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Absorption and drug development : solubility, permeability, and charge state / Alex Avdeef.

ADA practical guide to substance use disorders and safe prescribing / edited by Michael O'Neil.

AHFS drug information. (2020). 2020 edition.

Analytical method validation and instrument performance verification / edited by Chung Chow Chan ... [et al.].

Applied clinical pharmacokinetics / Larry A. Bauer. Third edition.

Basic & clinical pharmacology / [edited by] Bertram G. Katzung. Fourteenth edition.

Basic concepts in pharmacology : what you need to know for each drug class / [editor] Janet L. Stringer, MD, Phd, Dean, Science and Technology, Canada College, Redwood City, California. Fifth edition.

Biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals : transforming proteins and genes into drugs / Rodney J.Y. Ho, Milo Gibaldi.

Brody's human pharmacology : mechanism-based therapeutics / [edited by] Lynn Wecker ; with David A. Taylor, Robert James Theobald, Jr. Sixth edition.

Case approach to perioperative drug-drug interactions / [edited by] Catherine Marcucci [and 12 others].

Case files. Pharmacology / Eugene C. Toy, MD, Vice Chair of Academic Affairs and Residency Program Director, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Methodist Hospital, Houston John S. Dunn, Senior Academic Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology, St. JosThird edition.

Clinical and statistical considerations in personalized medicine / edited by Claudio Carini, Sandeep M. Menon, Mark Chang.

Clinical challenges in therapeutic drug monitoring : special populations, physiological conditions and pharmacogenomics / edited by William Clarke, Amitava Dasgupta.

Clinical pharmacokinetics / John E. Murphy. 6th edition.

Clinical pharmacology / Morris J. Brown, Pankaj Sharma, Fraz A. Mir, Peter N. Bennett. Twelfth edition.

Color atlas of pharmacology / Heinz Luellmann, Klaus Mohr, Lutz Hein ; with 174 color plates by Juergen Wirth ; based on the translation by Detlef Bieger. Fifth edition.

Concepts in clinical pharmacokinetics / William J. Spruill, William E. Wade, Joseph T. DiPiro, Robert A. Blouin, Jane M. Pruemer. Sixth edition.

Conducting GCP-compliant clinical research / Wendy Bohaychuk and Graham Ball.

Contemporary drug synthesis / Jie Jack Li ... [et al.].

Dale's pharmacology condensed / Clive Page, Simon Pitchford. Third edition.

Demystifying drug dosing in renal dysfunction / [edited by] Branden D. Nemecek, Drayton A. Hammond.

Demystifying opioid conversion calculations : a guide for effective dosing / Mary Lynn McPherson. Second edition.

Dictionary of pharmacoepidemiology / Bernard Bégaud.

Dosage calculations made incredibly easy! / clinical editor, Margaret Harvey. Fifth edition.

Drug bioavailability : estimation of solubility, permeability, absorption and bioavailability / edited by Han van de Waterbeemd, Hans Lennernäs and Per Artursson.

Drug information : a guide for pharmacists / editors, Patrick M. Malone, Meghan J. Malone, Sharon K. Park. Sixth edition.

Drug information and literature evaluation / Marie A. Abate, Matthew L. Blommel.

Drug regimen compliance : issues in clinical trials and patient management / edited by Jean-Michel Métry and Urs A. Meyer.

Drug safety evaluation / Shayne C. Gad.

Drug-induced diseases : prevention, detection, and management / [edited by] James E. Tisdale, Douglas A. Miller. 3rd edition.

Drugpoints system

Enzyme systems that metabolise drugs and other xenobiotics / edited by Costas Ioannides.

Essentials of pharmacology for health occupations / Ruth Woodrow, Bruce J. Colbert, David M. Smith. 6th ed.

Essentials of pharmacology for health professions / Ruth Woodrow, Bruce J. Colbert, David M. Smith. Seventh edition.

Extemporaneous formulations for pediatric, geriatric, and special needs patients / Rita K. Jew, Winson Soo-Hoo, Sarah C. Erush, Elham Amiri. Third edition.

Foye's principles of medicinal chemistry / edited by Thomas L. Lemke, David A. Williams ; associate editors, Victoria F. Roche, S. William Zito. 7th ed.

From genome to therapy : integrating new technologies with drug development / [editors: Gregory R. Bock, Dalia Cohen, and Jamie A. Goode].

Fundamentals of geriatric pharmacotherapy : an evidenced-based approach / edited by Lisa C. Hutchison, Rebecca B. Sleeper. Second edition

Goodman & Gilman's the pharmacological basis of therapeutics / editor, Laurence L. Brunton ; associate editors, Björn C. Knollmann, Randa Hilal-Dandan. Thirteenth edition.

Goodman and Gilman's manual of pharmacology and therapeutics / Editors, Randa Hilal-Dandan, Laurence L. Brunton. Second edition

Hale's medications & mothers' milk 2021 : a manual of lactational pharmacology / Thomas W. Hale. 19th edition.

Handbook of polymers for pharmaceutical technologies. Volume 2, Processing and applications / edited by Vijay Kumar Thakur and Manju Kumari Thakur.

Handbook on injectable drugs / American Society of Health-System Pharmacists®; [Gerald K. McEvoy, editor in chief]. 20th edition.

Health effects of cannabis and cannabinoids : the current state of evidence and recommendations for research / Committee on the Health Effects of Marijuana: an Evidence Review and Research Agenda, Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice, Hea

Infectious disease and pharmacology : neonatology questions and controversies / [edited by] William E. Benitz and P. Brian Smith, and consulting editor, Richard A. Polin.

"It all depends on the dose" : poisons and medicines in European history / edited by Ole Peter Grell, Andrew Cunningham and Jon Arrizabalaga.

