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5-minute clinical consult standard 2015 edited by Frank Domino ... [et al.].23rd ed.

AAFP conditions A to Z.[2020 ed.]

Antibiotic basics for clinicians : the ABCs of choosing the right antibacterial agent / Alan Hauser, MD, PhD.Second edition.

Calculating drug dosages : a patient-safe approach to nursing and math / Sandra Luz Martinez de Castillo, Maryanne Werner-McCullough.

Cancer chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and biotherapy : principles and practice / [edited by] Bruce A. Chabner, Dan L. Longo.Sixth edition.

Cardiovascular therapeutics a companion to Braunwald's heart disease / [edited by] Elliott M. Antman, Marc S. Sabatine ; section editors, James de Lemos ... [et al.].4th ed.

Clinical nursing calculations / Susan Sienkiewicz, MA, RN, Jennifer Plamunen, MSN/Ed, RN [authors].

Clinical procedures for health professionals / edited by Nina Multak.

Clinical trials : study design, endpoints and biomarkers, drug safety, and FDA and ICH guidelines / Tom Brody, Ph. D.Second edition.

Clinical trials manual from the Duke Clinical Research Institute : lessons from a horse named Jim / Margaret B. Liu and Kate Davis.2nd ed.

Conn's current therapy 2020 / [edited by] Rick D. Kellerman, David Rakel.

Connective tissue massage : Bindegewebsmassage according to Dicke / Roland Schiffter, Professor of Neurology, Former Head Physician, Vivantes Augste-Viktoria Hospital and Vivantes-wenckeback Hospital, Berlin, Germany, Elke Harms, Former Practising Physical and Massage therapist, Oldenburg, Germany ; with the contributions of Nancy Tone Weinberer, Youngsville, NC, USA.

Cosmetic and clinical applications of botox and dermal fillers / William J. Lipham, Jill S. Melicher.Third edition.

Current medical diagnosis & treatment 2021 / [edited by] Maxine A. Papadakis, Stephen J. McPhee; associate editor, Michael W. Rabow.Sixtieth edition.

Davis's diseases and disorders : a nursing therapeutics manual / Marilyn Sawyer Sommers.Sixth edition.

DNA repair in cancer therapy : molecular targets and clinical applications / edited by Mark R. Kelley, Melissa L. Fishel.Second edition.

Epigenetic cancer therapy / edited by Steven G. Gray.

Ferri's clinical advisor 2021 / [edited by] Fred F. Ferri.

Field guide to wilderness medicine / Paul S. Auerbach MD, MS, FACEP, MFAWM, FAAEM, Benjamin B. Constance MD, MBA, FACEP, FAWM, DiMM and Luanne Freer MD, FACEP, FAWM.Fifth Edition.

Gene therapy technologies, applications, and regulations from laboratory to clinic / edited by Anthony Meager.

Interventional cardiac catheterization handbook / edited by Morton J. Kern, Paul Sorajja, Michael J. Lim.Fourth edition.

Lubkin's chronic illness : impact and intervention / edited by Pamala D. Larsen.Ninth edition.

Manager's guide to the design and conduct of clinical trials Phillip I. Good.

Manual for clinical trials nursing / editors, Angela D. Klimaszewski, RN, MSN, [and 5 others].Third edition.

Manual of dermatologic therapeutics / Kenneth A. Arndt, Jeffrey T.S. Hsu, Murad Alam, Ashish C. Bhatia, Suneel Chilukuri.Eighth edition.

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for chronic pain : a clinical manual and guide / Melissa Day.

Neuromuscular disorders management and therapy / Tulio E. Bertorini.1st ed.

Osteopathic techniques : the learner's guide / Sharon Gustowski, Maria Budner-Gentry, Ryan Seals.

Palliative care core skills and clinical competencies / [edited by] Linda L. Emanuel, S. Lawrence Librach.2nd ed.

Policies and procedures for infusion therapy : neonate to adolescent / Infusion Nurses Society.2nd edition

Practical management of pain [edited by] Honorio T. Benzon ... [et al.].5th ed.

Practical management of pediatric and adult brachial plexus palsies [edited by] Kevin C. Chung, Lynda J.-S. Yang, John E. McGillicuddy.

Principles and practice of palliative care and supportive oncology editors, Ann M. Berger, John L. Shuster, Jr., Jamie Von Roenn.4th ed.

Quick medical diagnosis & treatment 2021 / Maxine A. Papadakis, Stephen J. McPhee, Jennifer Bernstein.[Fifty-ninth edition.]

Reducing risks and complications of interventional pain procedures volume editors Matthew T. Ranson, Jason E. Pope.

Sclerotherapy : treatment of varicose and telangiectatic leg veins / Mitchel P. Goldman, Jean-Jerome Guex, Robert A. Weiss.6th ed.

Shonishin : Japanese pediatric acupuncture / Stephen Birch, PhD, Associate professor, Norwegian School of Health Services, Kristiania University College, Oslo, Norway.Second edition.

Sleep apnea and snoring : surgical and non-surgical therapy / [edited by] Michael Friedman and Ofer Jacobowitz.Second edition

Spinal trauma imaging, diagnosis, and management / [edited by] Eric D. Schwartz, Adam E. Flanders.

Stem cell biology and gene therapy edited by Peter J. Quesenberry ... [et al.].

Supportive oncology Mellar P. Davis ... [et al.].

Textbook of interdisciplinary pediatric palliative care [edited by] Joanne Wolfe, Pamela S. Hinds, Barbara M. Sourkes.

Therapeutic exercise : foundations and techniques / Carolyn Kisner, Lynn Allen Colby, John Borstad.Seventh edition.

Therapy in sleep medicine Teri J. Barkoukis ... [et al.].

Vitamin D. Biochemistry, physiology and diagnostics / editor-in-chief, David Feldman, senior associate editor, J. Wesley Pike, associate editors, Roger Bouillon [and 3 others].Fourth edition.

Vitamin D. Health, disease and therapeutics / editor-in-chief, David Feldman, senior associate editor, J. Wesley Pike, associate editors, Roger Bouillon [and 3 others].Fourth edition.

Washington manual of medical therapeutics edited by Hemant Godara, et. al.34th ed.

Whiplash : evidence base for clinical practice / [edited by] Michele Sterling and Justin Kenardy.