scRNA-Seq Data Analysis with PartekFlow - In Person

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scRNA-Seq Data Analysis with PartekFlow - In Person

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Instructor: Ansuman Chattopadhyay, Srilakshmi Chaparala
Time: to
Location: Scaife Hall, Falk Library, Classroom 2
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This is a two-part workshop on the techniques, platforms, and methods used in analyzing single-cell RNA-Seq data (scRNA-Seq). Part-1, the morning session (10 am - 12 pm) starts with a presentation from the Genomics Research Core on best practices in sample handling, followed by an overview of the basic steps involved in scRNA-Seq data analysis. Part-2, the afternoon session (1 pm - 4:00 pm) focuses on software demonstration and hands-on exercise using HSLS-licensed Partek Flow software.

This class listing is for the in-person version of the workshop, which will be held at Falk Library. This workshop will simultaneously be presented online via Zoom; if you would prefer to attend the online version of this workshop, please register for scRNA-Seq Data Analysis with PartekFlow - Online

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