Find Articles

Major Article Databases

The following are the primary databases used to find citations to journal articles in the health and
biomedical sciences.

Links to full-text are often available in these databases. Some may include citations to other materials
such as book chapters or reports.

Search for articles from journals in the fields of medicine, pre-clinical sciences, dentistry, nursing, and
allied health.

Another version of the MEDLINE database, available free to the public from the National Library of Medicine.

Ovid PsycINFO
Contains information on books and journal articles in the field of psychology, as well as the psychological
aspects of nursing, medicine, and psychiatry.

Search for articles from nearly every English-language nursing journal. Journals from related fields such as
health education, social services, and medical technology are also covered.

NOTE: Always check PITTCat for the Health Sciences, the library catalog, to see whether the item you want is available in either print or electronic format at any Pitt library.