Introduction to the Brain Image Library: A Volumetric Brain Data Repository for Neuroscience Research


Join Alexander Ropelewski (Operations Director, Brain Image Library) for an introduction to the Brain Image Library. The talk is a featured event of the Art on the Brain exhibit on display at Falk Library from March 25 through May 31, 2019.

About the Brain Image Library:

The Brain Image Library (BIL) is a national public resource enabling researchers to deposit, analyze, mine, share and interact with large brain image datasets. BIL encompasses the deposition of datasets, the integration of datasets into a searchable web-accessible system, the redistribution of datasets, and a computational enclave to allow researchers to process datasets in-place and share restricted and pre-release datasets.

The library accepts contributions of microscopy data of interest to BRAIN investigators. BIL currently contains over 550 brain datasets, including high-resolution volumetric microscopy data from the Brai Initiative Cell Census Network. Datasets from a wide-variety of experimental study purposes including connectivity, cell counting, cell morphology, expression characterization and others are held in the collection. The technologies used to create the datasets include serial two-photon tomography (STPT), fluorescence micro-optical sectioning tomography (fMOST), oblique light-sheet tomography (OLST) and others.

Support is provided to data contributors through a help desk. The help desk can provide assistance in moving large multi-terabyte datasets to the library. In addition to receiving and distributing datasets, BIL can host, through a VM environment, project-specific interfaces to access datasets in-place as well as provide a desktop-oriented remote visualization environment. BIL datasets are available on PSC’s Bridges computing system, which provides significant computational ability to enable users of the data to compute on the data in-place without downloading it to local computational resources.

Scaife Hall, Falk Library, Upper Floor Study Area
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