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3D printing : applications in medicine and surgery. edited by Vasileios N. Papadopoulos, Vassilios Tsioukas, Jasjit S. Suri.

AANA advanced arthroscopic surgical techniques. Hip / edited by J.W. Thomas Byrd, MD, Asheesh Bedi, MD, Allston J. Stubbs, MD.

Abernathy's surgical secrets / [edited by] Alden H. Harken, Ernest E. Moore.Seventh edition.

ABSITE slayer / editors, Dale A. Dangleben, Firas Madbak.Second edition.

Acute care surgery : imaging essentials for rapid diagnosis / [edited by] Kathryn L. Butler ; associate editor, Mukesh Harisinghani.

Aesthetic surgery of the facial skeleton / Stephen B. Baker, Pravin K. Patel, and Jeffrey Weinzweig.First edition

Aesthetic surgery techniques : a case-based approach / [edited by] James D. Frame, Shahrokh C. Bagheri, David J. Smith, Husain Ali Khan.

Alexander's care of the patient in surgery / [edited by] Jane C. Rothrock ; associate editor, Donna R. McEwen.16th edition.

Anesthesiologist's manual of surgical procedures / editor, Richard A. Jaffe ; associate editors, Clifford A. Schmiesing, Brenda Golianu.Sixth edition.

Anterior cruciate ligament : reconstruction and basic science / [edited by] Chadwick C. Prodromos.Second edition.

Antireflux surgery / Christy M. Dunst, Lee L. Swanstrom.

Art and science of facelift surgery : a video atlas / Joe Niamtu.

Artificial intelligence in surgery : understanding the role of AI in surgical practice / Daniel A. Hashimoto, MD, MS, Ozanan R. Meireles, MD, Guy Rosman, PhD.

Asian blepharoplasty and the eyelid crease / William Pai-Dei Chen ; illustrations by Paul Kim.Third edition.

Atlas of abdominal wall reconstruction / [edited by] Michael J. Rosen.Second edition.

Atlas of advanced operative surgery [edited by] Vijay P. Khatri.

Atlas of cardiac surgical techniques / editors, Frank W. Sellke, Marc Ruel.Second edition.

Atlas of contemporary aesthetic breast surgery / Lee L.Q. Pu and Mark L. Jewell.

Atlas of endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery / editors, Alexander G. Chiu, James N. Palmer, Nithin D. Adappa.Second edition.

Atlas of endovascular venous surgery / [edited by] Jose I. Almeida.

Atlas of facial implants / lead editor, Michael J. Yaremchuk ; associate editors, Catherine S. Chang, Erez Dayan, Mohamed Amir Mrad, Alan Yan.Second edition.

Atlas of laparoscopic and robotic urologic surgery / [edited by] Jay T. Bishoff, Louis R. Kavoussi.Third edition.

Atlas of minimally invasive surgical operations / editors, John Hunter, MD, Donn Spight, MD, Corinne Sandone, Jennifer Fairman.

Atlas of minimally invasive surgical techniques editors, Ashley H. Vernon, Stanley W. Ashley.

Atlas of oculoplastic and orbital surgery Jonathan J. Dutton ; Thomas G. Waldrop, illustrator.

Atlas of operative oral and maxillofacial surgery / edited by Christopher J. Haggerty, Robert M. Laughlin.

Atlas of oral and maxillofacial surgery Deepak Kademani, Paul S. Tiwana.

Atlas of pediatric surgical techniques editors, Dai H. Chung, Mike K. Chen.

Atlas of pelvic anatomy and gynecologic surgery / Michael S. Baggish, Mickey M. Karram.Fifth edition.

Atlas of peripheral nerve surgery Daniel H. Kim, Alan R. Hudson, David G. Kline.2nd ed.

Atlas of reconstructive breast surgery / Lee L.Q. Pu and Nolan S. Karp.

Atlas of robotic general surgery / Yuri W. Novitsky.First edition.

Atlas of surgical techniques for the colon, rectum, and anus editors, James W. Fleshman ... [et al.] ; series editors, Courtney M. Townsend, B. Mark Evers.

