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Abrams' angiography : interventional radiology / editors, Jean-Franc̜ois H. Geschwind, Michael D. Dake. Third edition.

Accident & emergency radiology : a survival guide. Third edition

Atlas of image-guided spinal procedures / editor, Michael B. Furman ; associate editors, Leland Berkwits [and 5 others]. Second edition.

Atlas of normal roentgen variants that may simulate disease / Theodore E. Keats, Mark W. Anderson. 9th ed.

Basic radiology / editors, Michael Y.M. Chen, Thomas L. Pope, David J. Ott.

Basics of PET imaging : physics, chemistry, and regulations / Gopal B. Saha. Third edition.

Chapman & Nakielny's aids to radiological differential diagnosis / edited by Hameed Raflee. Seventh edition.

Chapman and Nakielny's guide to radiological procedures 6th ed. /

Chest radiology : patterns and differential diagnoses / James C. Reed. Seventh edition.

Emergency radiology : the requisites / [edited by] Jorge A. Soto, Brian C. Lucey. Second edition.

ERCP / [edited by] Todd H. Baron, Richard A. Kozarek, David L. Carr-Locke. Third edition.

Essential radiology : clinical presentation, pathophysiology, imaging / Richard B. Gunderman. Third edition.

Essentials of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging / Fred A. Mettler, Jr., Milton J. Guiberteau. 7th edition.

Essentials of radiology / Fred A. Mettler, Jr. Fourth edition.

Exercises in oral radiology and interpretation / Robert P. Langlais, Craig S. Miller. 5th edition.

Exploring essential radiology / Gerard Ahern, Maurice Brygel.

Felson's principles of chest roentgenology : a programmed text / Lawrence R. Goodman. Fifth edition.

Fundamentals of body CT / W. Richard Webb, William E. Brant, Nancy M. Major. Fifth edition.

Fundamentals of body MRI / Christopher G. Roth, Sandeep Deshmukh. Second edition.

Fundamentals of skeletal radiology / Clyde A. Helms MD. Fifth Edition

Getting started in clinical radiology : from image to diagnosis / George W. Eastman, Christoph Wald, Jane Crossin.

Grainger & Allison's diagnostic radiology : a textbook of medical imaging / [edited by] Andreas Adam, Adrian K. Dixon, Jonathan H. Gillard, Cornelia M. Schaefer-Prokop. Seventh edition.

Grainger & Allison's diagnostic radiology essentials / Lee Alexander Grant, Nyree Griffin. Second edition.

Handbook of interventional radiologic procedures / [edited by] Krishna Kandarpa, Lindsay Machan, Janette D. Durham. 5th edition.

Human radiation injury / [edited by] Dennis C. Shrieve, Jay S. Loeffler. 1st ed.

Interventional radiology : a survival guide / David Kessel, Iain Robertson ; with a contribution by Des Alcorn. Fourth edition.

Introduction to diagnostic radiology / editor-in-chief, Khaled M. Elsayes, Sandra A.A. Oldham.

Learning radiology : recognizing the basics / William Herring. 4th edition.

Leibel and Phillips textbook of radiation oncology / [edited by] Richard T. Hoppe, Theodore Locke Phillips, Mack Roach. 3rd ed.

Netter's concise radiologic anatomy / Edward C. Weber, Joel A. Vilensky, Stephen W. Carmichael, Kenneth S. Lee ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter ; contributing illustrator, Carlos A.G. Machado. Second edition, updated edition.

Neuroradiology : key differential diagnoses and clinical questions / Juan E. Small, Pamela W. Schaefer.

Neuroradiology: the requisites / Rohini Nadgir, David M. Yousem. Fourth edition.

Pediatric radiology : the requisites / [edited by] Michele Walters, Richard L. Robertson Jr. Fourth edition.

Pocket atlas of dental radiology / Friedrich A. Pasler, Heiko Visser ; foreword by Thomas M. Hassell.

Pocket atlas of radiographic anatomy / Torsten B. Moeller, Emil Reif.

Practice of interventional radiology : with online cases and videos / Karim Valji.

Principles of cardiovascular radiology / Stuart J. Hutchison.

Problem solving in neuroradiology / [edited by] Meng Law, Peter M. Som, Thomas P. Naidich.

Radiation protection in dentistry and oral & maxillofacial imaging : recommendations of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements.

Radiation protection in diagnostic X- Ray imaging / Euclid Seeram, Patrick C. Brennan. 1st edition

Radiographic imaging and exposure / Terri L. Fauber. Fifth edition.

Radiology noninterpretive skills : the requisites / [edited by] Hani H Abujudeh, Michael A. Bruno.

Radiology review manual / Wolfgang Dähnert. 8th edition.

Radiology secrets plus / [edited by] Drew A. Torigian, Parvati Ramchandani. Fourth edition.

Review of radiologic physics / Walter Huda. Fourth edition.

Textbook of gastrointestinal radiology / [edited by] Richard M. Gore, Marc S. Levine. Fourth edition.

Thoracic imaging / edited by Jo-Anne O. Shepard ; associate editors, Gerald F. Abbott [and five others]. Third edition.

Vascular and interventional radiology : the requisites / John A. Kaufman, Prof Michael J. Lee. Second edition.