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2020-2021 Oncology Nursing Drug Handbook23th ed.

Abeloff's clinical oncology / [edited by] John E. Niederhuber, James O. Armitage, James H. Doroshow, Michael B. Kastan, Joel E. Tepper.Sixth edition.

Advances in surgical pathology. Colorectal carcinoma and tumors of the vermiform appendix [edited by] Rhonda K. Yantiss.1st ed.

Advances in surgical pathology. Mesothelioma Richard L. Attanoos, Timothy Craig Allen.1st ed.

AJCC cancer staging manual / American Joint Committee on Cancer ; editor-in-chief, Mahul B. Amin, MD, FCAP ; editors, Stephen B. Edge, MD, FACS [and 18 others].Eighth edition.

American Cancer Society's oncology in practice : clinical management / edited by the American Cancer Society.

Atlas of diagnostic oncology edited by Arthur T. Skarin ; associate editors, Kitt Schaffer, Tad Wieczorek, Janina Longtine.4th ed.

Berek & Hacker's gynecologic oncology / [edited by] Jonathan S. Berek, MD, MMS, Laurie Kraus Lacob Professor, Director, Stanford Women's Cancer Center, Stanford Cancer Institute, Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, California, Neville F. Hacker, AM, MD, Professor of Gynaecologic Oncology, Conjoint, University of New Sourth Wales, Director, Gynaecologic Cancer Centre, Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney, Australia ; illustrations and design by Deborah Berek. MA, Tim Hengst, CMI, FAMI.Sixth edition.

Bethesda handbook of clinical oncology / editors, Jame Abraham, James L. Gulley.Fifth edition.

Biopsy interpretation of the breast Stuart J. Schnitt, Laura C. Collins.2nd ed.

Bladder cancer diagnosis and clinical management / Seth P. Lerner and Mark P. Schoenberg.

Bland and Copeland's the breast : comprehensive management of benign and malignant diseases / editors, V. Suzanne Klimberg, William J. Gradishar, Kirby I. Bland, Soheila Korourian, Julia White, Edward M. Copeland IIISixth edition.

Bone and soft tissue pathology / edited by Andrew L. Folpe, G. Petur Nielsen ; series editor, John R. Goldblum.Second edition.

Bone cancer : bone sarcomas and bone metastases - from bench to bedside / edited by Dominique Heymann.Third edition.

Brain metastases from primary tumors : epidemiology, biology, and therapy. [edited by] M.A. Hayat.

Brain metastases from primary tumors : epidemiology, biology, and therapy. edited by M.A. Hayat.

Brain metastases from primary tumors. Epidemiology, biology, and therapy of melanoma and other cancers / edited by M.A. Hayat.

Brain tumors / edited by Giorgio Seano.

Breaking the silence on cancer and sexuality : a handbook for healthcare providers / by Anne Katz.Second edition.

Breast cancer and gynecologic cancer rehabilitation / edited by Adrian Cristian.

Breast cancer screening : making sense of complex and evolving evidence / edited by Nehmat Houssami, Diana Miglioretti.

Breast imaging Daniel B. Kopans.3rd ed.

Breast imaging Uwe Fischer, Friedemann Baum ; translator, Susanne Luftner-Nagel ; illustrator, Emil Wolfgang Hanns.

Breast MRI / Viriginia Molleran, Mary Mahooney.

Breast pathology / David J. Dabbs.Second edition.

Breast surgery / edited by J. Michael Dixon, Matthew D. Barber.Sixth edition.

Breast tomosynthesis / [edited by] Liane E. Philpotts, Regina J. Hooley.

Cancer and inflammation [editors: Derek J. Chadwick (organizer) and Jamie A. Goode].

Cancer chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and biotherapy : principles and practice / [edited by] Bruce A. Chabner, Dan L. Longo.Sixth edition.

Cancer handbook.

Cancer immune therapy current and future strategies / edited by G. Stuhler and P. Walden.

Cancer immunology : cancer immunotherapy for organ-specific tumors / Nima Rezaei, editor.

Cancer immunotherapy principles and practice / [edited by] Lisa H. Butterfield, Howard L. Kaufman, Francesco M. Marincola.Second edition.

