When Seeing Isn’t Believing: Identifying Visual Health Misinformation

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When Seeing Isn’t Believing: Identifying Visual Health Misinformation

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Instructor: Kelsey Cowles, Rachel Suppok, Rebekah Miller
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Location: Online, Online - synchronous
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Discussion of health literacy and the fight against health misinformation often centers around fact-checking or debunking written materials. However, identifying misleading visualizations and imagery is also a vital skill for navigating the current health information landscape: the same data may be presented in many different ways to convey drastically different impressions. This interactive session will increase your confidence in analyzing visual information and empower you to pass that knowledge along to your communities. Deceptive imagery types covered will include graphs and charts, manipulated images in scientific publications, and AI-generated imagery.

Class materials will be made available to class attendees. This class will not be recorded.

By the end of this class, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the importance of visual health information literacy.
  2. Identify misleading visual communication including manipulated, AI-generated, or out of context imagery in both general and academic settings.
  3. Recognize how manipulation of visuals can alter the message conveyed by data.