Katzung & Trevor's pharmacology : examination & board review / Betram G. Katzung, Marieke Kruidering-Hall, Anthony J. Trevor. Twelfth edition

LC/MS applications in drug development / Mike S. Lee.

Lehne's pharmacology for nursing care / Jacqueline Rosenjack Burchum, DNSc, FNP-BC, CNE, Laura D. Rosenthal, RN, DNP, ACNP-BC, FAANP. 10th edition.


Mann's pharmacovigilance / edited by Elizabeth B. Andrews, Nicholas Moore. Third edition.

McCarthy's introduction to health care delivery : a primer for pharmacists / [edited by] Kimberly S. Plake, Kenneth W. Schafermeyer ; [founding editor], Robert L. McCarthy. Sixth edition.

Mcgraw-Hill's NAPLEX® review guide / editor, S. Scott Sutton, PharmD. Third edition.

Medical pharmacology & therapeutics / Derek G. Waller, Anthony P. Sampson. Fifth edition.

Medication therapy management : a comprehensive approach / editors, Karen Whalen, PharmD, BCPS, CDE, Assistant Dean for Clinical Education, Clinical Professor, Department of Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research, University of Florida College of PharSecond edition.

Medicinal natural products : a biosynthetic approach / Paul M. Dewick. 2nd ed.

Model organisms in drug discovery / edited by Pamela M. Carroll and Kevin Fitzgerald.

Netter's illustrated pharmacology / Robert B. Raffa, Scott M. Rawls, Elena Portyansky Beyzarov. Updated edition.

Organic chemistry of medicinal agents / Adam Renslo.

Pediatric injectable drugs : the teddy bear book / Stephanie J. Phelps ... [et al.]. 11th edition.

Pharmaceutical care practice : the patient-centered approach to medication management services / Robert J. Cipolle, Linda M. Strand, Peter C. Morley. 3rd ed.

Pharmacoepidemiology : principles and practice / Brenda Waning, Michael Montagne, with a chapter by William W. McCloskey ; with illustrations by Rebecca A. Maki.

Pharmacoepidemiology / edited by Brian L. Strom. 3rd ed.

Pharmacogenomics : applications to patient care. Third edition.

Pharmacogenomics : an introduction and clinical perspective / edited by Joseph S. Bertino, Jr. ... [et al.].

Pharmacogenomics : social, ethical, and clinical dimensions / edited by Mark A. Rothstein.

Pharmacogenomics : the search for individualized therapies / edited by Julio Licinio and Ma-Li Wong.

Pharmacology : an illustrated review / Mark A. Simmons.

Pharmacology / Catherine E. Pelletier-Dattu. Second edition.

Pharmacology / George M. Brenner, Craig W. Stevens. Fifth edition.

Pharmacology for rehabilitation professionals / Barbara Gladson. 2nd ed.

Pharmacology for women's health. 2nd ed.

Pharmacology in rehabilitation / Charles D. Ciccone, PT, Phd, FAPTA, Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, School of Health Sciences and Human Performance, Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York. Fifth edition.

Pharmacology made incredibly easy! / clinical editors, Carolyn Gersch, PhD (candidate), MSN, RN, CNE, Nicole M. Heimgartner, MSN, RN, COI, Cherie R. Rebar, PhD, MBA, RN, COI, Laura M. Willis, DNP, APRN, FNP-C. Fourth edition.

Pharmacology test prep : 1500 USMLE-style questions & answers / Mario Babbini, Mary Thomas.

Pharmacotherapeutics for advanced practice : a practical approach / editors, Virginia P. Arcangelo, Andrew M. Peterson, Veronica Wilbur, Jennifer A. Reinhold. 4th edition.

Pharmacotherapy bedside guide / Christopher P. Martin, Robert L. Talbert.

Pharmacotherapy handbook / [edited by] Barbara G. Wells, Joseph T. DiPiro, Terry L. Schwinghammer, Cecily V. DiPiro. Tenth edition.

Pharmacovigilance / edited by Ronald D. Mann, Elizabeth B. Andrews.

Pharmacy calculations: a video lecture review / by W. Cary Mobley.

Pocket atlas of pharmacology / Heinz Lüllman, Klaus Mohr, Lutz Hein ; 149 color plates by Jürgen Wirth. 4th ed.

Pocket drugs & classifications / Katherine L. Wiley.

Practice of medicinal chemistry / edited by Camille Georges Wermuth, David Aldous, Pierre Raboisson, Didier Rognan. Fourth edition.

Principles and practice of pharmaceutical medicine / Andrew J. Fletcher ... [et al.].

Principles of research design and drug literature evaluation / [edited by] Rajender R. Aparasu, John P. Bentley. Second edition.

Quick review : pharmacy / Joyce A. Generali, Christine A. Berger. 13th ed.

Rang and Dale's pharmacology. Ninth edition /

Safe handling of hazardous drugs / edited by Martha Polovich, MiKaela M. Olsen. Third edition.

Signal transduction and human disease / edited by Toren Finkel, J. Silvio Gutkind.

Synthetic multivalent molecules : concepts and biomedical applications / Seok-ki Choi.

Tarascon pharmacopoeia : 2014 professional desk reference edition / editor in chief Richard J. Hamilton ; Nancy Anastasi Duffy, executive editor ; Daniel Stone, production editor ; Anne Spencer, cover design. Fifteenth edition.

Therapeutic drug monitoring : newer drugs and biomarkers / edited by Amitava Dasgupta.

Thermodynamics of pharmaceutical systems : an introduction for students of pharmacy / Kenneth A. Connors.

Thieme test prep for the USMLE® : learning pharmacology through clinical cases / Mario Babbini, Sandeep Bansal.

Understanding pharmacoepidemiology / editors, Yi Yang, Donna West-Strum.