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Advanced PubMed

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Instructor: Michele Klein Fedyshin
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Location: Online, Online - synchronous
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Advanced PubMed has been designed as an additional step in the learning process for intermediate PubMed users.  Note that if you have just completed our Painless PubMed class, you will likely need to practice using PubMed to develop fluency in the basics before arriving at the level at which you will be able to follow Advanced PubMed.

Not sure if you’re ready for Advanced PubMed? Try the following exercise:

  • You are ready to take Advanced PubMed if you can perform these tasks without referencing guides:
  • Run an author search; how many citations do you get?
  • Set up a MyNCBI account and save a collection.
  • Run a search on two concepts (fever in sore throat) using MeSH terms.
  • Limit your search to English language results.
  • Email the results of this search to yourself.