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ACLS review made incredibly easy!.2nd ed.

Acute coronary syndromes : a companion to Braunwald's heart disease / [edited by] Pierre Theroux. 2nd ed.

Advanced approaches in echocardiography / [edited by] Linda D. Gillam, Catherine M. Otto.

Advanced cardiac imaging / edited by Koen Nieman, Oliver Gaemperli, Patrizio Lancellotti and Sven Plein.

Advanced practice nurse cardiovascular clinician / Kelley M. Anderson, editor.

Anderson's pediatric cardiology / editor-in-chief, Gil Wernovsky; associate editors, Robert H. Anderson, Krishna Kumar, Kathleen Mussatto, Andrew Redington, James S. Tweddell; video editor, Justin T. Tretter. Fourth Edition

Arrhythmia essentials / Brian Olshansky, Mina K. Chung, Steven M. Pogwizd, Nora Goldschlager. Second edition.

Arrhythmias in adult congenital heart disease : a case-based approach / Seshadri Balaji, Ravi Mandapati, Gary D. Webb.

Artificial hearts : the allure and ambivalence of a controversial medical technology / Shelley McKellar.

ASE's comprehensive echocardiography / [edited by] Roberto M. Lang, Steven A. Goldstein, Itzhak Kronzon, Bijoy K. Khandheria, Victor Mor-Avi. Second edition.

Atlas of 3D echocardiography / [edited by] Edward A. Gill.

Atlas of cardiac surgical techniques / editors, Frank W. Sellke, Marc Ruel. Second edition.

Atlas of nuclear cardiology : an imaging companion to Braunwald's heart disease / [edited by] Ami E. Iskandrian, Ernest V. Garcia. 1st ed.

Braunwald's heart disease : a textbook of cardiovascular medicine / edited by Douglas L. Mann, Douglas P. Zipes, Peter Libby, Robert O. Bonow ; founding editor and online editor Eugene Braunwald. Eleventh edition.

Cardiac electrophysiology : from cell to bedside / [edited by] Douglas P. Zipes, José Jalife, William G. Stevenson. Seventh edition.

Cardiac imaging : the requisites / [edited by] Lawrence M. Boxt, Suhny Abbara. Fourth edition.

Cardiac imaging / Claus D. Claussen [and others].

Cardiac intensive care / [edited by] David L. Brown. Third edition.

Cardiac pacing and ICDs / edited by Kenneth A. Ellenbogen, Karoly Kaszala. Sixth edition.

Cardiac pacing, defibrillation, and resynchronization : a clinical approach / edited by David L. Hayes, Samuel J. Asirvatham, Paul A. Friedman. 3rd ed.

Cardiac surgery essentials for critical care nursing / [edited by] Sonya Hardin & Roberta Kaplow. Third edition.

Cardiac surgery in the adult / [edited by] Lawrence H. Cohn, David H. Adams Fifth edition.

Cardiac surgery : operative technique / Donald B. Doty, John R. Doty ; with illustrations by Jill Rhead, Christy Krames. 2nd ed.

Cardiology : an integrated approach / [edited by] Adel Elmoselhi.

Cardiology secrets / [edited by] Glenn N. Levine. Fifth edition.

Cardiopulmonary bypass : principles and practice / edited by Glenn P. Gravlee ... [et al.]. 3rd ed.

Cardiovascular clinical trials : putting the evidence into practice / edited by Marcus Flather, Deepak L. Bhatt, Tobias Geisler.

Cardiovascular hemodynamics for the clinician / edited by George A. Stouffer. Second edition.

Cardiovascular imaging / [edited by] Vincent B. Ho, Gautham P. Reddy.

Cardiovascular intervention : a companion to Braunwald's heart disease / [edited by] Deepak L. Bhatt.

Cardiovascular magnetic resonance : a companion to Braunwald's heart disease / Warren J. Manning and Dudley J. Pennell. Third edition.

Cardiovascular pathology / edited by L. Maximilian Buja, Jagdish Butany. Fourth edition.

Cardiovascular physiology / Achilles J. Pappano, Withrow Gil Wier. Eleventh edition.

Cardiovascular physiology / David E. Mohrman, Lois Jane Heller. 9th edition.

Cardiovascular therapeutics : a companion to Braunwald's heart disease / [edited by] Elliott M. Antman, Marc S. Sabatine ; section editors, James de Lemos ... [et al.]. 4th ed.

