Leisure Reading Collection

If you are taking a break from work- and school-related reading, consider relaxing with a book from the HSLS Leisure Reading Collection.

This collection is a revolving set of newly-published, general fiction and non-fiction books, a number of which have recently appeared on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

The collection is located on the main floor of Falk Library and currently includes:

Fifth avenue story society : a novel
Hauck, Rachel, 1960-.
ISBN: 9780785216674
Fly girl : a memoir
Hood, Ann, 1956-.
ISBN: 9781324006237
Flying solo : a novel
Holmes, Linda (Radio talk show host).
ISBN: 9780525619277
Four aunties and a wedding
Sutanto, Jesse Q.
ISBN: 9780593440766
Four treasures of the sky
Zhang, Jenny.
ISBN: 9781250811783
French braid
Tyler, Anne.
ISBN: 9780593321096
Funny farm : my unexpected life with 600 rescue animals
Zaleski, Laurie.
ISBN: 9781250272836
Generation sleepless : why tweens and teens aren't sleeping enough and how we can help them
Turgeon, Heather.
ISBN: 9780593192139
German wife
Rimmer, Kelly.
ISBN: 9781525899904
Glory : a novel
Bulawayo, NoViolet.
ISBN: 9780525561132
Golden girl : a novel
Hilderbrand, Elin.
ISBN: 9780316420082
Good left undone : a novel
Trigiani, Adriana.
ISBN: 9780593183328
Good sister
Hepworth, Sally.
ISBN: 9781250120953
Graceland, at last : notes on hope and heartache from the american south
Renkl, Margaret.
ISBN: 9781571311849
Great circle
Shipstead, Maggie.
ISBN: 9780525656975
Groupies : a novel
Priscus, Sarah.
ISBN: 9780063218017
Guest list : a novel
Foley, Lucy (Novelist).
ISBN: 9780062868930
Guncle : a novel
Rowley, Steven, 1971-.
ISBN: 9780525542285
Cañas, Isabel.
ISBN: 9780593436691
Half-blown rose : a novel
Cross-Smith, Leesa, 1978-.
ISBN: 9781538755167
Sedaris, David.
ISBN: 9780316392457
Healing : our path from mental illness to mental health
Insel, Thomas R., 1951-.
ISBN: 9780593298046
Healing : when a nurse becomes a patient
Brown, Theresa.
ISBN: 9781643750699
Heard it in a love song
Garvis Graves, Tracey.
ISBN: 9781250235688
Hello, molly! : a memoir
Shannon, Molly, 1964-.
ISBN: 9780063056237