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Advanced concepts in surgical research / edited by Mohit Bhandari, Bernd Robioneck ; associate editor, Emil Schemitsch ; managing editor, Sheila Sprague ; with contributions by Volker Alt [and others].

Applied longitudinal analysis / Garrett M. Fitzmaurice, Nan M. Laird, James H. Ware.

Applied medical statistics using SAS / Geoff Der, Brian S. Everitt.

Applied survival analysis : regression modeling of time-to-event data / David W. Hosmer, Stanley Lemeshow, Susanne May. 2nd ed.

Basic & clinical biostatistics / editor, Susan E. White. Fifth edition.

Basic biostatistics : statistics for public health practice / B. Burt Gerstman. 2nd ed.

Calculating drug dosages : a patient-safe approach to nursing and math / Sandra Luz Martinez de Castillo, Maryanne Werner-McCullough.

Clinical and statistical considerations in personalized medicine / edited by Claudio Carini, Sandeep M. Menon, Mark Chang.

Comparative effectiveness research / Mary A. M. Rogers.

Data analytics in healthcare research : tools and strategies / volume editors, David T. Marc, MBS, CHDA, Ryan H. Sandefer, MA, CPHIT.

Determining health expectancies / edited by Jean-Marie Robine ... [et al.].

Econometric analysis of health data / edited by Andrew M. Jones and Owen O'Donnell.

Essentials of biostatistics in public health / Lisa M. Sullivan, PhD. Third edition.

Essentials of rehabilitation research : a statistical guide to clinical practice / Richard Di Fabio.

Healthcare data analytics / edited by Chandan K. Reddy and Charu C. Aggarwal.

Jekel's epidemiology, biostatistics, preventive medicine, and public health / Joann G. Elmore, Dorothea M.G. Wild, Heidi D. Nelson, David L. Katz. Fifth edition.

Latent class and latent transition analysis : with applications in the social behavioral, and health sciences / Linda M. Collins, Stephanie T. Lanza.

Log-linear modeling : concepts, interpretation, and application / Alexander von Eye, Michigan State University, Department of Psychology, East Lansing, MI, Eun-Young Mun, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Center for Alcoho

Medical statistics : a textbook for the health sciences / David Machin, Michael J. Campbell, Stephen J. Walters]. 4th ed.

Medical statistics from scratch : an introduction for health care professionals / David Bowers. Third edition.

Methods in comparative effectiveness research / edited by Constantine Gatsonis, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA, Sally C. Morton, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA.

Multiple imputation and its application / James R. Carpenter, Michael G. Kenward. 1st ed.

Practical approach to analyzing healthcare data. Third edition /

Principles of research design and drug literature evaluation / [edited by] Rajender R. Aparasu, John P. Bentley. Second edition.

ProQuest statistical abstract of the U.S.

R book / Michael J. Crawley. Second Edition.

Reproducibility and replicability in science / National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

Sample size calculations for clustered and longitudinal outcomes in clinical research / Chul Ahn, Moonseoung Heo, Song Zhang.

Sample size determination and power / Thomas P. Ryan.

Statistical methodologies with medical applications / Poduri S.R.S. Rao.

Statistical methods in diagnostic medicine / Xiao-Hua Zhou, Nancy A. Obuchowski, Donna K. McClish. 2nd ed.

Statistics for evidence-based practice in nursing / MyoungJin Kim, Caroline Mallory. Second edition.

Statistics for nursing and allied health / Stacey Plichta, Laurel Garzon.

Survival analysis : models and applications / Xian Liu.

Using and understanding medical statistics / David Matthews, Vernon Farewell. 5th, revised and extended edition.