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Adler's physiology of the eye. 11th ed. /

Asian blepharoplasty and the eyelid crease / William Pai-Dei Chen ; illustrations by Paul Kim. Third edition.

Atlas of clinical and surgical orbital anatomy / Jonathan J. Dutton ; illustrations by Thomas G. Waldrop. 2nd ed.

Atlas of oculoplastic and orbital surgery / Jonathan J. Dutton ; Thomas G. Waldrop, illustrator.

Atlas of retinal OCT / Darin R. Goldman, Nadia K. Waheed, Jay S. Duker.

Cataract surgery / editor, Roger F. Steinert ; associate editors, David F. Chang ... [et al.]. 3rd ed.

Choroidal disorders / edited by Jay Chhablani, Jorge Ruiz-Medrano.

Clinical manual of contact lenses / [edited by] Edward S. Bennett, Vinita Allee Henry. 4th ed.

Clinical ophthalmic oncology : basic principles and diagnostic techniques / Arun D. Singh, Bertil Damato, editors. Second edition.

Clinical procedures in primary eye care / edited by David B. Elliott. 5th edition.

Color atlas of ophthalmology : the quick-reference manual for diagnosis and treatment / [edited by] Amar Agarwal, Soosan Jacob. 2nd ed.

Colour atlas of ophthalmic plastic surgery / A.G. Tyers, J.R.O. Collin. Fourth edition.

Contact lens complications / Nathan Efron. Fourth edition.

Cornea / [edited by] Mark J. Mannis, Edward J. Holland. Fourth edition.

Cornea atlas / Jay H. Krachmer, David A. Palay. 3rd ed.

Diseases and disorders of the orbit and ocular adnexa / Aaron Fay, Peter J. Dolman.

Drug-induced ocular side effects / Frederick "Fritz" T. Fraunfelder and Frederick "Rick" W. Frauenfelder.Eighth edition.

Eye : basic sciences in practice / John V. Forrester, Andrew D. Dick, Paul G. McMenamin, Fiona Roberts, Eric Pearlman. 4th edition.

Gass' atlas of macular diseases / Anita Agarwal. 5th ed.

Glaucoma / [editors] Tarek M. Shaarawy, Mark B. Sherwood, Roger A. Hitchings, Jonathan G. Crowston. Second edition.

Handbook of retinal OCT : optical coherence tomography / [edited by] Jay S. Duker, Nadia K. Waheed and Darin R. Goldman.

Harley's pediatric ophthalmology / editors, Leonard B. Nelson, Scott E. Olitsky. 6th ed.

Kanski's clinical ophthalmology : a systematic approach / John F. Salmon, MD, FRCS, FRCOphth. Ninth edition.

Kline's neuro-ophthalmology review manual / Rod Foroozan, Michael S. Vaphiades. Eighth edition

Liu, Volpe, and Galetta's neuro-ophthalmology : diagnosis and management / Grant T. Liu, Nicholas L. Volpe, Steven L. Galetta. Third edition.

Massachusetts eye and ear infirmary illustrated manual of ophthalmology / Neil J. Friedman, Peter K. Kaiser; associate author, Roberto Pineda II. Fifth edition.

Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary review manual for ophthalmology / Veeral Sheth [and others]. 4th ed.

NANOS illustrated curriculum for neuro-ophthalmology.

Neuro-ophthalmology illustrated / Valérie Biousse, Nancy J. Newman. Third edition.

Neuro-ophthalmology survival guide / Anthony Pane, Neil R Miller, Michael Burdon. Second edition.

Ocular pathology. Eighth edition /

Ocular pathology case reviews / Amir A. Azari, Daniel M. Albert.

Ocular surface disease : cornea, conjunctiva and tear film / [edited by] Edward J. Holland, Mark J. Mannis, W. Barry Lee.

Ophthalmic assistant : a text for allied and associated ophthalmic personnel / edited by Harold A. Stein, Raymond M. Stein, Melvin I. Freeman. 9th ed.

Ophthalmic surgery : principles and practice / George L. Spaeth ... [et al.]. 4th ed.

Ophthalmic ultrasonography / [edited by] Arun D. Singh, Brandy C. Hayden.

Ophthalmology / Gerhard K. Lang. Third edition.

Ophthalmology / lead editors, Myron Yanoff, Jay S. Duker ; section editors, James J. Augsburger and [11 others]. Fifth edition.

Ophthalmology Q&A board review / Lora R. Dagi Glass.

Ophthalmology secrets in color / [edited by] Janice A. Gault, James F. Vander. Fourth edition.

Ophtho notes : the essential guide / Randall L. Goodman.

Orbital imaging / F. Allan Midyett, MD, DABR, Suresh K. Mukherji, MD, MBA, FACR.

Pocket atlas of ophthalmology / [edited by] Torsten Schlote... [et al.] ; with contributions by Faik Gelisken ... [et al.].

Refractive surgery / [edited by] Dimitri T. Azar ; associate editors Damien Gatinel, Ramon C Ghanem, Suphi Taneri. 3rd ed.

Retina in systemic disease : a color manual of ophthalmoscopy / Homayoun Tabandeh, Morton F. Goldberg.

Retinal atlas / K. Bailey Freund, David Sarraf, William F. Mieler, Lawrence A. Yannuzzi ; special contributor to the second edition Carol L. Shields. Second Edition.

Retinal dystrophies : functional genomics to gene therapy / [editors, Gregory Bock, Gerry Chader, and Jamie Goode].

Ryan's retina / editor-in-chief: Andrew P. Schachat, Vice Chairman, Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH, USA. Sixth edition.

Ryan's retinal imaging and diagnostics / edited by SriniVas R. Sadda.

Surgical anatomy around the orbit : the system of zones / editor, Barry M. Zide ; illustrator: Craig A. Luce, M.S. ; associate prosectors: Sean Boutros, M.D., skilled surgeon and one of NYU's finest residents and recent graduates, and Arthur Millman, M.D.

Synopsis of clinical ophthalmology. 3rd ed. /

Taylor and Hoyt's pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus / [edited by] Scott R. Lambert, Christopher J. Lyons. Fifth edition.

Uveitis : fundamentals and clinical practice / Robert B. Nussenblatt, Scott M. Whitcup. 4th ed.

Vaughan & Asbury's general ophthalmology / editors, Paul Riordan-Eva, James J. Augsburger Nineteenth edition.

Vitreoretinal disease : diagnosis, management, and clinical pearls / [edited by] Ingrid U. Scott, Carl D. Regillo, Harry W. Flynn, Jr., Gary C. Brown. Second edition.

Walsh & Hoyt's clinical neuro-ophthalmology. 6th ed. /

Wills Eye Institute 5-minute ophthalmology consult / senior editors, Joseph I. Maguire, Ann P. Murchison, Edward A. Jaeger.

Wills eye manual : office and emergency room diagnosis and treatment of eye disease / text editors: Nika Bagheri, Brynn N. Wajda ; multimedia editors: Charles M. Calvo, Alia K. Durrani ; founding editors: Mark A. Friedberg, ChristophSeventh edition.