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Acta biomaterialia odontologica Scandinavica.

Acta stomatologica Croatica.

Advances in dental research / International Association for Dental Research, and American Association for Dental Research.

Annals of maxillofacial surgery.

Archives of craniorofacial sciences.

Atlas of the oral and maxillofacial surgery clinics of North America.

Australian endodontic journal : the journal of the Australian Society of Endodontology Inc.

Australian endodontic newsletter : the bulletin of the Australian Society of Endodontology.

Biomaterial investigations in dentistry.

British dental journal : official journal of the British Dental Association : BDJ online.

Bulletin of the American Association of Public Health Dentists.

Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College.

Case reports in dentistry.

Cleft palate-craniofacial journal.

Clinical advances in periodontics.

Clinical and experimental dental research.

Clinical, cosmetic and investigational dentistry.

Clinical implant dentistry and related research.

Clinical oral implants research.

Clinical orthodontics and research.

Community dentistry and oral epidemiology.

Compendium of continuing education in dentistry.

Contemporary clinical dentistry.

Critical reviews in oral biology and medicine.

Dental follicle : the e-journal of dentistry.

Dental intelligencer and record of theoretical and practical dentistry.

Dental news letter a quarterly publication devoted to the interests of the dental profession.

European journal of dental education.

European journal of dentistry.

European journal of oral sciences.

European journal of orthodontics.

Evidence-based endodontics.

Facial plastic surgery clinics of North America.

Imaging science in dentistry.

Implant dentistry : ID, the international journal of oral implantation.

Indian journal of dental advancements.

Indian journal of dental sciences.

Indian journal of stomatology.

Informationen aus Orthodontie & Kieferorthopädie.

International dental journal of students' research.

International endodontic journal.

International journal of clinical pediatric dentistry.

International journal of contemporary dentistry.

International journal of dental clinics.

International journal of dental hygiene.

International journal of dentistry.

International journal of implant dentistry.

International journal of oral science.

International journal of paediatric dentistry.

International journal of stomatology & occlusion medicine.

Iranian endodontic journal.