Carpentier's reconstructive valve surgery : from valve analysis to valve reconstruction / Alain Carpentier, David H. Adams, Farzan Filsoufi ; illustrations by Alain Carpentier and Marcia Williams.

Cases in cardiac resynchronization therapy / [edited by] Cheuk-Man Yu, David L. Hayes, Angelo Auricchio.

Catheter ablation of cardiac arrhythmias / Shoei K. Stephen Huang MD and John M. Miller MD. Fourth edition.

Cellular and molecular pathobiology of cardiovascular disease / edited by Monte S. Willis, MD, PhD, FCAP, FASCP, FAHA, University of North Carolina, UNC Health Care, McAllister Heart Institute, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Chapel Hill, N

Chronic coronary artery disease : a companion to Braunwald's heart disease / James de Lemos, MD, Professor of Medicine, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, Torbjørn Omland, MD, PhD, MPH, Professor of Medicine, University of Os

Clinical arrhythmology and electrophysiology : a companion to Braunwald's heart disease / Ziad F. Issa, John M. Miller, Douglas P. Zipes. Third edition.

Clinical cardiac pacing, defibrillation, and resynchronization therapy / [edited by] Kenneth A. Ellenbogen, Bruce L. Wilkoff, G. Neal Kay, Chu-Pak Lau, Angelo Auricchio. Fifth edition.

Comprehensive surgical management of congenital heart disease / Richard A. Jonas ; illustrated by Rebekah Dodson. 2nd ed.

Coronary stenting : a companion to Topol's Textbook of interventional cardiology / [edited by] Matthew J. Price. 1st ed.

Critical heart disease in infants and children / [edited by] Ross M. Ungerleider, Jon N. Meliones, Kristen Nelson McMillan, David S. Cooper, Jeffrey P. Jacobs. Third edition.

Cryoablation of cardiac arrhythmias / Audrius Bredikis, David Wilber. 1st ed.

Current diagnosis & treatment cardiology / Michael H. Crawford. Fifth edition.

Development of the cardiac conduction system.

Diabetes in cardiovascular disease : a companion to Braunwald's heart disease / [edited by] Darren K. McGuire, Nikolaus Marx.

Diagnosis and management of adult congenital heart disease / [edited by] Michael A. Gatzoulis, Gary D. Webb, Piers E.F. Daubeney. Third edition.

Diastology : clinical approach to diastolic heart failure / [edited by] Allan L. Klein, Mario J. Garcia. 1st ed.

Drugs for the heart / Lionel H. Opie ; co-editor, Bernard J. Gersh ; with the collaboration of John P. DiMarco ... [et al.] ; foreword by Eugene Braunwald. 8th ed.

ECG mastery : exercises in ECG interpretation / Shirley A. Jones. Second edition.

ECGs by example / Richard Dean Jenkins, Stephen John Gerred. 3rd ed.

Echocardiography in congenital heart disease / [edited by] Mark B. Lewin, Karen Stout.

Echocardiography in heart failure / [edited by] Martin St. John Sutton, Susan E. Wiegers.

Echocardiography in pediatric and adult congenital heart disease / [edited by] Benjamin W. Eidem, Patrick W. O'Leary, Frank Cetta. Second edition.

EKGs for the nurse practitioner and physician assistant / Maureen A. Knechtel. Second edition.

Electrophysiologic testing / Richard N. Fogoros. 5th ed.

Electrophysiological disorders of the heart / editors, Sanjeev Saksena, A. John Camm ; associate editors, Penelope A. Boyden ... [et al.]. 2nd ed.

Endovascular treatment of aortic aneurysms : standard and advanced techniques / [edited by] Konstantinos P. Donas, Giovanni Torsello, Kenneth Ouriel.

Essential echocardiography : a companion to Braunwald's Heart disease / [edited by] Scott D. Solomon, Justina C. Wu, Linda D. Gillam ; illustration editor, Bernard E. Bulwer.

Essential echocardiography / Alisdair Ryding ; with a contribution by James Newton, Sayeh Zielke. Second edition

Fetal cardiovascular imaging : a disease-based approach / [editors] Jack Rychik, Zhiyun Tian.

Fogoros' electrophysiologic testing / by Richard N. Fogoros, John M. Mandrola. Sixth edition.

Genomic and precision medicine : cardiovascular disease / edited by Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, Huntington F. Willard. Third edition.

Goldberger's clinical electrocardiography : a simplified approach / Ary L. Goldberger, Zachary D. Goldberger, Alexei Shvilkin. Ninth edition.

