Leisure Reading Collection

If you are taking a break from work- and school-related reading, consider relaxing with a book from the HSLS Leisure Reading Collection.

This collection is a revolving set of newly-published, general fiction and non-fiction books, a number of which have recently appeared on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

The collection is located on the main floor of Falk Library and currently includes:

Stairs on billy buck hill.
Orebaugh, Steven L.
ISBN: 9781620068663
Stealing : a novel
Verble, Margaret.
ISBN: 9780063267053
Stone blind : a novel
Haynes, Natalie.
ISBN: 9780063258396
Stone cold fox
Koller Croft, Rachel.
ISBN: 9780593547502
Such sharp teeth
Harrison, Rachel, 1989-.
ISBN: 9780593545829
Surveillance state : inside china's quest to launch a new era of social control
Chin, Josh.
ISBN: 9781250249296
Otsuka, Julie, 1962-.
ISBN: 9780593321331
Switchboard soldiers : a novel
Chiaverini, Jennifer.
ISBN: 9780063080690
Newitz, Annalee, 1969-.
ISBN: 9781250228017
Thank you for listening : a novel
Whelan, Julia, 1984-.
ISBN: 9780063243156
Things we do in the dark
Hillier, Jennifer.
ISBN: 9781250763167
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow
Zevin, Gabrielle.
ISBN: 9780593321201
Touch : a novel
Ólafur Jóhann Ólafsson.
ISBN: 9780063226982
Two kinds of decay : [a memoir]
Manguso, Sarah, 1974-.
ISBN: 9780312428440
Upgrade : a novel
Crouch, Blake.
ISBN: 9780593157534
Vanishing half
Bennett, Brit.
ISBN: 9780525536291
Victory city : a novel
Rushdie, Salman.
ISBN: 9780593243398
Visual thinking : the hidden gifts of people who think in pictures, patterns, and abstractions
Grandin, Temple.
ISBN: 9780593418369
Waxing on : the karate kid and me
Macchio, Ralph, 1961-.
ISBN: 9780593185834
We all want impossible things : a novel
Newman, Catherine, 1968-.
ISBN: 9780063230897
We are the light
Quick, Matthew, 1973-.
ISBN: 9781668005422
We had to remove this post
Bervoets, Hanna, 1984-.
ISBN: 9780358622369
We'll fight it out here : a history of the ongoing struggle for health equity
Chanoff, David.
ISBN: 9781421444642
Whalebone theatre
Quinn, Joanna, 1976-.
ISBN: 9780593321706
Where the crawdads sing
Owens, Delia.
ISBN: 9780735219090