E-books: Biotechnology

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Bionanotechnology : lessons from nature / David S. Goodsell.

Biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals : transforming proteins and genes into drugs / Rodney J.Y. Ho, Milo Gibaldi.

Guiding Icarus : merging bioethics with corporate interests / Rahul K. Dhanda ; foreword by Philip R. Reilly.

Life cycle decisions for biomedical data : the challenge of forecasting costs / Committee on Forecasting Costs for Preserving and Promoting Access to Biomedical Data, Board on Mathematical Sciences and Analytics, Committee on Applied and Theoretical Statistics, Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences; Board on Life Sciences, Division on Earth and Life Studies; Board on Research Data and Information, Policy and Global Affairs; a consensus study report of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine.

Orthopaedic biomaterials in research and practice / Kevin L. Ong, Jonathan Black, Scott Lovald. Second edition.

Principles and practice of clinical research / edited by John I. Gallin, Frederick P. Ognibene, Laura Lee Johnson. Fourth edition.

Tissue engineering of cartilage and bone / [editors, Gregory Bock, Jamie Goode].