Single Cell RNA-Seq Data Analysis

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Workshop Objective:

This is a flipped class covering the techniques, platforms, and methods used in analyzing single cell RNA-Seq data (scRNA-Seq). Upon registration, you will receive links to workshop materials (PowerPoint slides, lecture videos, and practice exercises) that you can view on your schedule. During the class, you will learn how to solve the exercise problems using Partek Flow software.  

Participants will learn how to

  • import FASTQ files from scRNA-Seq experiments using GEO
  • perform quality checks (QC) on single cell data
  • filter and normalize data
  • generate PCA and t-SNE plots to visualize data
  • identify cell populations, biomarkers, and differential gene expression
  • perform trajectory analyses

Target Audience:

Experimental biologists seeking to analyze scRNA-Seq data generated through experiments or retrieved from a repository such as GEO. The software covered in the workshop operates through a user-friendly, point-and-click graphical user interface, so neither programming experience nor familiarity with the command line interface is required.

Workshop Guide:

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