Atlas of thoracic surgical techniques editor, Joseph B. Zwischenberger.1st ed.

Atlas of vascular surgery and endovascular therapy : anatomy and technique / [edited by] Elliot L. Chaikof, Richard P. Cambria.

Bailey's head and neck surgery--otolaryngology / [edited by] Jonas T. Johnson, MD, Clark A. Rosen, MD ; illustrations by Victoria J. Forber, Anthony Pazos, and Christine Gralapp.Fifth edition.

Bariatric surgery : what every provider needs to know / editors R. Armour Forse, Caroline M. Apovian.

Benzel's spine surgery : techniques, complication avoidance, and management / [edited by] Edward C. Benzel, Michael P. Steinmetz.Fourth edition

Best evidence for spine surgery 20 cardinal cases / editors, Rahul Jandial, Steven R. Garfin ; associate editors, Christopher Ames ... [et al.].

Biologics in orthopaedic surgery / Augustus D. Mazzocca, Adam D. Lindsay.

Blumgart's surgery of the liver, biliary tract, and pancreas / editor-in-chief, William R. Jarnigan ; associate editors, Peter J. Allen, William Chapman, Michael I. D'Angelica, Ronald P. DeMatteo, Richard Kinh Gian Do, Jean-Nicolas Vauthey ; editor emeritus, Leslie H. Blumgart.Sixth edition.

Blumgart's video atlas : liver, biliary & pancreatic surgery / Carlos Uriel Corvera.Second edition.

Body contouring and liposuction J. Peter Rubin ... [et al.].

Body shaping : skin, fat, cellulite / edited by Jeffery S. Orringer, Jeffrey S. Dover, Murad Alam.1st edition.

Botulinum toxin in facial rejuvenation / Kate Coleman.Second edition

Breast surgery / edited by J. Michael Dixon, Matthew D. Barber.Sixth edition.

Buchwald's atlas of metabolic and bariatric surgical techniques and procedures Henry Buchwald ; with illustrations by Michael de la Flor.

Campbell's core orthopaedic procedures / [edited by] S. Terry Canale, MD, James H. Beaty, MD, Frederick M. Azar, MD.

Cardiac surgery in the adult / [edited by] Lawrence H. Cohn, David H. AdamsFifth edition.

Cardiac surgery operative technique / Donald B. Doty, John R. Doty ; with illustrations by Jill Rhead, Christy Krames.2nd ed.

Cardiovascular intervention : a companion to Braunwald's heart disease / [edited by] Deepak L. Bhatt.

Carpentier's reconstructive valve surgery from valve analysis to valve reconstruction / Alain Carpentier, David H. Adams, Farzan Filsoufi ; illustrations by Alain Carpentier and Marcia Williams.

Case files. Surgery / Eugene C. Toy, Terrence H. Liu, Andre R. Campbell, Barnard J.A. Palmer.Fifth edition.

Cataract surgery editor, Roger F. Steinert ; associate editors, David F. Chang ... [et al.].3rd ed.

Clinical research for surgeons / edited by Mohit Bhandari, Anders Joensson.

Clinical scenarios in general surgery : decision making and operative technique / [edited by] Justin B. Dimick, Gilbert R. Upchurch Jr., Christopher J. Sonnenday, Lillian S. Kao.Second edition.

Colorectal surgery / edited by Sue Clark.Sixth edition.

Colorectal surgery H. Randolph Bailey ... [et al.].

Colour atlas of ophthalmic plastic surgery / A.G. Tyers, J.R.O. Collin.Fourth edition.

Complications in endovascular surgery : peri-procedural prevention and treatment / edited by Maciej Dryjski, Linda M Harris.

Comprehensive surgical management of congenital heart disease / Richard A. Jonas ; illustrated by Rebekah Dodson.2nd ed.

Contemporary oral and maxillofacial surgery / [editors] James R. Hupp, Edward Ellis and Myron R. Tucker.Seventh edition.

Controversies in the anesthetic management of the obese surgical patient Yigal Leykin, Jay B. Brodsky, editors.

Core procedures in plastic surgery / [edited by] Peter C. Neligan, Donald W Buck II.Second edition.