Grossman & Baim's cardiac catheterization, angiography, and intervention / editor, Mauro Moscucci. 8th ed.

Heart failure : a companion to Braunwald's heart disease / [edited by] G. Michael Felker, Douglas L. Mann. Fourth edition.

Hemodynamics and cardiology : neonatology questions and controversies / [edited by] Istvan Seri ; consulting editor, Richard A. Polin. Third edition.

Hurst's the heart / [editors] Valentin Fuster, Robert A. Harrington, Jagat Narula, Zubin J. Eapen. 14th edition.

Interventional cardiac catheterization handbook / edited by Morton J. Kern, Paul Sorajja, Michael J. Lim. Fourth edition.

Interventional procedures for adult structural heart disease / John M. Lasala, Jason H. Rogers.

Intraoperative echocardiography / [edited by] Donald C. Oxorn. 1st ed.

Invasive cardiology : a manual for cath lab personnel / [edited by] Sandy Watson, Kenneth A. Gorski. 3rd ed.

JACC's imaging cases in cardiovascular intervention / Spencer B King III, Michael McDaniel.

Johns Hopkins textbook of cardiothoracic surgery / edited by David D. Yuh [and others]. 2nd ed.

Kaplan's cardiac anesthesia : for cardiac and noncardiac surgery / editor, Joel A. Kaplan ; associate editors, John G.T. Augoustides, Gerard R. Manecke, Jr., Timothy Maus, David L. Reich. Seventh edition.

Kaplan's essentials of cardiac anesthesia for cardiac surgery / editor, Joel A. Kaplan ; associate editors, Brett Cronin, Timothy Maus. Second edition.

Kaplan's essentials of cardiac anesthesia for noncardiac surgery / editor, Joel A. Kaplan, Brett Cronin, Timothy Maus.

Kern's cardiac catheterization handbook / [edited by] Paul Sorajja, Michael J. Lim, Morton J. Kern. 7th edition.

Kirklin/Barratt-Boyes cardiac surgery : morphology, diagnostic criteria, natural history, techniques, results, and indications / Nicholas T. Kouchoukos ... [et al.]. 4th ed.

Manual of coronary chronic total occlusion interventions : a step-by-step approach / Emmanouil Brilakis. Second edition.

Marriott's practical electrocardiography / Galen S. Wagner ; David G. Strauss. 12th ed.

Mastery of cardiothoracic surgery / editors, Larry R. Kaiser, Irving L. Kron, Thomas L. Spray. Third edition.

Mechanical circulatory support : a companion to Braunwald's heart disease / James K. Kirklin, Joseph G. Rogers. Second edition.

Molecular biology of valvular heart disease / Nalini M. Rajamannan, editor.

Multimodal cardiovascular imaging : principles and clinical applications / Olle Pahlm, Galen S. Wagner, [editors].

Myocardial infarction : a companion to Braunwald's heart disease / [edited by] David A. Morrow.

Netter Collection of medical illustrations. Volume 8, Cardiovascular system / C. Richard Conti. 2nd edition.

Netter's cardiology / edited by George A. Stouffer, Marschall S. Runge, Cam Patterson, Joseph S. Rossi ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter ; contributing illustrations, Carlos A.G. Machado [and 6 others]. 3rd edition.

Netter's correlative imaging : cardiothoracic anatomy / volume editor, Michael B. Gotway ; series editor, Nancy M. Major ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter ; contributing illustrators, Kristen Wienandt Marzejon, Carlos A.G. Machado.

Only EKG book you'll ever need / Malcolm S. Thaler. Ninth edition.

Park's pediatric cardiology for practitioners / Myung K. Park, Mehrdad Salamat. Seventh edition.

Park's the pediatric cardiology handbook / Myung K. Park ; with a contribution by Mehrdad Salamat. Fifth edition.

Patient management in the telemetry/cardiac step down unit: a case-based approach / editors, Muhammad Saad, Timothy J. Vittorio, Manoj Bhandari.

Pediatric cardiac surgery / edited by Constantine Mavroudis and Carl Backer. 4th ed.

Perioperative transesophageal echocardiography : a companion to Kaplan's cardiac anesthesia / David L. Reich, Gregory W. Fischer.

Perloff's clinical recognition of congenital heart disease / Joseph K. Perloff, Ariane J. Marelli. 6th ed.

Physiology of the heart / Arnold M. Katz. 5th ed.