Introductory Hands-on Workshop: viSNE & SPADE

In this hands-on workshop you will analyze complex flow cytometry data on immune cells. Learn how to use the viSNE and SPADE algorithms, overlay manual gates, and perform comparative analysis of different samples. Phenograph automated clustering may be discussed, time permitting.

Class Location: Scaife Hall, Falk Library, Classroom 2

  • Registration required
  • Pre-requisite: must have attended Intro to Computational Flow Cytometry Lecture
  • Recommended: bring a FlowJo dongle. Users who bring a FlowJo dongle will start the analysis with raw fcs data. Users who do not bring a FlowJo dongle will start the analysis using pre-process fcs data.
  • Recommended: bring your personal computer with the algorithms already installed. Classroom computers will be available, if needed.
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