Cancer nursing principles and practice / edited by Connie Henke Yarbro, Debra Wujcik, Barbara Holmes Gobel.Eighth edition.

Cancer of the head and neck / [edited by] Jeffrey N. Myers, Ehab Y.N. Hanna, Eugene N. Myers.Fifth edition.

Cancer of the skin [edited by] Darrell S. Rigel ... [et al.].2nd ed.

Cancer principles & practice of oncology / edited by Vincent T. Devita Jr., Samuel Hellman, Steven A. Rosenberg ; with 355 contributing authors.7th ed.

Cancer symptom management / edited by Connie Henke Yarbro, Debra Wujcik, Barbara Holmes Gobel.Fourth edition.

Cancer treatment and the ovary : clinical and laboratory analysis of ovarian toxicity / edited by Richard A. Anderson, Norah Spears.

Cardio-oncology practice manual : a companion to Braunwald's heart disease / Joerg Herrmann.

Central nervous system cancer rehabilitation / [edited by] Adrian Cristian.

Chemotherapy and biotherapy guidelines and recommendations for practice.Fourth edition /

Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Guidelines and Recommendations for Practice

Chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapies for cancer : a practical guide / edited by Daniel W. Lee, Nirali N. Shah.

Chordomas and chondrosarcomas of the skull base and spine / edited by Griffith R. Harsh IV, Francisco Vaz-Guimaraes.Second edition.

Clinical interventional oncology / Stephen T. Kee, Ravi Murthy, and David C. Madoff.

Clinical manual for the oncology advanced practice nurse / edited by Dawn Camp-Sorrell, Rebecca A. Hawkins.Third edition.

Constructions of cancer in early modern England : ravenous natures / Alanna Skuse, Lecturer in English, University of Exeter, UK.

Contemporary transoral surgery for primary head and neck cancer / [edited by] Michael L. Hinni, David G. Lott

Controversies in neuro-oncology : best-evidence medicine for brain tumor surgery / [edited by] Alfredo Qui©łones-Hinojosa, Shaan M. Raza.

Core curriculum for oncology nursing6th ed.

DeVita, Hellman, and Rosenberg's cancer : principles & practice of oncology / [edited by] Vincent T. DeVita, Jr., Theodore S. Lawrence, Steven A. Rosenberg.11th edition.

Diagnostic atlas of cutaneous mesenchymal neoplasia / Eduardo Calonje, Alexander J. Lazar, Bostjan Luzar.

Diagnostic histopathology of tumors / Christopher D.M. Fletcher.Fifth edition.

DiSaia and Creasman clinical gynecologic oncology / [edited by] William T. Creasman, David G. Mutch, Robert S. Mannel, Krishnansu Sujata Tewari.Tenth edition.

Diseases of the breast / edited by Jay R. Harris [and three others] ; senior executive editor, Jonathan W. Pine, Jr. ; acquisition editor, Julie Goolsby ; senior product development editor, Emilie Moyer ; senior production product manager, Bridgett Dougherty ; senior design coordinator, Teresa Mallon.Fifth edition.

DNA repair in cancer therapy : molecular targets and clinical applications / edited by Mark R. Kelley, Melissa L. Fishel.Second edition.

Dorfman and Czerniak's bone tumors / Bogdan Czerniak.Second edition.

Dr. Vodder's manual lymph drainage : a practical guide / Hildegard Wittlinger, Dieter Wittlinger, Andreas Wittlinger, Maria Wittlinger.Second edition.

Drug repurposing in cancer therapy : approaches and applications / edited by Kenneth K.W. To and William C.S. Cho.

Effects of omega-3 fatty acids on cancer MacLean, CH ... [et al.].

Effects of omega-3 fatty acids on cancer prepared by Southern California/RAND Evidence-based Practice Center ; Catherine H. MacLean ... [et al.].

Enzinger and Weiss's soft tissue tumors / John R. Goldblum, Andrew L. Folpe, Sharon W. Weiss.Seventh edition.

Epigenetic cancer therapy / edited by Steven G. Gray.

Essentials of breast surgery Michael S. Sabel.

Gene therapy of cancer : translational approaches from preclinical studies to clinical implementation / edited by Edmund Lattime, Stanton Gerson.Third edition.

