Leisure Reading Collection

If you are taking a break from work and school related reading, consider relaxing with a book from the HSLS Leisure Reading Collection. 
This collection is a revolving set of newly-published, general fiction and non-fiction books, as well as a selection of popular magazines. 

The collection is located on the main floor of Falk Library in the comfortable seating area. 

A number of the books in the Leisure Reading Collection have recently appeared on the New York Times Best Sellers list and include:

Normal people : a novel
Rooney, Sally,
ISBN: 9781984822178
Nothing more dangerous : a novel
Eskens, Allen, 1963-
ISBN: 9780316509725
Nothing to see here
Wilson, Kevin, 1978-
ISBN: 9780062913463
Nowhere child
White, Christian,
ISBN: 9781250293718
On the come up
Thomas, Angie,
ISBN: 9780062498564
Once upon a river : a novel
Setterfield, Diane,
ISBN: 9780743298070
Only woman in the room
Benedict, Marie,
ISBN: 9781492666868
Other Mrs.
Kubica, Mary,
ISBN: 9780778369110
Other's gold
Ames, Elizabeth, 1981-
ISBN: 9781984878496
Our kids : the American Dream in crisis
Putnam, Robert D.,
ISBN: 9781476769905
Our kids : the American Dream in crisis
Putnam, Robert D.
ISBN: 9781476769899
Our little secret
Nay, Roz,
ISBN: 9781250160812
Overthrow : a novel
Crain, Caleb,
ISBN: 9780525560456
Oysterville Sewing Circle : a novel
Wiggs, Susan,
ISBN: 9780062425584
Paper chains
Moriarty, Nicola,
ISBN: 9780062952165
Particular kind of black man
Folarin, Tope, 1981-
ISBN: 9781501171819
Marrs, John (Freelance journalist),
ISBN: 9781984806970
Patsy : a novel
Dennis-Benn, Nicole,
ISBN: 9781631495632
Processed cheese
Wright, Stephen, 1946-
ISBN: 9780316043373
Queen's fortune : a novel of Desiree, Napoleon, and the dynasty that outlasted the empire
Pataki, Allison,
ISBN: 9780593128183
Quichotte : a novel
Rushdie, Salman,
ISBN: 9780593132982
Rationing : a novel
Wheelan, Charles J,
ISBN: 9781324001485
Crouch, Blake,
ISBN: 9781524759780
Red address book
Lundberg, Sofia, 1974-
ISBN: 9781328473011
Red at the bone
Woodson, Jacqueline,
ISBN: 9780525535270