FRED: A Versatile Framework for Modeling Infectious Diseases and Other Health Conditions

This session is part of a new HSLS program - Spotlight Series: Software Developed @ Pitt - that focuses on software developed by Pitt health sciences researchers.  Sessions begin with a 30-minute presentation of tool development and use cases, followed by instruction on software access/installation, discussion of parameters, and hands-on practice. 

Please bring your own laptop.

FRED (A Framework for Reconstructing Epidemiological Dynamics) is a flexible system that can be used to model diverse situations, including infectious diseases, chronic conditions, demographic changes at the population level, and the effects of human behavior. FRED can be used to predict outcomes of an epidemic, such as epidemic curves and disease incidence, and is a tool for evaluating interventions, such as school closure, social distancing and changes in vaccination behavior. 

FRED uses statistically representative synthetic populations that capture the demographic and geographically heterogeneous characteristics of actual populations, including realistic neighborhood, household, school and workplace social networks. FRED populations are currently available for every state and county in the United States, and selected international locations.

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