Core topics in general and emergency surgery / edited by Simon Paterson-Brown, Hugh M. Paterson.Sixth edition.

Cornea / edited by Mark J. Mannis, Edward J. Holland.Fifth edition.

Coronary stenting a companion to Topol's Textbook of interventional cardiology / [edited by] Matthew J. Price.1st ed.

Cosmetic : facial surgery / Joe Naimtu, III, DMD.Second edition.

CPT 2019 professional edition / American Medical Association.[Fifth edition, revised].

Cryoablation of cardiac arrhythmias Audrius Bredikis, David Wilber.1st ed.

Current diagnosis & treatment surgery / edited by Gerard M. Doherty.Fifteenth edition.

Current procedures. Surgery Rebecca M. Minter, Gerard M. Doherty.

Current surgical therapy / [edited by] John L. Cameron, Andrew M. Cameron.13th edition

Current therapy in colon and rectal surgery / edited by the late Victor W. Fazio, James M. Church, Conor P. Delaney, Ravi P. Kiran.Third edition.

Current therapy in vascular and endovascular surgery / [edited by] James C. Stanley, Frank J. Veith, Thomas W. Wakefield.5th edition.

Current therapy of trauma and surgical critical care / [edited by] Juan A. Asensio, Donald D. Trunkey.2nd edition.

Decision making in perioperative medicine : clinical pearls / editor, Steven L Cohn.

Decker : Surgery.

Dermatologic and cosmetic procedures in office practice Richard P. Usatine ... [et al.].

Ear, nose, and throat and head and neck surgery an illustrated colour text / R.S. Dhillon, C.A. East.Fourth edition.

Endocrine surgery.5th ed. /

Endoscopic surgery of the orbit / [edited by] Raj Sindwani.

Essential surgery : problems, diagnosis, and management / Clive R. G. Quick, Suzanne M. Biers, Tan H. A. Arulampalam ; illustrated by Philip J. Deakin ; foreword by Conor P. Delaney.Sixth edition.

Essential surgical procedures / senior consulting editor, Jose M. Velasco ; consulting editors, Rana Ballo, Keith Hood, Jennifer Jolley, Daniel Rinewalt, Benjamin Veenstra.

Essentials of breast surgery Michael S. Sabel.

Essentials of hand surgery / editor, John Gray Seiler III.1st ed.

Evaluation and management of cleft lip and palate : a developmental perspective / David J. Zajac, PhD, CCC-SLP, Linda D. Vallino, PhD, CCC-SLP/A.

Exploring essential surgery / Gerard Ahern, Maurice Brygel.

Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery / [edited by] Ira D. Papel [and seven others].Fourth edition.

Facial trauma surgery : from primary repair to reconstruction / [edited by] Amir H. Dorafshar, Eduardo D. Rodriguez, Paul N. Manson.

Fast facts for the cardiac surgery nurse caring for cardiac surgery patients / Tanya Hodge.Third edition.

Fischer's mastery of surgery / editor, Josef E. Fischer ; associate editors E. Christopher Ellison, Gilbert R. Upchurch Jr., Susan Galandiuk, Jon C. Gould, V. Suzanne Klimberg ; assistant editors, Peter K. Henke, Steven N. Hochwald, Gregory M. Tiao.Seventh edition.

Flaps and grafts in dermatologic surgery / [edited by] Thomas E. Rohrer, Jonathan L. Cook, Andrew J. Kaufman.Second edition.

Flaps and reconstructive surgery / [edited by] Fu-Chan Wei, Samir Mardini.2nd edition.

Foot and ankle surgery / [edited by] Glenn B. Pfeffer, Mark E. Easley, Beat Hintermann, Andrew K. Sands, Alastair Younger.Second edition.

Gattuso's differential diagnosis in surgical pathology / [edited by] Vijaya B. Reddy, Odile David, Daniel J. Spitz, Meryl H. Haber.Fourth edition.

Gender affirmation : medical & surgical perspectives / edited by Christopher J. Salgado, Stan J. Monstrey, Miroslav L. Djordjevic ; assistant editor Harvey W. Chim.