anderson.Sixth edition.

Cottrell and Patel's neuroanesthesia / James E. Cottrell, Piyush Patel ; foreword by David S. Warner.Sixth edition.

Crisis management in anesthesiology / [edited by] David M. Gaba, Kevin J. Fish, Steven K. Howard, Amanda R. Burden.Second edition.

Essence of anesthesia practice / [edited by] Lee A. Fleisher, Michael F. Roizen, Jeffrey D. Roizen.Fourth edition

Essentials of equipment in anaesthesia, critical care, and peri-operative medicine / Baha Al-Shaikh, FCARCSI FRCA, Simon G. Stacey FRCA FFICM.Fifth edition.

Essentials of neuroanesthesia / edited by Hemanshu Prabhakar, Department of Neuroanaesthesiology and Critical Care, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India

Evidence-based practice of anesthesiology / [edited by] Lee A. Fleisher.Fourth edition.

Geriatric anesthesiology / J.G. Reves, Sheila Ryan Barnett, Julie R. McSwain, G. Alec Rooke, editors.Third edition.

Handbook of clinical anesthesia procedures of the Massachusetts General Hospital / [edited by] Richard M. Pino ; associate editors, Edward A. Bittner, Hovig V. Chitilian, Wilton C. Levine, Susan A. Vassallo.9th edition.

Handbook of local anesthesia / Stanley F. Malamed.Seventh edition.

Handbook of nitrous oxide and oxygen sedation Morris S. Clark, Ann L. Brunick.4th ed.

Hensley's practical approach to cardiothoracic anesthesia / editors, Glenn P. Gravlee, Andrew D. Shaw, Karsten Bartels.Sixth edition.

Kaplan's cardiac anesthesia : for cardiac and noncardiac surgery / editor, Joel A. Kaplan ; associate editors, John G.T. Augoustides, Gerard R. Manecke, Jr., Timothy Maus, David L. Reich.Seventh edition.

Kaplan's essentials of cardiac anesthesia for cardiac surgery / editor, Joel A. Kaplan ; associate editors, Brett Cronin, Timothy Maus.Second edition.

Kaplan's essentials of cardiac anesthesia for noncardiac surgery / editor, Joel A. Kaplan, Brett Cronin, Timothy Maus.

Laboratory animal anaesthesia / Paul Flecknell.Fourth edition.

Litman's basics of pediatric anesthesia / [edited by] Ronald S. Litman, Aditee Ambardekar.Third edition.

Local anesthesia for the dental hygienist / Demetra Daskalos Logothetis.Second edition.

Miller's anesthesia / editor-in-chief, Michael A. Gropper ; honorary editor, Ronald D. Miller ; co-editors, Neal H. Cohen [and four others].Ninth edition.

Miller's basics of anesthesia / Manuel C. Pardo Jr.Eighth edition.

Moderate procedural sedation and analgesia : question and answer approach / Michael Kost.First edition.

Morgan & Mikhail's clinical anesthesiology / John F. Butterworth IV, David C. Mackey, John D. Wasnick.Seventh edition.

Non-operating room anesthesia [edited by] Mark S. Weiss, Lee A. Fleisher.

Nurse anesthesia pocket guide : a resource for students and clinicians / Lynn Fitzgerald Macksey.Third edition.

Oral sedation for dental procedures in children / Stephen Wilson, editor.

Pathophysiology of disease : an introduction to clinical medicine / editors, Gary D. Hammer, Stephen J. McPhee.Eighth edition.

Pediatric anesthesia and emergency drug guide / Lynn Fitzgerald Macksey, MSN, RN, CRNA, Department of Anesthesiolgy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.Second edition.

Perianesthesia nursing care : a bedside guide for safe recovery / edited by Daphne Stannard, Dina A. Krenzischek.Second edition.

Pharmacology and physiology for anesthesia : foundations and clinical application / [edited by] Hugh C. Hemmings, Talmage D. Egan.Second edition.

Postoperative nausea and vomiting : a practical guide / edited by Tong Joo Gan, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York, USA and Ashraf S. Habib, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina, USA.

Practical approach to neuroanesthesia editors, Paul D. Mongan, Sulpicio G. Soriano III, Tod B. Sloan.

Practical approach to regional anesthesiology and acute pain medicine / editors, Joseph M. Neal, De Q.H. Tran, Francis V. Salinas ; editor of the previous editions, Michael F. Mulroy.Fifth edition.

Practical management of pain / [edited by] Honorio T. Benzon, James P. Rathmell, Christopher L. Wu, Dennis C. Turk, Charles E. Argoff, Robert W. Hurley, Andrea L. Chadwick.Sixth edition.

Sedation : a guide to patient management / Stanley F. Malamed.Sixth edition.

Smith and Aitkenhead's textbook of anaesthesia / edited by Jonathan Thompsonl, Iain Moppett, Matthew Wiles.Seventh edition.

Smith's anesthesia for infants and children / [edited by] Peter J. Davis, Franklyn P. Cladis.Tenth edition.

Stoelting's anesthesia and co-existing disease / edited by Roberta L. Hines, Stephanie B. Jones.Eighth edition.

Stoelting's pharmacology and physiology in anesthetic practice / Steven Shafer, James P. Rathmell, Pamela Flood.Fifth edition.

Trauma anesthesia / edited by Charles E. Smith.Second edition.

Ward's anaesthetic equipment6th ed. /

Yao & Artusio's anesthesiology problem-oriented patient management [edited by] Fun-Sun F. Yao, MD, Hugh C. Hemmings, Jr., MD, PhD, FRCA, Vinod Malhotra, MD, Jill Fong, MD.Ninth edition