Legacy of Black Medical Schools and Departments in the United States Exhibit


This exhibit tells the forgotten stories of the 19 Black medical schools and departments that existed at one time in the United States. It describes the important roles Black medical schools played in the development and training of the physician workforce and why these schools are still needed today. The exhibit panels contain photos and information never before presented by the handful of historians who are experts on the Black medical schools and departments. For example, the Medico-Chirurgical and Theological College of Christ’s Institution (Church) or why the Black medical schools open where and when they did.

Exhibit lecture April 16, 2-3pm, 1104 Scaife Hall

Join us for a special lecture:
Monday April 16, 2018, from 2-3pm
1104 Scaife Hall
3550 Terrace St, Pittsburgh, PA 15261

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The lecture will be presented by Dr. Anita Moncrease, president of Moncrease & Associates, LLC, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Wayne State University School of Medicine, and Historian of the Historical Hartford Memorial Baptist Church in Detroit.  Dr. Moncrease interest in Black studies, medicine, and history has inspired her to learn about the histories of the Black medical schools in the United States and share the journey and the experience with her co-creators and lecturers: her nephew, Rashard Ballinger, grandnephew, Demetrius Granberry, and niece Brittani Moncrease.

Following the lecture, please join us in Falk Library to view the exhibit and continue the discussion.

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Scaife Hall, 1104 Scaife Hall
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