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Partek Genomics Suite

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Thank you for your interest in Partek Genomics Suite.

To download the software:


Installation instructions are on the License FAQ tab.

The first time it is launched, you will be prompted for the location of the license server. At this point, select 'Specify License Server', click the 'Next' button, and enter mac29.hsls.pitt.edu

If for some reason you don't have access to the license file, then following is another method of connecting, which involves more work. You need to set up a .flexlmrc file in your HOME (that is, the folder that appears with a house icon in the Finder) that contains the string:

Here are instructions for doing this with TextEdit:

Open Finder -> Applications -> TextEdit, change the format to plain text (Format -> Make Plain Text), and enter in the above string followed by the 'Enter' key (this final keystroke is important). Next, use the File -> Save As dialog to save the file as .flexlmrc in your HOME. Use a default text encoding of Unicode (UTF-8), and make sure the box 'If no extension is provided, use '.txt'' is unchecked. When asked about using files that start with a dot, choose \"Use '.' \".

Users can access Partek's Tutorial and Data Repository web page using the 'Help -> On-line Tutorials' menu from the software's main window. If they have any questions about using the software, they may consult the on-line documentation, or email our support team at support@partek.com . We can also be reached at (314) 878-2329.

Contact the HSLS Molecular Biology Information Service (hslsmolb@pitt.edu) if you have any questions.
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