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Jacques Antoine Manuel (1775-1827), Philippe Rene Esgonniere (1755-1838), and Henri Aime Perreau (1775-1838) were anti-monarchist deputies in the French parliament from Vendée in Western France. They were active in the anti-royalist revolt of 1793-95 and voted against a new electoral system in 1820.

Bronze. France 1820. Signed. Lifetime. A tribute of liberal voters to deputies who voted against the new electoral system.
58 mm
Jacques Edouard Gatteaux (1788-1881) Jacques Edouard Gatteau (1788-1881), son of Nicolas Marie, very prolific French sculptor and medallist, winner of many awards for his medallic work, including the Legion of Honour. He studied engraving under his father and sculpture under Moitte. Member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts. (Forrer 2, 206)
Three naked busts to right, overlapping; in a curve, along edge from lower left, JACQes. ANTne. MANUEL * PHpe. RENÉ, ESGONNIERE * HENRI, AIMÉ, PERREAU; below, in a curve, E. GATTEAUX. F.
Within a laurel wreath, AUX DÉPUTÉS / DU DÉPt. DE LA VENDÉE / ÉLUS EN 1818 / LEURS COMMETTANS / ET AMIS / 1820 in six parallel lines.