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Bernard de Jussieu (1699-1777) earned a medical degree in 1720. Along with Antoine-Laurent (1748-1836), nephew of Bernard, and Adrien-Henri (1797-1853), son of Antoine, they formed a family of French botanists. Bernard soon gave up medicine to work at the Jardin de Plantes in Paris. In 1759, he arranged the plants in the royal garden at Versailles according to a classification he had devised. In 1770, he brought his nephew, Antoine, to work at the royal garden. In 1789, Antoine published his system of botanical classification. De Jessieu resigned professorship of natural history in 1826 wherein he was succeeded by his son, Adrien, who became Professor in 1845.


Bronze. France 1859. Signed. A tribute of Adrien’s children to the Jussieu family.


59 mm


Eugène André Oudine (1810-1887), French medallist Eugène André Oudine (1810-1887), French sculptor, medallist and engraver of medals; very prolific and frequently awarded; among his works are portrait medals of Napoleon III, and the designs for the coinage of Argentina. (Forrer 4, 346)


Three overlapping busts to left within a beaded circle; in a curve, along edge from lower left, widely spaced, BERNARD • ANTOINE - LAURENT • ADRIEN; below the most right truncation, E ∙ A ∙ OUDINE ∙ F; in exergue, in a curve, 29 ∙ JUIN ∙ 1853.


In a field, at top, ∙ AUX ∙ BOTANISTES ∙ / ∙ DE ∙ LA ∙ FAMILLE ∙ DE ∙ JUSSIEU ∙; below separation mark, at left, ANTOINE /1686 ∙ 1758 ∙ / BERNARD / 1699 ∙ 1777 ∙, and at right, JOSEPH / 1704 ∙ 1779 ∙ / ANTOINE-LAURENT / 1748 ∙ 1836 ∙, and centered below, ADRIEN / 1797∙1853 ∙; at bottom, onother separation mark, and below, ∙ HOMMAGE ∙ DES ∙ ENFANTS ∙ / ∙ D'ADRIEN ∙ DE ∙ JUSSIEU ∙ all in ten parallel lines.


Paris mint mark (pointing hand) and CUIVRE incused.


Storer 1832; Nilsson 313

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