Glioblastoma : new molecular concepts pave the way for advances in diagnosis and treatment / Mairéad G McNamara, Sebastian Brandner and Stefanie C Thust.

Glioblastoma / [edited by] Steven Brem, Kalil G. Abdullah.

Gunderson & Tepper's clinical radiation oncology / senior editors, Joel E. Tepper, Robert L. Foote, Jeff M. Michalski.Fifth edition

Handbook of cancer treatment-related toxicities / Vamsidhar Velcheti, Salman R Punekar.

Head and neck cancer : a multidisciplinary approach / editors, Louis B. Harrison, Roy B. Sessions, Merrill S. Kies.Fourth edition.

Head and neck cancer : management and reconstruction / [edited by] Eric M. GendenSecond edition.

IASLC thoracic oncology / executive editor, Harvey I. Pass ; editors, David Ball, Giorgio V. Scagliotti.Second edition.

Jatin Shah's head and neck surgery and oncology / Jatin P. Shah, Snehal G. Patel, Bhuvanesh Singh, Richard J. Wong.Fifth edition.

Kuerer's breast surgical oncology [editor:] Henry M. Kuerer.

Lanzkowsky's manual of pediatric hematology and oncology / edited by Jonathan D. Fish, Jeffrey M. Lipton, Philip Lanzkowsky.Seventh edition.

Leksell radiosurgery / editors, Ajay Niranjan, L. Dade Lunsford, Hideyuki Kano.

Lippincott's cancer chemotherapy handbook Delia C. Baquiran.2nd ed.

Lung cancer rehabilitation / edited by Adrian Cristian.

Manual of clinical oncology / editors, Bartosz Chmielowski, Mary Territo.8th edition.

MD Anderson manual of medical oncology / editors, Hagop M. Kantarjian, Robert A. Wolff, Alyssa G. Rieber.Fourth edition.

MD Anderson surgical oncology handbook / edited by Barry W. Feig ; associate editor, C. Denise Ching.Sixth edition.

Melanoma handbook / editors, Stephan Ariyan, Harriet Kluger.

Minimally invasive (endoscopic & robotic) breast surgery / Hung-Wen Lai, MD, PHD, Chi Wei Mok, MBBS, FRCSEd

Molecular basis of cancer / [edited by] John Mendelsohn, Joe W. Gray, Peter M. Howley, Mark A. Israel, Craig B. Thompson.Fourth edition

Molecular diagnostics and treatment of pancreatic cancer systems and network biology approaches / edited by Asfar S. Azmi.

Mount Sinai expert guides. Oncology / edited by William K. Oh, Ajai Chari.

Nathan and Oski's hematology and oncology of infancy and childhood / [edited by] Stuart H. Orkin, David E. Fisher, A. Thomas Look, Samuel E. Lux, IV, David Ginsburg, David G. Nathan.Eighth edition.

Neuro-oncology for the clinical neurologist / [edited by] Roy E. Strowd

Neuroblastoma : molecular mechanisms and therapeutic interventions / edited by Swapan K. Ray.

Onco-nephrology / Kevin W. Kinkel, Mark A. Perazella, Eric P. Cohen.First edition

Oncoimmunology : a practical guide for cancer immunotherapy / Laurence Zitvogel, Guido Kroemer, editors.

Oncologic imaging : a multidisciplinary approach / [edited by] Paul M. Silverman.Second edition.

Oncology nurse navigation : delivering patient-centered care across the continuum / edited by Karyl D. Blaseg, Penny Daugherty, and Kathleen A. Gamblin.

Oncoplastic surgery of the breast / [edited by] Maurice Y. Nahabedian.

Operative techniques in orthopaedic surgical oncology [edited by] Martin M. Malawer, James C. Wittig, Jacob Bickels.

Pathology of melanocytic tumors / editors, Klaus J. Busam, Pedram Gerami, Richard A. Scolyer.[First edition]

Pediatric radiation oncology / editors, Louis S. Constine, Nancy J. Tarbell, Edward C. Halperin.Sixth edition.

Pediatric transplant and oncology infectious diseases / [editor] William J. Steinbach.

Perez and Brady's principles and practice of radiation oncology / editors, Edward C. Halperin, David E. Wazer, Carlos A. Perez, Luther W. Brady.Sixth edition.