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Pathway Enrichment Analysis and Visualization with GSEA and Cytoscape - In Person

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This is a two-part workshop.  Part-1, morning session,  focuses on uncovering the biology hidden behind a  gene list by searching publicly available pathway enrichment analysis resources, including Gene Ontology (GO), Molecular Signature Database (MsigDB)ReactomePantherKEGGPathwayCommons, and WikiPathways using GSEA and g: Profiler.

Part-2, the afternoon session,  entails the visualization of gene expression using Cytoscape. We cover how to upload gene lists into publicly available protein interaction databases such as StringDB to retrieve relevant interaction networks and import them into Cytoscape and analyze gene ontology terms and pathways. We also cover how to generate enrichment maps using GSEA and g: Profiler results in Cytoscape.

This class listing is for the in-person version of the workshop, which will be held at Falk Library. This workshop will simultaneously be presented online via Zoom; if you would prefer to attend the online version of this workshop, please register for Pathway Enrichment Analysis and Visualization with GSEA and Cytoscape - Online

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